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The Art of
Part Two Questioning
It’s all about asking a question on the answer. Don’t switch topics
– ask a question based on the answer they've given you. Stick to
this format of questioning on the answer until you find
something that you have in common
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may 2013 by jerryking
The art of powerful conversations - Stuart Knight
How do you make people feel?
People respond to people they like.
Mentor --> chance to mentor another function.
Learn something new
Meaningful to them.

Find out what you have in common
(1) New
(2) Memorable
(3) Relevant to them
(4) Meaningful
(5) Fun.

Part 2 questions: Ask why to get the true story on the table.
Be vulnerable--being authentic encourages other to be equally meaningful. Opens to door to powerful conversations. Telling people how you truly feel encourages others to meet you half-way.

Tip (1) Eye contact. Make the other person feel as though they are being heard.

A powerful conversation is not a conversation that doesn't lead to change.
A powerful conversation a day helps you.
A powerful conversation (1) helps you to discover something new about the individual, the real person.
(2) Allows the person to share something meaningful about their life.
(3) Find out what you have in common.
(4) Makes it memorable for that person.
(5) Makes you likable and fun.
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november 2012 by jerryking
You Should Have Asked - The Art of Powerful Conversation
No matter what you want from life you need people. It’s people who lead us to our next big adventure, dream job, important sale, long lasting business relationships, and the incredible ideas that shape our lives. They choose to do these things based on the way we make them feel one powerful conversation at a time. After speaking with you, do people feel interesting, important and appreciated? Do they feel connected, empowered and enlightened? Or was it just another moment where two people exchanged words, while missing out on the opportunity of what comes from a blazing dialogue? You Should Have Asked – The Art of Powerful Conversation will transform your daily interactions into moments that will give you greater wisdom and deeper meaning, while building exciting relationships with the people in both your professional and personal life.

Give eye contact. make other people feel as though they are being heard.
Being vulnerable. Telling people how you truly feel. being authentic encourages other people to meet you half-way. This opens the door to powerful conversations (opportunity to talk about something truly meaningful).
(1) Discover something new about the individual.
(2) Allow the person to share something meaningful about their life.
(3) Find out what you have in common.
(4) Make it memorable to that person.
(5) Make yourself likeable and have fun.

Part Two Questioning
is the quickest way to get to the core of who a person truly is.It’s the easiest and one of the most effective things you can do to create powerful conversations. Are you ready for the secret? All you have to do is ask questions on the answers you have just been given.

These questions are normal and in fact I use them myself to start a conversation. The problem arrives about one second after the person has answered the Stock Question. After asking a Stock Question, most people make one of two mistakes. The first mistake made is they ask a mediocre follow-up question. The second mistake made is they ask a brand new question entirely.The smallest shift can make the biggest difference. Talk to women about the female orgasm and they will confirm this to be true!
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november 2012 by jerryking

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