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The bold rush to the Internet
Aug 2000 | Association Management pgs. 130-146 | by Carole Schweitzer,

START REFERRING TO ASSOCIATIONS AS "roadkill" (as Greg Dalton did in his February 7, 2000, article "Trade Groups: The Next Ro...
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september 2015 by jerryking
The Successful Indian Tech Companies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of - Digits - WSJ
Sep 4, 2015 | WSJ |By ADAM NAJBERG.

An index capturing the 30 most-valuable Indian software product-makers has risen by 28% in eight months since Oct. 30, a report released by iSpirt, which puts together the index, said Thursday.

These companies, as estimated by iSpirt, were worth a total of $10 billion at the end of June.

“There has been an acceleration since 2010 in the pace of creation of B2B (business-to-business) companies,” the report said.
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september 2015 by jerryking
Membership Experience Not Membership Math
Posted by Amanda Kaiser on Sep 5, 2014

How do you move members away from doing that mental math? How do you make joining less transactional and focus more on experience?

Help members solve more important problems

Our visits to the zoo solve many problems for me. Superficially, we are active and outside – but I can get this at a playground. More importantly, we are having fun and learning something. Most important, I believe that experiences like this can help teach my son those life skills that will help him be well rounded, fulfilled and giving person.

The zoo markets fun and learning but stories from higher up the list of mom’s needs would resonate far more. You see this play out successfully with the big brands. Harley Davidson means freedom not transportation. Coke means youth and fun not sugar water.

You can provide the most value when you help solve your member’s most important problems.

Provide special member experiences

Many member benefits lists read like a math equation: 10% off for members, a $50 savings, and 1 free guest. This is hardly compelling reading and it is not so compelling in the decision making process either. The logic is there but the emotion is missing.

How to help LBMA members package the emotional benefits of joining so that they can be shared back at their companies?
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july 2015 by jerryking
ASAE Technology Conference & Expo Speakers, Attendees Discussed Big Data, New Ways to Connect With Members - About Us - ASAE
...the notion of big data and what that means for associations...Mobile is the key data point and global data will be a huge challenge for organizations. Dion Hinchcliffe advised attendees if they choose to be inactive in this space, then a new intermediary will form a presence and it will be the primary place where your members will engage, and not with your organization
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may 2015 by jerryking
Canadian Council on Africa
Benoit La Salle appointed to chair, Board of Directors
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november 2012 by jerryking
JCK Must Network More!
February 14, 2002 | Owen Gordon
Your last comment notwithstanding, the biggest disadvantage that independents like you have in this day and age is no longer technology faxes, emails, etc.) nor scale: it's reach.You were not afforded the luxury of having a high profile middle to senior management position as your precipice from which to launch into independent consulting from. Therefore, you need formal mechanisms that allow you to “work a room" and eloquent yourself with, oh I don't know. say. 10 new people a month. They're not always going to be key (sorry you didn't run into 10 people who know Medical Transcription cold) but if you keep in peripheral contact, it grows over time. Remember, a whole lot of people who might be useful now lawyers, people who know people with money. people with connected into health-care}, you might have simply ignored 2 years ago if you went to TVG with your Telecom blinders on.
The key to your future success is not about Jerry King in a room with the light bulb going off on the greatest mousetrap or business model or process or strategy that no one else thought of. Regardless of the amount of empirical primary research you do in your room, the odds of you zigging when everyone else zagging is remote. And it's even remoter that you are going to have all the wherewith all and resources to execute from Lyons Ht. Road. The key is people. in fast, someone with half your brains and business sense and no formal post-graduate education might have an easier time getting one of your proposals off of the ground just based on the network effect and the six degrees of separation/Kevin Bacon rule. If TVG isn't offering up those people then fine. But make dog gone sure that you have a suitable replacement that offers the scope and diversity of players under one roof. To hell with the quality of the keynote speakers address.
p.s. if your Carecore thing is starting to move, why don't you form a small board of advisors comprised of people who's judgment you trust - net only w.r.t. the business model but people with judgment who've acted as career coaches for you like Snelgrove, etc. You'd use these people to vet all kind of ideas. "How do i get the first meeting with the top dog at that hospital in Buffalo." "Do I incorporate a separate entity from Carecor and if so, what should I look for. what should be the share ownership structure?" "What are the next hurdles, roadblocks-as that I can expect 3 months from now and how do I begin to anticipate them?
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july 2012 by jerryking
OPMA ::: Ontario Produce Marketing Association
Ontario Produce Marketing Association (OPMA)
Non-profit organization founded in 1990 HQ: Toronto, Ontario
The OPMA serves 220 members from all sectors of the fresh produce industry who share a common interest in supporting the Ontario fresh produce market; they represent over 90% of produce sales in Ontario.
The primary objective of the OPMA is to promote the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables within Ontario.

