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Are we witnessing a comeback of the Stars and Stripes? - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Sep. 26 2014

America’s retreat was the central question. Had the superpower become a super-bystander? Or had the President just lost interest, energy and credibility to do more than moralize?...Mr. Obama has drawn instead on what he calls “progressive pragmatism,” which his aides claim is his nature, relying on an informal network of networks, ad hoc groups of nations taking on the challenges of the day. Some of them champion liberal values. Some are partners of convenience. Exhibit A: the coalition of willing Arab states in this week’s air strikes. Exhibit B: the network of health agencies and charities operating with U.S. support in ebola-stricken West Africa....On the grander issues of his age – climate change, cyber-security, the financial imbalance between America and Asia – Mr. Obama will need ad hoc networks like never before. The 2008 financial crisis was mitigated by a small group of central bankers, commercial bankers, regulators and finance ministers, supported but not directed by the United States. A president who is not renowned for building private-sector trust, or the loyalty of other nations, may be challenged to do that again. He also needs what America has lacked of late – for its allies to do more. Canada’s approach to carbon emissions is the sort of passive resistance the U.S. has encountered from India on trade, Mexico on immigration and Turkey on Syria. Under Mr. Obama, everyone has loved to complain about Washington, but few have been willing to shoulder their share of the costs.

Skeptics believe this is no longer possible – the world has too many strong voices, too many competing interests, too much of what physicists call entropy, the thermodynamic condition that degenerates order into chaos.
America_in_Decline?  bouncing_back  U.S.foreign_policy  multipolarity  Obama  John_Stackhouse  G20  UN  NATO  Iran  Ukraine  geopolitics  complexity  networks  interconnections  instability  superpowers  indispensable  disequilibriums  ad_hoc  nobystanders  entropy  imbalances 
september 2014 by jerryking
Twitter's Lucrative Data Mining Business -
October 6, 2013 | WSJ | By ELIZABETH DWOSKIN.

Twitter's Data Business Proves Lucrative
Twitter Disclosed It Earned $47.5 Million From Selling Off Information It Gathers

Twitter's data business has rippled across the economy. The site's constant stream of experiences, opinions and sentiments has spawned a vast commercial ecosystem, serving up putative insights to product developers, Hollywood studios, major retailers and—potentially most profitably—hedge funds and other investors....Social-data firms spot trends that it would take a long time for humans to see on their own. The United Nations is using algorithms derived from Twitter to pinpoint hot spots of social unrest. DirecTV DTV +0.99% uses Twitter data as an early-warning system to spot power outages based on customer complaints. Human-resources departments analyze the data to evaluate job candidates....While estimates of the market value of the social-data industry are hard to come by, one research firm, IDC, estimates that the entire "big data" market has grown seven times as quickly as the information technology sector as a whole. It may be valued at $16.9 billion in two years....Each social-data firm boasts proprietary dating-mining tools that go beyond basic keyword searches. Some can zoom in on a subset of people—say, women in a certain ZIP Code—and monitor phrases that show emotion. Then they can create a heat map or a sentiment score that measures how that subset feels about a topic. They have trained natural language processing algorithms to look at slang and broken grammar and to highlight tweets that indicate urgency because of words like "BREAKING."

"We don't just count the volume of these trends. That's naïve," says Nova Spivak, CEO of the Los Angeles-based firm Bottlenose. Rather, his firm looks at the momentum of trends....Many smaller analytics startups are now turning to four companies that Twitter has dubbed "certified data resellers." These brokers, Gnip, Data Sift, Topsy and the Japanese firm NTT Data, 9613.TO -2.04% account for the bulk of Twitter's data revenue. Last year, they paid Twitter monthly fees of about $35.6 million.

