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The Best Obliques Workout For A Stronger & Better Looking Core (V-Cut Abs) - YouTube
*High to low wood-choppers.
*Bicycle crunch
*twisting leg raises or lying twisting leg raises.
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september 2019 by jerryking
The Official Pull-Up Checklist (AVOID MISTAKES!) - YouTube
Prerequisite list: Things that can enhance ability to do a pull-up
(1) Strong abdominals. Hang from a bar with absolute stillness. Do more hanging ab exercises.
(2) Strong deadlifts. Stronger you are at "pulling" the better you're going to be on the pull-up.
(3) Strong scapular strength. Need to be strong and stable. Straight arm scapular strength.
(4) Body fat has to be in check. Good strength-to-bodyweight ratio. Get body fat down.

The Set-up
(1) How we grab the bar. Narrow? Shoulder width? Wide grip? Go for slightly wider than shoulder width. Place shoulders in the right position. Gets elbows out in front of the body. Puts stretch on to the lats.
(2) Depth of the grip. Far end of fingers? Deep in the palm? You can do more pull-ups if you grip if you use a hook grip, but you're inviting long-term problems.
(3) Positioning of your legs matters! Keep legs together, pointing toes down towards the ground, and straight out in FRONT of you. Plug the energy leaks (i.e. actively engage your calves, squeeze quads and straighten your knees, squeeze glutes behind you, tighten your abs, ) !!! All these things plug potential places where the force that you're going to generate down to the bar can leak out of. You're whole body is one kinetic chain, with the energy flowing up and down.

The Actual Rep
(1) Look up. Look right at the bar. Get the bar to your chin, preferably to your sternum.
(2) Initiate. Squeeze the bar. Not just through the entire hand. Focus on the ring finger and your pinky finger. Those are the two weakest fingers in your grip. If you can master the weakest fingers, brings the rest of the group along for the ride.
(3) Mindset. Pull the bar down to your body! Attack the bar with your chest. Reach for it with your chest. Open your chest up. Establish thoracic extension. Make exercise easier AND Increase the safety of exercise when it comes to your shoulder.

Caveat: Potential Impact on Shoulder
Do you need to go full out dead hang on every pull up rep. Yes, straighten the elbows on every rep. DO NOT UNPACK YOUR SHOULDERS. Dead hang does NOT mean unpacked shoulders (destabilized shoulders)!!! Don't allow your traps to ride up near your ears. Pull your traps down.....Don't think that getting completely lax at the bottom of the pull-up is a good thing. Get straight at the elbows, keep the tightness there, keep the stability, and then allow that extension through the thoracic spine to still allow for the movement require to execute the pull-up properly, every single time
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september 2019 by jerryking
How to train your core and reap the benefits - The Globe and Mail

Everyone needs to work on their core strength (yes, I said everyone – even you six-pack bikini models). A strong, functionally sound core enhances every aspect of physical life. Having visible abs is great, but all that means is your body fat percentage is low, which is a result of diet more than anything else. In order to add some go to your show, you need to make intelligent exercise choices that train the core the way it’s intended......The core performs movement – hip flexion, spinal extension, torso rotation – but it also resists, or prevents, those very same movements. On top of that, the core acts as a bridge between the upper and lower body, transferring kinetic energy between these two areas. Think of a sprinter pumping their arms as their legs chug-a-lug along the track; that arm movement feeds into the leg movement, propelling the runner faster and faster. Now think of the same sprinter trying to run with their hands tied behind their back.

Not quite as fast, is it?

three muscle groups:

* The rectus abdominis (a.k.a. the six-pack). [McGill Curl Up, plate crunches, hanging knee, leg raises and ab rollouts, the plank]
* The obliques [ the kettlebell windmill. hold a heavy-ish weight in one hand like a suitcase and march!, ab rollouts and plank variations will do the trick, the Pallof Press. ]
* The spinal erectors [ Back extensions and Romanian deadlifts ]
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july 2019 by jerryking
What's Your Workout: Killer Pull-Ups, Brutal Sprints and a Nap for Ski Champ Kikkan Randall -

Kikkan Randall's regimen is a brutal, six- (sometimes seven) day-a-week mix of roller skiing, biking, running and strength training. Pull-ups are a fairly unpleasant experience for most humans, but the ones Ms. Randall does resemble a form of medieval torture. She straps on a belt with a chain dangling from it and attaches a 60-pound weight to it. Or she'll pull herself up with such power that she is able to clap her hands above the bar and then grab it to slowly lower herself. Eight is her record.

The Workout
Ms. Randall does two workouts each day.....distance varies depending on whether the team is working on endurance or speed. Speed work requires interval training, which can be multiple one-minute bursts of sprinting with little rest in between......After lunch and a nap, she works out on her own. Twice a week she does strength training at a local gym, though even that 90-minute session begins with a 30- to 60-minute run or roller ski. She says half of her exercises are weight-training focused on specific muscles, while the other half is focused on strengthening her core balance.

That's where the pull-up bar comes in. Ms. Randall will hang from the bar, bring her legs up into a pike position, then slowly lower them repeatedly. She'll do the same routine with weights strapped to her ankles. Then, keeping her ankles together and her legs raised, she'll swing legs back and forth in front of her face like windshield wipers. "Just as I start to get good at something, my trainer figures out something to add to make it harder," she says.
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may 2012 by jerryking
Health Journal: Why 'Core Strength' Workouts Work -
MARCH 16, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | by KEVIN HELLIKER. Hit the Floor and Give Me a Dozen...Pillar Bridges
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march 2010 by jerryking

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