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Failed at business? Throw a party -
May 28, 2013 | The Globe and Mail |TAVIA GRANT.
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june 2013 by jerryking
February 22, 2013 | Report on Business Magazine| by Dawn Calleja, Shane Dingman, Tavia Grant, Jessica Leeder, Iain Marlow and Nathan VanderKlippe
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february 2013 by jerryking
Canada's food producers relish taste of success
Sep. 06 2012 | The Globe and Mail | by TAVIA GRANT

Toronto - now the second-largest food producer in North America after Chicago - has developed a comprehensive food plan. In May, Ontario unveiled a food-cluster strategy that aims to attract global investment and promote Canadian products overseas. This fall, the province will open an institute of food-processing technology that will eventually host 500 full-time students. The Conference Board is working on a national framework for the food industry and the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute is also working on policy.

It's a promising source of employment. Making a chicken nugget or pre-made Caesar salad, for example, typically needs more people than making a car part. Wages also tend to be higher - jobs in the industry yield wages that are on average 25 per cent higher than the national average, the industry says.

Food-innovation centres are springing up across Canada with government and university backing, from Charlottetown's smart kitchen to Burnaby's agri-food centre. They frequently function as labs that bridge researchers, students and the private sector.

Guelph's food-technology centre is used by companies such as Italpasta Ltd. and McCain Foods to test out new ideas and combine new types of ingredients. One room, a cross between a giant kitchen and mad-science lab, tests new types of cheeses and ice creams.

The centre also helps companies identify new trends. Karen McPhee, manager of product-development services, rattles off several shifts: sodium-reduced food, gluten-free products and simpler, more natural ingredients. Food is being viewed as medicine, she says, with more products that promise Omega 3s, antioxidants or probiotics.

The sector faces its share of headwinds. Like other manufacturers, a strong currency and volatile energy prices are causing headaches, and it has smaller economies of scale than many counterparts.
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december 2012 by jerryking
South America: Canada’s forgotten continent - The Globe and Mail
WASHINGTON AND TORONTO— From Saturday's Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Mar. 25, 2011
South_America  Canada  Tavia_Grant  international_marketing  ScotiaBank  Kevin_Carmichael 
march 2011 by jerryking
Azim Premji: The bare-bones billionaire - The Globe and Mail
From Saturday's Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Mar. 11,
Tavia_Grant  moguls  Wipro  India 
march 2011 by jerryking
Another kind of 'hot' market
July 19, 2004 | Canadian Business Online | By Tavia Grant .
Eric Bushell's firm, CI Funds, was among the few Canadian signatories
to the Carbon Disclosure Project. The project, signed last November by
95 institutional investors representing more than US$10 trillion in
assets, asked the world's largest companies to disclose information
about risks associated with climate change and associated legislation.
The thinking is that companies could face rising energy costs, lawsuits,
non-compliance issues, threats to reputation and higher taxes. Better
disclosure will help investors assess the risks.
climate_change  risks  carbon_credits  Tavia_Grant  disclosure  institutional_investors  reputational_risk  risk-assessment 
december 2010 by jerryking
Encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit - The Globe and Mail
Feb. 20, 2010 | The Globe and Mail | ANNA MEHLER PAPERNY AND
TAVIA GRANT. Community initiative by the Black Creek Microcredit
Program to help transform Toronto's Jane-Finch neighbourhood. In Black
Creek's case, Access Community Capital is the guarantor on loans from
Alterna Savings Union.

It's both an audacious idea and a disarmingly simple one: To turn a
notoriously marginalized community into an incubator for local
entrepreneurship by making seed money available to people who can't get
their hands on the cash they need to start a business.
entrepreneurship  microlending  microfinance  Tavia_Grant  Toronto  audacity  marginalization  neighbourhoods 
february 2010 by jerryking
Cash advances
Apr 27, 2007 (May 2007) | Report on Business Magazine. pg. 68| by Tavia Grant.
remittances  Tavia_Grant 
february 2010 by jerryking
Earnings gap a 'troubling' trend - The Globe and Mail
Nov. 24, 2009 | Globe and Mail | by JOE FRIESEN AND TAVIA
GRANT. Much of the difficulty in finding a high-paying job that matches
an applicant's qualifications relates to the elusive Canadian experience
that employers seek. It's difficult to get a good job without Canadian
experience, but impossible to get that Canadian experience without first
getting a good job. "Their best chance at jobs are with people they
know, and very often their social networks are not very strong," Mr.
Jedwab said. "If your best connections are at a local restaurant ...
then you'll get a job at a restaurant."
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november 2009 by jerryking - Wading into the talent pool
Jan. 26, 2009 G&M article by Tavia Grant. Lists
organizations that link skilled immigrants with potential employers.
Lists Loon Lounge--'Facebook with a purpose.'
social_networking  diversity  UFSC  talent  Tavia_Grant  immigrants  talent_pools 
january 2009 by jerryking

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