Twitter's exponential growth has meant its influence extends well beyond marketing and crisis PR. Nonprofits, human-resource managers and politicians have found Twitter data useful, too.
data  data_mining  Twitter  massive_data_sets  sentiment_analysis  social_media  social_data  trend_spotting  Gnip  Data_Sift  Topsy  NTT_Data  Bottlenose  NLP  hotspots  UN  human_resources  insights  Hollywood  hedge_funds  momentum  product_development 
october 2013 by jerryking
Shadow of the past
July 24, 2004 | G&M |

A quarter of the resolutions centre on the pinprick state of Israel, not to mention 90 per cent of the discussions. Hellhoìes and regimes iike Syria. Egypt, Sudan` Iran, Russia, China and North Korea rarely come under discussion. How could they? They are the honoured delegates - some of them are even Security Council members - who, as you sayv are using Israel as their "favourite punching bag."
anti-Israel  UN  letters_to_the_editor  Zimbabwe  North_Korea  hypocrisy 
march 2013 by jerryking
Liberal passivity killed the United Nations
Mar. 21 2003|The Globe and Mail| by KEVIN PATTERSON.

The UN is essential to maintaining the credibility of efforts to contain the world's Saddams, but the liberals' antipathy to all matters military has crippled the UN. "Each man kills the thing he loves," wrote Oscar Wilde. The institution liberals love has been killed by liberalism itself.

When the Serbs approached Srebrenica, the Dutch UN troops were supposed to risk their lives to defend Bosnian men and boys -- who were subsequently slaughtered. Refugees under UN protection are supposed to be defended, just like agreements on weapons inspections. The Rwandan disaster was supposed to have prompted a potentially self-sacrificing intervention of heroic soldiers on the model of Romeo Dallaire, the neglected Canadian hero. Soldiers were available, ready and willing; that's what soldiers are for.

The left would prefer to pretend that security matters either do not exist or have been taken care of by some distant agency -- which is to say, the U.S. military. This habit discredits liberals.
UN  Somalia  liberalism  security_&_intelligence 
march 2013 by jerryking
The U.S. Cavalry -
July 2, 2004 | WSJ

Colin Powell has just made a high-profile trip to Sudan to examine at first hand the abominations in Darfur, the western province that is the world's latest killing field.

The Secretary of State's visit also throws a spotlight on another unfortunate global reality. Once again the world is calling on the U.S. to stop a horror that the United Nations and everybody else have failed to act against. The killing of black Muslim tribesmen by government-backed Arab militias has been going on since February of last year. But while the world's moralists are in full cry about the threat of "another Rwanda," no one sees fit to actually do something. No one, that is, except the U.S.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has been raising the alarm about Darfur -- and he also visited there this week -- but not until two weeks ago did the Security Council call for an immediate halt to the fighting. This being the U.N., the resolution was toothless. Permanent members China and France are worried about jeopardizing their business interests in Sudan. Pakistan and Algeria, which hold temporary seats, refuse to impose sanctions on a fellow Muslim nation even as it is engaged in the mass killing of Muslims.
Colin_Powell  Darfur  dysfunction  genocides  indispensable  Sudan  UN 
august 2012 by jerryking
What to do if Canada wins a seat at the Security Council table -
Sep. 25, 2010 | The Globe & Mail | Paul
Heinbecker.....First and foremost, we need to take ourselves seriously
again, to pursue an active foreign policy informed by facts and
compassion, rather than by ideology and partisan calculation. To get
back in the game at the UN, we should tear a page from the British
playbook, and make ourselves indispensable, or at least so valuable that
others seek our help. .....Fifth, at the same time, we should continue
to oppose the creation of new permanent seats, with or without
accompanying vetoes. Democratic accountability requires that
seat-holders face their electorates from time to time. Further, standing
for election forces candidates to take an interest in the concerns of
their electors.
Canada  UN  goals  indispensable  rule_of_law  playbooks 
september 2010 by jerryking
6 Lessons from World Entrepreneurship Day
By Christine Lagorio | Inc. Magazine | Apr 15, 2010. ""Mobile
is not just liberating, it’s empowering. In the developing world, you
cannot afford a PC, so the mobile phone serves that role: it’s for
business correspondence, making payments…""
inspiration  entrepreneurship  UN  mobile 
april 2010 by jerryking
Israel's 60-Year Test
May 6, 2008 WSJ op-ed by Bret Stephens contrast the perception of Israel's reputation abroad with the reality.
Israel  Bret_Stephens  UN  anti-Israel  anti-Semitism  op_ed 
january 2009 by jerryking

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