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Review: Arrival City: The Final Migration and Our Next World, by Doug Saunders
Sep. 25, 2010 | Globe & Mail | Review by Mark Kingwell of
Arrival City: The Final Migration and Our Next World, by Doug Saunders,
Knopf Canada, 368 pgs., $34.95. Saunders, the European bureau chief for
the G&M, has surveyed a series of 20 urban areas around the world,
from Liu Gong Li and North Mumbai to South LA and Toronto’s Thorncliffe
Park, in order to understand “the final migration.” Most humans on the
planet now live in cities, and over the next decades another 1/4 to a
1/3 of the world will join them. Saunders calls this shift the most
decisive social and cultural change since the Enlightenment and its
legacies, including the French and Industrial revolutions, and it is
difficult to deny it. Urban migration has not just been massive; it is
proving to be one-way, fast and final with consequences affecting
everything from governance systems and financial markets to climate
conditions and fuel resources. Saunders claims that we are not paying
sufficient attention to this truth.
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september 2010 by jerryking
How slums can save the world
Sept. 25, 2010 | The Globe & Mail | Doug Saunders.
Thorncliffe Park, despite having the outward trappings (family incomes
average $20K and the poverty rate est. @ 44 %) of an ethnic ghetto, is,
and has always served as a highly successful engine of economic &
social integration, churning people out as fast as it takes them in,
constantly renewing itself with fresh arrivals. Unlike nearby Flemingdon
Park which remains isolated and violence-plagued. In neglected
neighbourhoods, people are poor because they are trapped. In a thriving
arrival city/spring-board/ or gateway communities like Thorncliffe Park,
they are moving onward--the trick being to look not at the wealth of
the residents, but at their trajectories.
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september 2010 by jerryking

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