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Roasted Bone Marrow Recipe | Leite's Culinaria
1. Fill a large bowl halfway with ice water and add 1 teaspoon coarse sea salt per 1 cup water. Add the marrow bones and refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours, changing the water every 4 hours and replacing the salt each time. Drain and refrigerate until you’re ready to roast the marrow. This removes the blood and any impurities from the marrow. Drain the bones and pat them dry. Be sure to roast the soaked marrow within 24 hours or freeze the drained bones for up to 3 months.
2. Preheat the oven to 450°F (230°C).
3. Place the drained and dried marrow bones in a roasting pan. If the bones are cut crosswise, place them standing up; if the bones are cut lengthwise, place them cut side up. Roast for 15 to 25 minutes, until the marrow has puffed slightly and is warm in the center. To test for doneness, insert a metal skewer into the center of the bone, then touch it to your wrist to gauge the marrow’s temperature; the roasted bone marrow should be very hot. There should be no resistance when the skewer is inserted and some of the marrow will have started to leak from the bones. Serve the roasted bone marrow immediately with spoons for scooping.
beef  bones  recipes  roasted  savoury 
august 2019 by jerryking
The 30 Essential Cured Meats To Know - Food Republic
Jess Kapadia
June 7, 2016

Welcome to Food Republic’s illustrated roundup of 30 of our favorite pressed, stuffed, dried, fermented and thinly sliced cured meats. Get to know your new go-to charcuterie, and break out the wooden board for a world-class presentation of time-tested favorites and exotic new friends.
beef  charcuterie  cured_and_smoked  delicatessens  hams  meats  pork  prosciutto  sausages  taxonomy 
may 2019 by jerryking
Sunday Suppers: Sicilian Braciole - Baker by Nature
/// April 6th, 2014
Italian  beef  recipes 
march 2016 by jerryking
Learning to Engineer a Better Brisket - The New York Times
JULY 18, 2015 | NYT | By CLAIRE MARTIN .

They began by analyzing smokers on the market, focusing on Big Green Egg, a popular one with a ceramic cooking chamber. They evaluated the extra-large version, which costs $1,200. “We went through the patent of the Big Green Egg and just completely dissected it,” Mr. Parker said. “Where’s the opportunity here? Where’s the weakness here?”

They built computer models of Big Green Egg, of the brisket and, eventually, of their own smoker. They ran hundreds of computer simulations, and they learned that maintaining a precise, steady cooking temperature is crucial to evenly breaking down the meat’s collagen, tenderizing it. Several students spent their spring break taking a crash course in ceramics at the Harvard Ceramic Studio to build two prototypes of the smoker.

During the smoking sessions, the students attached sensors to the cooking surfaces and collected smoke particles and airflow data. They also inserted thermal imaging devices and probes into the brisket. “It was a heavily instrumented piece of meat,” Mr. Parker said. “It looked like it was in an intensive care unit.”

The final design was a 300-pound ceramic smoker with an hourglass shape that was inspired by power plant cooling towers. An internal computer controls fans that blow oxygen into the fire; it calculates whether the fire needs more or less oxygen and communicates the smoker’s temperature to a smartphone app. Refueling most other smokers requires opening the top and inserting more charcoal and wood chips, which destabilizes the temperature.

A chute on the side of the Harvard smoker lets the chef add more fuel without disrupting its internal temperature. Sensors gauge fuel levels, the temperature of the cooking surface and the weight of the food being smoked, and transmit that information to the app.
Harvard  students  Colleges_&_Universities  patents  competitive_intelligence  entrepreneurship  design  problem_solving  BBQ  engineering  Stanford  cured_and_smoked  beef  sensors 
july 2015 by jerryking
Beef olives: a true comfort food | Jamie Oliver | Features
By Steve Lamb | November 7, 2014 |

Add: steak spice, salt, black pepper, rosemary, fresh thyme, flour, onion powder, garlic powder. Pound the flank steaks into submission,
Add: twine

For the "stuffing" ground pork, bacon, mushroom, celery, salt, pepper, nutmeg,
recipes  beef 
november 2014 by jerryking
Recipe: Malaysian Beef Curry - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Sep. 19 2014
curries  recipes  beef  Lucy_Waverman 
september 2014 by jerryking
Wine-Braised Oxtail - Video -
Wine-Braised Oxtail
By Jenny Woodward February 7th, 2014

Oxtail is “one of the most wonderful meats for braising,” says Melissa Clark. She makes hers with celery root and carrots, and serves it with gremolata.
oxtail  spices  stews  recipes  web_video  beef 
february 2014 by jerryking
Blue Goose revitalizing Manitoulin ag industry
8/13/2012 2:08:11 PM Print | Font Sizes: Normal Text Large Text
Blue Goose revitalizing Manitoulin ag industry

By: Lindsay Kelly
organic  Ontario  cattle  beef  private_equity  agriculture  agribusiness 
november 2013 by jerryking
Where's the Best Boeuf? -
January 18, 2013 | WSJ | By RATHA TEP.

