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Books - G. Pascal Zachary
Married to Africa
(Scribner, 2009)
The Diversity Advantage: Multicultural Identity in the New World Economy

Endless Frontier: Vannevar Bush, Engineer of the American Century
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june 2011 by jerryking
‘Social Business’ is Past Retirement Age
‘Social Business’ is Past Retirement Age

by Andrew McAfee on November 10, 2010
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march 2011 by jerryking
Cognition: The blog of web design & development firm Happy Cog
Thank you for considering Happy Cog for your project.
Happy Cog projects start at $100,000 USD.
Kindly complete this Project Planner so we can determine if the unique
aspects of your project align with our capabilities and availability. We
realize it’s quite a bit to ask of you up front, but those that go on
to become Happy Cog clients often tell us it’s a worthwhile exercise.
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november 2010 by jerryking
Calculating the ROI of blogging
October 03, 2006 | Groundswell | Charlene Li. The ROI of
blogs can be broken down into three components: 1) Benefits; 2) Costs;
3) Risks
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june 2010 by jerryking
why most artist’s blogs fail
June 14, 2010 | gapingvoid | Hugh MacLeod.But the reality is,
most people are not reading your blog because they have an inherent love
for purple dogs and green sofas. They’re reading your blog because THE
PERSON YOU ARE inspires them. They’re not reading your blog because
they’re thinking of buying your paintings, they’re reading your blog
because the way you approach your work inspires them. It sets an example
for them. It stands for something that resonates with them. IT LEADS

And if your blog can do that, suddenly your readers are associating
purple dogs and green sofas with something that ACTUALLY matters to
them. And then, and only then, do they pull their credit cards out.
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june 2010 by jerryking
What Matters Now
December 14, 2009 | "What Matters Now" is the
work of more than 60 people with big ideas and something to say. It will
inspire you to make some changes in 2010, and to keep doing work that
matters. What better way for business thinkers to celebrate the holiday
season than with the gift of great ideas? As the year 2009 — as
difficult, divisive, worrisome, and hopeful a year since, well, 2008 —
draws to a close, my friend Seth Godin, the innovator, writer, and
blogger extraordinaire, has persuaded 70 other innovators, writers, and
bloggers to participate in a project he calls What Matters Now.
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february 2010 by jerryking
BREAKTHROUGH Business Development
Breakthrough Business Development
By Duncan MacPherson and David Miller, John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd.
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february 2010 by jerryking
From Fish to Infinity - Opinionator Blog -
January 31, 2010, 9:30 pm
From Fish to Infinity
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february 2010 by jerryking
Warming Expected to Cut Atlantic Hurricane Tally but Boost Threat - Dot Earth Blog -
January 21, 2010 | Dot Earth Blog | By ANDREW C. REVKIN. A new
modeling study published in this week’s issue of Science projects a
rise of about 30 percent in potential hurricane damage in the western
Atlantic toward the end of the century as emissions of greenhouse gases
rise. Although the overall number of storms in the region are expected
to drop, the number of strong ones — those reaching Category 4 or 5 in
the hurricane index — are expected to double from the number produced
now, the study says.
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january 2010 by jerryking
Ben Casnocha: A blog about entrepreneurship, ideas, current affairs, and intellectual life
Came here following reference in Jan. 25, 2010 column by Harvey Schachter to post on advisory boards
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january 2010 by jerryking
Conan: Defender of Tradition or Stuck in the Past?
January 13 | BusinessWeek | Posted by Patricia O'Connell on
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january 2010 by jerryking
Gain: AIGA Journal of Business and Design — AIGA | the professional association for design
Gain: AIGA Journal of Business and Design is dedicated to
stimulating thinking at the intersection of design and business. Through
rigorous case studies and thoughtful interviews, the journal
demonstrates how the process of design can be used to solve business
problems, foster innovation, build meaningful customer relationships and
differentiate products from competitors.
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december 2009 by jerryking
"The Hidden River of Knowledge"
May 21, 2007 | New York Times | Commencement address by David Brooks.

In short, things are about to change big time. And one of my messages today is that you know that uncertainty you feel today? It never goes away. The question is, do you know how to make uncertainty your friend?'s one other thing I've noticed that separates the really great people from the merely famous ones. They talk to dead people.

Merely famous people have pictures of themselves on the wall. Really great people have pictures of dead people on the wall, and on their desks. It's one of the first things I look for when I go into somebody's office...And they talk about these dead people....
The dead were alive to them, and looking over their shoulder....The Greeks used to say we suffer our way to wisdom...Success is not something that we do or that happens to us. Success is something that happens through us....We inherit, starting even before we are born, a great river of knowledge, a great flow from many ages and many sources. The information that comes from millions of years ago, we call brain chemistry. The information that comes from hundreds of thousands of years ago from our hunter and gatherer ancestors we call genes. The information that was handed down thousands of years ago we call religion. The information passed along hundreds of years ago we call culture. The information passed along from decades ago we call family. The information you absorbed over the past few years at Wake Forest we call education....We exist as creatures within this hidden river of knowledge the way a trout exists in a stream or a river. We are formed by the river. It is the medium in which we live and the guide about how to live.

The great people I've seen talking to the dead do so because they want to connect with the highest and most inspiring parts of the river. When people make mistakes, often it is not because they are evil. It's because they don't have an ideal to live up to.

These great people also talk to the dead because they want a voice from outside their selves....the best people I've met don't feel that smart or that special. They have powerful jobs, but they don't feel powerful. They don't feel like architects building these great projects from scratch. They feel instead like river boat captains negotiating the currents around them.

They want to step outside their egotism and understand the river of events. They want to feel how people in the past have negotiated its channels. They want other voices in their heads so they can possess the ultimate power, which is the power of facing unpleasant truths.

Finally, I think they talk to the dead because they want to widen their time horizons....Think hard about who you marry. It's the most important decision you will ever make. Devote yourself to your kids. Nothing else is guaranteed to make you happy. The only thing I'd add is, create a posse of dead people. Create an entourage of heroes. Put their pictures on your wall, and keep them in your mind.

They will remind you of your place in the hidden river of wisdom. They'll serve as models. They'll give you an honest perspective on how you're doing. They'll remind you that your blessings don't come from you but from those who came before you.
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november 2009 by jerryking
Rich vs. King in the Real World: Why I sold my company
Rich vs. King in the Real World: Why I sold my company

by Jason on October 19, 2009 ·
exits  start_ups  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  strategy  blog  software  in_the_real_world 
october 2009 by jerryking
GARDENING - Times Topics Blog -
September 2, 2009 | NYT Blog | By Michael Tortorello
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september 2009 by jerryking
Bad career advice: Do what you love | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist
Bad career advice: Do what you love
Posted to: Finding a career | Fulfillment
December 18th, 2007
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may 2009 by jerryking
Blog It and They May Come -
Aug. 20, 2007 WSJ article by Sarah E. Needleman on how small
businesses are turning to blogging as a useful tool, despite the
investment in time required.
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february 2009 by jerryking

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