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Dramatic temperature increases could threaten Canadian health, infrastructure - The Globe and Mail
Jan. 21 2013 | The Globe and Mail | ANNA MEHLER PAPERNY

Canada is getting hotter faster than ever before and at a faster rate than almost any other country. Rain, snow, sleet and hail storms are becoming more erratic. What were once considered exceptional weather patterns – the kind researchers reject to avoid skewing their data – are becoming common....Canada’s infrastructure wasn’t built for this kind of climate. And much of the burden falls on municipal governments, with road, sewer and transit systems that can barely cope with existing weather conditions, let alone future vagaries.

“There’s a very large gap in terms of the current health of municipal infrastructure in Canada and where we should be right now,” said Paul Kovacs, University of Western Ontario economist and executive director of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, a group established by Canada’s insurance industry to research the costs of natural disasters and how to mitigate them....The effects of erratic weather patterns became very real for Ontario’s apple farmers last year: An early thaw followed by an unexpected frost wiped out 82 per cent of the province’s crop. Now, the industry – worth about $100-million in Ontario alone – is trying to figure out how to weatherproof itself. Potential fixes are wind breaks, hail nets, frost fans and sunscreen for apples to prevent damage from sunlight and heat. It’s expensive and uncertain, especially when the weather becomes tougher to predict. Leslie Huffman, Ontario’s apple production specialist, is working with the province on evaluating new techniques.
apples  anomalies  Canada  catastrophes  climate_change  extreme_weather_events  infrastructure  insurance  municipalities  natural_calamities  risk-mitigation  weather 
january 2013 by jerryking
Global Fruit founder plans apple revolution
Dec. 24th, 2009 | The Western Producer | by Jeffrey Carter
apples  entrepreneur  Ontario  innovation 
january 2013 by jerryking
Chicken and apple stuffing - The Globe and Mail
Lucy Waverman

Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Tuesday, Dec. 18 2012
chicken  apples  stuffing  recipes  Lucy_Waverman 
december 2012 by jerryking
80% of Ontario apples wiped out
May 26, 2012 | | Sarnia Observer | By Paul Morden.

It’s estimated 80% of the apple crop has been lost, said Kelly Ciceran, general manager of the Ontario Apple Growers, an organization representing about 215 of the province’s apple orchards.

Last season’s Ontario apple crop had an estimated value of $65 million. The organization is planning a survey in June to collect firm data on what’s left of this year’s crop, Ciceran said.
apples  Ontario  agriculture  farming 
august 2012 by jerryking
Martin’s receives $1.5 million for new apple crisp facility
July, 12, 2012 | Your online newspaper for Southwestern Ontario | Gail Martin
NEW PRODUCT — Woolwich mayor Todd Cowan, federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Martin’s Family Fruit Farm president Kevin Martin enjoy some apple crisps, moments after Ritz announced a $1.5 million grant for Martin’s. The grant will be used to develop a processing line at a plant in Elmira to produce the apple crisps.
Martin’s receives $1.5 million for new apple crisp facility

Gail Martin, Independent Editor
apples  farming  Ontario  agriculture 
august 2012 by jerryking
Know where your customers are headed - and get there first
Copyright 2012 Farm Management Canada By Glenn Cheater

It’s easy to say you believe in that all-important first principle of marketing – Know Your Customer – but it’s a lot harder to put in practice: Customers are definitely fickle creatures.

But understanding customers is critical to the success of Bay Growers Co-operative in Clarksburg in the heart of Ontario’s Georgian Bay apple country. It started up a dozen years ago when 22 local growers jointly built a storage facility, but its watershed moment came when it zeroed in on what its customers – grocery retailers – were doing.

“We could see the writing on the wall,” says co-op president John Ardiel. “The retail business was consolidating. There were fewer and fewer retailers, and the next logical step was that there would be fewer and fewer suppliers.
apples  Ontario  co-operatives  farming  agriculture  customer_insights  first_principle  marketing  know_your_audience  turning_points  retailers  supply_chains  grocery  consolidation  know_your_customer 
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Angst over apples
May 1, 2012 | Owen Sound Sun Times | By Paul Jankowski.
apples  agriculture  Ontario  farming  fruits  crop_insurance 
august 2012 by jerryking
Apple Crisp_Basmati Rice and Coconut Milk Pudding
For the Basmati Rice and Coconut Milk Pudding, add dates, blackberries, blueberries, pineapple chunks, ripe peaches/apricots, mangoes.
puddings  rice  coconuts  apples  breakfasts  vegetarian  recipes  baked_goods  desserts 
march 2012 by jerryking
Warming Winter Foods
December/January 2010 | Home By Design | by Kim A Fuqua
Roasted Eggplant and Tomato Crostini
Sauteed Spinach and Wild Mushrooms
Chicken Braised in Red Wine Sauce
Oven Roasted Rosemary New Potatoes
Apple Crisp
recipes  chicken  eggplants  potatoes  bruschetta  tomatoes  apples 
april 2011 by jerryking A feast for autumn appetites
October 21, 2006 G&M column by LUCY WAVERMAN.
(1) Roasted Mushroom Salad
(2) Pancetta-wrapped Tuna with Anchovy-caper sauce.
(3) Wilted Swiss Chard
(4) Apple Tarts with Caramel Cider Sauce
food  Lucy_Waverman  recipes  mushrooms  tuna  apples 
february 2009 by jerryking

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