Where's the Best Boeuf?
In Burgundy, bien sûr! We went in steaming hot pursuit of the finest version of France's classic beef stew, one spoonful at a time
beef  France  French  stews 
january 2013 by jerryking
Shepherd's Pie
Autumn 2007 | LCBO Food & Drink | By: Lucy Waverman
recipes  Lucy_Waverman  lamb  beef 
january 2013 by jerryking
How we ate: 2012's most important ideas in food and drink
Jan. 01 2013 | - The Globe and Mail |CHRIS NUTTALL-SMITH.

Canada’s two-tier food system is official

The downside to foodies as a political force: While rich, urban epicures rallied against that quarry, they were mostly silent during the XL Foods Inc. E. coli crisis, as tainted, factory-processed feedlot beef was recalled across Canada, and the federal government made clear that its first priority is protecting Canada’s agribusiness – as opposed to Canada’s people.

I don’t blame the foodies – you can take on only so many issues, and many will argue, correctly, that a rising good-food tide eventually lifts all boats.

But the silence made sense for another reason: Rich epicures, with their love of small producers, artisanal butcher shops and pastured protein, don’t eat factory-processed feedlot beef. The plebes, meantime – the vast majority of Canadians – had better learn to fend for themselves.
food  trends  Chris_Nuttall-Smith  product_recalls  E._coli  beef  OPMA  ideas 
january 2013 by jerryking
Whether you buy grass-fed or ‘natural,’ meat safety isn't guaranteed - The Globe and Mail

Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Tuesday, Nov. 20 2012,

buying a safer meat is more complicated than simply choosing local, organic, naturally raised or grass-fed. In fact, none of these labels is guaranteed to be safer.

Whether your steak comes from a cow that was raised on a feedlot and slaughtered in a large abattoir, or from an animal that ranged on grass and was given a nice pat by its farmer before meeting its end, some research indicates that the chance of the meat bringing a pathogen into your home is equal.
beef  food_safety  product_recalls  locavore  pathogens  organic  meat  E._coli  grass-fed  faith-based  steaks 
november 2012 by jerryking
Mediterranean Roasted Beef and Veggies
6 cloves, garlic peeled
3 plum (Roma) tomatoes, cored and quartered 1 small Spanish onion, cut into 12 wedges
1 baby eggplant, cut into chunks
1 red and yellow bell pepper, cut into chunks 8 oz zucchini, cut crosswise into V:-inch slices
4 oz mushrooms, quartered
4 tbsp basil pesto, divided
2 tsp olive Oil
3 lb boneless beef sirloin tip or round oven roast Pinch each salt and pepper (optional)
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp liquid honey
hours or until meat thermometer registers 140'F
(600 for medium-rare. Transfer roast to a cutting
board, tent with foil and let stand 10-15 minutes. 4. Using a spatula, scrape vegetables into a bowl.
Add vinegar and honey; toss to coat. E,S. Carve roast into thin slices. Serve with vegetables.
roasted  beef  recipes  Mediterranean 
november 2012 by jerryking
Krave, Perky Jerky and Others Remake Beef Jerky as a Healthy Protein Snack -
26, 2012 | | By ANNE MARIE CHAKER

Trying to End 'Jerky Shame' With Gourmet Flavors
cured_and_smoked  beef 
october 2012 by jerryking
Do you have a case of meat anxiety? - The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Last updated Wednesday, Oct. 03 2012,
product_recalls  meat  beef 
october 2012 by jerryking
Canadian beef exports in rapid decline - The Globe and Mail
Sept. 10 2012 | Globe & Mail | BARRIE McKENNA.

Canada’s $6-billion beef industry is in a state of chronic decline that could soon see the country become a net importer for the first time in at least a generation, a new report says.

Canada is increasingly shipping live cattle and low-value meat cuts to its main foreign customer – the United States – while importing higher value beef, according to the report by the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute, an independent think tank set up by Ottawa in 2004....The size of the Canadian beef herd is also in decline, dropping by a million head, or 20 per cent, since 2005.

The report identifies several causes for the industry’s reversal of fortunes, including more aggressive competition from foreign suppliers; the high value of the Canadian dollar; a surge in corn-feed prices due to drought and ethanol production; stricter regulations; higher costs; U.S. country-of-origin labelling rules; and declining beef consumption.

What Canada needs is “a robust, long-term strategy and a sustained commitment to execute the strategy,” CAPI said. The strategy should include more collaboration between ranchers, producers and governments, clear leadership, better use of market information and promotion of industry “champions” in the supply chain.

