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Facebook taps Canada to test talk app - The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Published Thursday, Jan. 03 2013

has chosen Canada to be the testing ground for an enhanced mobile app that allows users to make free calls from their smartphones.

As part of its testing, Facebook will allow Canadians to make phone calls to other Messenger users by using an enhanced version of that app on their iPhones. Since the calling feature will use voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) technology, it will affect subscribers’ wireless data plans rather than eat away at traditional voice minutes.

A second upgrade to the app will enable users to send short voice messages to other users on either Apple’s iOS operating system or on smartphones that use the Android platform.

Providing voice services to users is a burgeoning field for the world’s biggest tech companies, which are desperate to find ways to keep people using their services amid a host of competitors vying for attention. Google Inc. offers its users a service called Google Voice that allows anyone who uses the company’s e-mail service to make free calls in Canada and the United States from within a Gmail browser window. Microsoft Corp. spent $8.5-billion last year to buy the online phone service Skype, which allows users to call one another via their computers without incurring any charges.
Facebook  Skype  mobile_applications  smartphones  Google_Voice  VoIP  Steve_Ladurantaye 
january 2013 by jerryking
Hey AT&T, Drop That Coconut
September 25, 2000 | WSJ | Andy Kessler.

CEO C. Michael Armstrong is about halfway through reinventing the company, and needs a high stock price as a strategic weapon to fill in the chess pieces he’s missing — optical pipes, cable assets and wireless licenses — to offer bundles of services. So with a dozen different rate plans to confuse consumer and the FCC, he’s using long distance to milk an estimated $8 billion in consumer cash flow this year. Big mistake. You don’t manage a tech business for cash flow — the banana. You want to be investing in innovation.
Andy_Kessler  AT&T  cash_flows  exploitation  FCC  innovation  mature_industries  reinvention  VoIP 
july 2012 by jerryking
When Sir Terry talks...
Wahl, AndrewView Profile. Canadian Business80. 19 (Sep 24, 2007): 15.

Ottawa-based telecom equipment magnate, Terry Matthews, was in fine form under the high ceilings of the Vancouver Club recently, where he introduced CounterPath, his newest corporate creation, to an audience of a few dozen high-net-worth individuals, financial players and other business contacts. Another in a series of Matthews' businesses that target the shift in telecommunications toward Internet protocol standards, CounterPath makes voice-over-IP softphones and sells them to telecom service providers and equipment makers. In a complex transaction this summer, Vancouver's CounterPath acquired NewHeights, an Ottawa-based softphone firm co-founded by Matthews' 34-year-old son, Owen. He called the new CounterPath one of the most important companies he is ever been involved in.
Terry_Matthews  ProQuest  profile  telecommunications  CounterPath  VoIP 
october 2011 by jerryking
Public sector increasingly using VoIP technology, says report
24-Mar-2010 | | Industry news | Interoute. "However, cost is
most critical in the education segment, while scalable features and
capabilities are most important in the government segment,"
VoIP  public_sector 
march 2010 by jerryking
Two new voices in the Valley
28 Sep 2006 | FINANCIAL TIMES | By Chris Nuttall in San
Francisco. Tips: (1) Start out with sufficient funding; (2)
Distribution is everything; (3) Focus.
entrepreneurship  venture_capital  VoIP  relocation  Sequoia  Chris_Nuttall  Michael_Moritz  funding  Jajah 
march 2009 by jerryking
France Telecom's big rethink is a tough call
05 Apr 2006 FT article by Adam Jones outlining how France
Telecom must find a new business model to respond to VoiP erosion of the
traditional revenue streams.
VoIP  business_development  France_Telecom  business_models  revenue_erosion 
january 2009 by jerryking

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