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Is Aerobic Exercise the Key to Successful Aging?
Dec. 12, 2018 | - The New York Times | By Gretchen Reynolds.

Aerobic activities like jogging and interval training can make our cells biologically younger, according to a noteworthy new experiment. Weight training may not have the same effect, the study found, raising interesting questions about how various types of exercise affect us at a microscopic level and whether the differences should perhaps influence how we choose to move.
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december 2018 by jerryking
May 31, 2018 | The Globe and Mail | HARVEY SCHACHTER.

Here are 12 crucial factors that consultant Nathan Magnuson says you should consider in decision-making:

* Are you the right person to make the decision?
* What outcomes are you directly respons...
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The Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk -

Office workers who walked 30 minutes at lunch, 3 times a week, said they felt considerably more enthusiastic, less tense, and generally more relaxed and able to cope than on afternoons when they hadn’t walked and even compared with their own moods from a morning before a walk.

Although the authors did not directly measure workplace productivity in their study, “there is now quite strong research evidence that feeling more positive and enthusiastic at work is very important to productivity,” Dr. Thogersen-Ntoumani said. “So we would expect that people who walked at lunchtime would be more productive.”

As a pleasant, additional outcome, all of the volunteers showed gains in their aerobic fitness and other measures of health at the completion of their 10 weeks of walking.
exercise  fitness  health  benefits  sedentariness  lunchtime 
january 2015 by jerryking
Marketing Features Vs. Benefits
December 2000 | | By Laura Clampitt
Douglas. Features Vs. Benefits: Learn the difference, and then see the
difference in your bottom line.
marketing  features  benefits 
january 2010 by jerryking

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