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Tony Blair, the man for our times
Oct. 03 2001| The Globe and Mail | Jeffrey Simpson
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march 2013 by jerryking
Mr. Blair's dream
04 Oct 2001 | The Globe and Mail A.18.| editorials

Tony Blair is a masterly public speaker, and his speech on Tuesday was a masterpiece of the art of oratory. Facing a Labour Party conference in Brighton, England, but addressing the world, the British Prime Minister talked with passion and clarity about the great struggle that lies ahead.

Every one of us knows we are in for a fight of some kind. But what kind? If this is a "war on terrorism," what are its aims?

Mr. Blair spoke of two. The first is obvious: to destroy the terrorist menace....The second aim of the struggle ahead is much broader. It is not enough, Mr. Blair said, just to shut down the terrorist network and bring its masterminds to justice. This battle must lead to something more.

"Out of the shadow of this evil," he said, "should emerge lasting good." That means not just destruction of the machinery of terrorism, but "hope amongst all nations of a new beginning where we seek to resolve differences in a calm and ordered way; greater understanding between nations and between faiths; and above all justice and prosperity for the poor and dispossessed."
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july 2012 by jerryking
The New Machiavelli
October 25 2010 Financial Times Review by Carl Wilkinson who
reviews The New Machiavelli: How to Wield Power in the Modern World, by
Jonathan Powell, Bodley Head RRP£20, 352 pages.
This book, he writes, “is not another memoir of the Blair years”.
Powell’s intriguing and engaging book takes as its foundation The
Prince, Machiavelli’s infamous 16th-century treatise on power. Through
the prism of Machiavelli, Powell explores the heady world of
21st-century political leadership, policymaking and war alongside the
“constructive tension” between Blair and Brown.
DA589.7 .P694 2010 Robarts Stacks 1 copy.
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march 2011 by jerryking
An Ally Remembers : Book review: A Journey -
SEPTEMBER 3, 2010 | | By MARTIN RUBIN. Defining 'New Labour,' defending the Iraq war, getting to know George W. Bush.
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september 2010 by jerryking

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