“Continued indecision will rob us of very real opportunities,” the report said.
exporting  beef  think_tanks  agriculture  farming  supply_chains  indecision 
september 2012 by jerryking
After Extensive Beef Recall, Topps Goes Out of Business -
By KEN BELSON and KAREEM FAHIM; Anthony DePalma contributed reporting from New York, and Nate Schweber from Elizabeth, N.J.
Published: October 6, 2007

Even without the legal challenges, Topps would have faced a tough road back. Many of its customers are likely to seek other sources of beef. Unlike at more diversified food companies, meat processing was Topps's main business, which means it had little revenue from other sources.

''It's one of the problems for a single plant, small or large,'' said John Nalivka, the president of Sterling Marketing, a consultant to the meat and livestock industry. ''If you have a recall and that plant is down, your whole financial well-being suffers.''

The speed of the events also gave Topps little room to maneuver, particularly if it had to pay to recover its tainted beef from its customers, an expense that could take years to recoup from an insurance company.

''Recalls used to be rolling waves hitting the beach, and now they are tsunamis that choke off the oxygen,'' said Gene Grabowski, who runs the crisis and litigation practice at Levick Strategic Communications and has handled more than 120 recalls. ''This is not a giant and not diversified, so when a tsunami hits, it doesn't have much of a chance.''
product_recalls  Topps  beef  E._Coli  exits 
june 2012 by jerryking
Bioterrorism and Handling Product Recall
Excerpt taken from Inescapable data: harnessing the power of convergence
By Chris Stakutis, John Webster.

The better the tracking of goods, the more efficient (and more narrow) a product recall can be. Real-time data collection and integrated computer systems are at the heart of compliant manufacturers. The cost of noncompliance or archaic tracking systems can be exceedingly high. ConAgra in 2002 had to recall more than 18.6 million pounds of beef suspected of E. coli contamination rather than 354,000 pounds because they could not produce sufficient evidence of tracking detail. ConAgra subsequently exited the beef industry.
product_recalls  bioterrorism  massive_data_sets  excerpts  bacteria  traceability  tracking  manufacturers  ConAgra  E._coli  beef 
march 2012 by jerryking
Beef ribs - The Globe and Mail
lucy waverman
The Globe and Mail
Published Saturday, Jun. 04, 200
beef  recipes  Lucy_Waverman  ribs  rubs_sauces_marinades 
december 2011 by jerryking
Mongolian barbecue ribs - The Globe and Mail
lucy waverman
The Globe and Mail
Published Saturday, Jun. 04, 2005
beef  ribs  recipes  Lucy_Waverman  rubs_sauces_marinades  short_ribs 
december 2011 by jerryking
10 Things Steakhouses Won't Tell You -
NOVEMBER 14, 2011, 11:25 P.M. ET

