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The Pentagon's New Map
March 1, 2003 | Esquire | By Thomas P.M. Barnett.

Show me where globalization is thick with network connectivity, financial transactions, liberal media flows, and collective security, and I will show you regions featuring stable governments, rising standards of living, and more deaths by suicide than murder. These parts of the world I call the Functioning Core, or Core. But show me where globalization is thinning or just plain absent, and I will show you regions plagued by politically repressive regimes, widespread poverty and disease, routine mass murder, and--most important--the chronic conflicts that incubate the next generation of global terrorists. These parts of the world I call the Non-Integrating Gap, or Gap.
Pentagon  Thomas_Barnett  globalization  security_&_intelligence  failed_states  mapping  Non-Integrating_Gap  Functioning_Core 
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Old Man in a Hurry -
July 1, 2005 | Esquire | By Thomas P.M. Barnett.

The inside story of how Donald H. Rumsfeld transformed the Pentagon, in which we learn about wire-brushing, deep diving, and a secret society called the Slurg
Donald_Rumsfeld  Thomas_Barnett  Pentagon  SecDef 
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June 9, 2011 Globlogization |Thomas P.M. Barnett. Europe that
has lost ground to emerging south-south trade (emerging and developing
markets trading with each other)....Referenced from:

The relationship between China and Africa is complex and rapidly
evolving. Deborah Brautigam in her book "The Dragons Gift" dispelled
many of the cliches, stereotypes and myths that prevail in the Western
media. There is a lot of lazy reporting in the Western media about China
and Africa and she picked apart an article from "the Economist" that
was full of inaccuracies about China's role in Africa. (Please read her
blog article:

China  Africa  Thomas_Barnett  books  blogs  South-South  clichés  stereotypes  myths 
june 2011 by jerryking
The PNM-Wikistrat connection
June 22, 2010 | Globlogization | Thomas P.M. Barnett. Four
20-something entrepreneurs have created a start-up (incorporated 6 mths.
ago) that seeks to adapt the Wiki platform to a
competition-of-the-fittest-style generator of strategic planning within
organizations (companies, government agencies, etc.)...Strategic
consulting in the private sector requires--more than ever--some
connectivity to solution-delivery, meaning almost nobody is paying the
old top-dollar for PPT slide decks and reorg charts--only. Instead,
companies want your interaction to come with some technology solution
that simultaneously empowers them to deal with the issue in question.
Advice just isn't enough anymore.

Govts. as a whole struggle with these problems, and are always looking
for new tools to empower individual workers while connecting them to the
wisdom of crowds, whether it be fellow bureaucrats (where a tremendous
amount of wisdom truly resides) or with the citizenry (their natural
wikis  Thomas_Barnett  management_consulting  start_ups  Israel  Israeli  solutions  advice  counterparties  empowerment  government  tools  bureaucrats  wisdom_of_crowds  citizenry 
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