(1) Education & Training
(2) Events & Networking
(3) Services (e.g. temperature reorders)
(4) Marketing

The Ontario Produce Marketing Association held its Annual General Meeting, June 13 at the Ontario Food Terminal’s Market Garden Restaurant. The meeting focused on key work underway by the association, including industry training, marketing efforts to increase consumption of produce in Ontario, government relations and industry networking events.

Ian MacKenzie, president of the Ontario Produce Marketing Association, and Ashlee Mclean, director of marketing and communications.
Presentations included a report from outgoing Chair Julian Sarraino of Fresh Taste Produce Ltd., the president’s report and finance report by OPMA President Ian MacKenzie and a look at the extensive marketing program by Ashlee Mclean, OPMA’s director of marketing and communications.

A resolution was brought forward to the membership and passed to increase the number of the board directors. Raising the board size from nine to 11 will aid in providing additional assistance and expertise for the work to be carried out by the association. The newly elected board includes Chair Frank Spagnuolo of Loblaw Inc.; Vice-Chair Chris Streef of Streef Produce Ltd.; Mr. Sarraino; Derrick Rayner of Earth Fresh Foods; Charles Waud of Waudware Inc.; Steve Bamford of Fresh Advancements; Joe Didiano of Scotlynn Investments; Steve Dimen of Ippolito Fruit & Produce Ltd.; Frank Bondi of Sobeys Ontario; Greg Maffey of Walmart Canada; and Virginia Zimm of Faye Clack Communications Inc.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the announcement of Fresh Fest, a fall event that will see the Ontario Food Terminal open to the public for the first time in its history.
farming  agriculture  associations  marketing  OPMA 
march 2012 by jerryking Appointment Notice - Ontario Long Term Care Association: Christina Bisanz, Chief Executive Officer
June 25, 2009 | Globe & Mail |
Grace Sweatman, Board Chair, announces the appointment of Christina
Bisanz as Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Long Term Care
Association. The OLTCA represents the private, not-for-profit,
charitable and municipal operators of 428 long-term care homes that
provide care and services to some 50,000 residents throughout Ontario.
appointments  retirement  associations  CEOs  Gadi_Prager 
april 2010 by jerryking
Associations in the Age of the Long Tail - Associations Now Magazine - Publications and Resources - ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership
February 2006 | ASSOCIATIONS NOW | By: Jeff De Cagna and Jamie

Evidence for a new market theory is emerging. Dubbed the "long tail,"
the theory challenges the notion that one megahit with wide popular
appeal is more valuable than tons of other offerings with narrow appeal.
For associations, this means rethinking the very core of the business
The_Long_Tail  associations  business_models  scarcity  abundance  CARP 
may 2009 by jerryking
A Memo from the CEO -
Summer 2003

By: Cindy C. Crouse, CAE (with commentaries by Paul Borawski, CAE, and
Barbara Byrd Keenan, CAE)
JAL sought out a current association CEO to take on a particularly
difficult assignment: From the perspective of a CEO working in a
fictional association, write a memo challenging your incoming chair and
the board to confront the truth of what is happening inside the
association. Author Cindy Crouse accepted the challenge.
leadership  executive_management  memoranda  associations  CEOs 
may 2009 by jerryking
Calculated Leaps of Faith - Associations Now Magazine - Publications and Resources - ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership
October 2006 | ASSOCIATIONS NOW | By: Angela Hickman Brady

An organization's capacity for risk taking may determine whether it
succeeds or fails. Part game of chance, part discipline, the willingness
to shake off the status quo can change your association for the better.
innovation  change  strategy  business  associations  CARP  leaps_of_faith  planning  organizational_capacity  risk-taking 
may 2009 by jerryking
Growing Nondues Revenue - Association Management Magazine - Publications and Resources - ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership
August 2005 | ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT | By Apryl Motley

On the matter of growing Nondues Revenue, institute a deliberate process to evaluate programs and partners.
associations  CARP  partnerships  assessments_&_evaluations 
may 2009 by jerryking
Must There Be Metrics? - Whitepapers - Publications and Resources - ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership
By: Robert A. Hall, CAE , American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Source: Center Collection
Published: January 200
metrics  associations 
may 2009 by jerryking
Talking About the Word-of-Mouth Revolution
January 2009 |ASSOCIATIONS NOW | By: Lindy Dreyer interviews
Word-of-mouth expert Andy Sernovitz about how associations can use these
techniques to build membership.
Word-of-mouth  associations  memberships 
may 2009 by jerryking
Membership Marketing Blog: The AARP Growth Strategy
Wednesday, October 24, 2007 | Membership Marketing Blog | Tony Rossell
associations  growth  strategies  AARP  CARP 
april 2009 by jerryking
Committees Augment Association Outreach
Jan 2007 | Signal. Vol. 61, Iss. 5; pg. 353, 1 pgs | Anonymous.
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april 2009 by jerryking
Top 10 Ways Trade Associations Can Employ New Media Techniques » The Bivings Report
Maybe e-mail this article to others at UFSC board meeting or include in background information package.
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april 2007 by jerryking

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