10 Things Steakhouses Won't Tell You
On the menu: 3,000-calorie sides and so-so steaks.
tips  steaks  beef  restaurants 
november 2011 by jerryking
Corned-beef hash with fresh herbs - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Saturday, Mar. 01, 1997
recipes  herbs  brunch  beef 
october 2011 by jerryking
Meat and greet: How to throw a steak-tasting party -
Sep. 10, 2011 | The Globe and Mail | michael tong
steaks  meat  beef 
september 2011 by jerryking
Africa Rising: Catering to New Tastes as Incomes Climb -
Africa Rising
Catering to New Tastes as Incomes Climb
Zambian Beef Processor Expands to Nigeria With Aim of Spreading Out Across the Continent
Africa  Nigeria  beef  economic_development 
february 2011 by jerryking
1966 - Rib Roast of Beef -
Published: January 26, 2011
roasted  beef  recipes 
january 2011 by jerryking
Mega Meal: How to Make Beef Wellington
CRAPANZANO. Mega Meal: Beef Wellington. Over-the-top meaty
goodness, wrapped up in a golden crust
recipes  beef  howto 
november 2010 by jerryking
A Good Appetite - A Satisfying (and Healthy) Beef Stir-Fry -
May 14, 2010 | New York Times | By MELISSA CLARK. ....As for
the sauce, I keep it simple, leaning heavily on thick dark soy sauce
(tamari works well), sesame oil, chicken broth and Madeira; that last
ingredient replaces the more traditional Shaoxing cooking wine (or
sherry) and sugar combo, to create a caramelized richness.
recipes  stir-fry  beef  vegetables 
may 2010 by jerryking
New York pastrami v. Montreal smoked meat
Jan. 25, 2010 | The Globe and Mail | by Zachary Goelman.
Pastrami is dry-cured, meaning the meat is lathered with sugar and salt
until absorbed, then seasoned with spices and smoked. Montreal smoked
meat is also dry-cured, but then soaked (like corned beef) to desalinate
it before seasoning and smoking. Montreal smoked meat smokes a bit
longer than pastrami, capturing more of the flavouring.
cured_and_smoked  delicatessens  beef  sandwiches 
january 2010 by jerryking
Braised Veal Cheeks with Smoked Mushrooms
February 2007 | Asian Food Channel Recipes | By: Lynn Crawford
recipes  veal  beef  braising  mushrooms 
november 2009 by jerryking
Recipes: Lucy Waverman's year of living deliciously
Oct. 17, 2009 | The Globe & Mail | Lucy Waverman. ROASTED VEAL CHOPS WITH LEMON OLIVE SALSA.
veal  beef  meat  recipes  Lucy_Waverman  salsa_chutney_relish_pickle 
october 2009 by jerryking
Chef’s recipe: Roast beef with yorkshire pudding
Oct. 14, 2009 | The Globe & Mail | by Chef David Lee. Recipes for For Rib Roast and Yorkshire Pudding.
recipes  beef  roasted  David_Lee 
october 2009 by jerryking
Finding Prime Beef at Your Local Grocery Store -
JULY 15, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by KATY MCLAUGHLIN.
Many top steak houses specialize in serving beef that’s ranked USDA
prime, a grading given to between 1% and 3% of the country’s beef that
designates the meat with the most marbling—the tendrils of fat running
through meat that enhance its flavor and texture. Given a choice between
cuts of USDA prime beef, Mr. Raichlen says he would choose a New York
strip or a T-bone in order to take advantage of the firm meat, which
tastes lush and juicy when well-marbled. But take a page from top steak
houses and don’t bother buying prime tenderloin, or filet mignon. This
cut is only slightly marbled, so buying prime barely changes the eating
experience. Rib eyes, which are very rich, can be too fatty when they
come from Wagyu beef, but they are the perfect choice for grass-fed
beef, Mr. Raichlen says. The best way to showcase the concentrated,
beefy quality created by dry-aging is to choose a T-bone or porterhouse.
steaks  beef  BBQ  USDA  seasonings  grilling  Katy_McLaughlin 
july 2009 by jerryking
The recipes
November 2, 2006 | Globe & Mail | by LUCY WAVERMAN. (1)
Caramelized Onion Tart; (2) Classic Prawn Cocktail; (3) Polenta Fries;
(4) Cheese Puffs; (5) Butternut Squash Soup; (6) Pan-Seared Halibut;
(7) Braised Beef Short Ribs; (8) Garlic Smashed Potatoes
soups  fish  halibut  potatoes  beef  ribs  recipes  Lucy_Waverman 
june 2009 by jerryking
Cooking & Dining -- The Main Course: Spicing Up Chicken, Pork and Steak
Oct 15, 2005 | Wall Street Journal pg. P.8 | by Katy
McLaughlin. (1) Chicken Roasted With Garlic and Limes ;(2) Spicy Tomato
Rice With Raisins and Bananas ;(3) Pork Chops Baked in Red Chili Sauce
(4) Braised Cabbage With Raisins and Cilantro; (5) Flank Steak With
Spicy Peanut Sauce and Roasted Sweet Potatoes.
chicken  pork  steaks  recipes  rice  beef  Katy_McLaughlin  roasted 
june 2009 by jerryking
A Potent Brew -
FEBRUARY 2, 2008 | Wall Street Journal | by KATY MCLAUGHLIN
recipes  beef  chilis  Katy_McLaughlin 
june 2009 by jerryking
Beef up supper with the ultimate brisket - The Globe and Mail
Nov. 24, 2007 | Globe & Mail | LUCY WAVERMAN (1)
Lucy_Waverman  beef  soups  pears  meat 
june 2009 by jerryking
Beef Pebre
Spring 2003 | LCBO Food & Drink | By: Lucy Waverman
beef  Lucy_Waverman  recipes 
june 2009 by jerryking
Tough competition
Mar 2008 | Report on Business Magazine pg. 78 | by Sasha Chapman.
beef  recipes  Sasha_Chapman  black-box  competition 
may 2009 by jerryking
Food: Blue-ribbon rib-eye - The Globe and Mail
May 2006| Report on Business Magazine pg. 103 | by LEANNE DELAP
recipes  meat  grilling  BBQ  steaks  beef  Leanne_Delap 
may 2009 by jerryking - Michael Smith: Grilled steak with shitake gravy
July 9, 2008 G&M Chef Michael Smith outlines the inaugural Village Feast fundraiser for a Kenyan village.
food  beef  charities  fundraising  PEI  recipes  steaks 
january 2009 by jerryking
sharp magazine - Let them eat steak: The Sharp cookout
June 16, 2008 | Sharp Magazine | by Jeremy Freed. Tips for grilling the perfect steak.
meat  BBQ  recipes  steaks  beef  tips  grilling 
january 2009 by jerryking

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