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What does the future hold for the CBC? - The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Published Friday, Apr. 11 2014,

you have to create an infrastructure of an organization that can adapt to whatever it is. And that’s a challenge around how do we think about ourselves, and our role, and how do we make ourselves as agile as we can?” In big-picture terms, she said, the CBC “is going to be smaller, it’s going to be faster, it’s going to be engaging.”...Under Ms. Conway, the CBC will strike more partnerships with private Canadian broadcasters and its foreign counterparts. It will also work more with marketers to create so-called branded entertainment (a.k.a. product placement) shows.
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Vice Media’s Shane Smith: A taste for sweet wine and salty content - The Globe and Mail

NEW YORK — The Globe and Mail

Published Friday, Jun. 14 2013, 6:30 PM EDT

Shane Smith has built Vice, which started as a free magazine distributed on the streets of Montreal, into a globe-straddling media brand with operations in 34 countries.

Last updated Friday, Jun. 14 2013,
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