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Strange bedfellows
The Forecast 2017 - Magazine | Monocle

Despite the rise of Airbnb striking fear into the hearts of hoteliers, small independent hotels can co-exist with the homestay giant – but they have to be smart about it.We highlight a few intelligent examples and look to the future of the city stay.
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november 2018 by jerryking
Travel Agents? No. Travel ‘Designers’ Create Strategies, Not Trips. - The New York Times

Affluent travelers are turning to travel designers, whose services go beyond booking trips to managing travel portfolios.....a subset of travel planners — they prefer the term travel designers — who do far more than simply book trips. They manage the travel portfolios of their affluent clients, mapping out a schedule that might, over a year, include mother-daughter weekends in the Caribbean, father-son heli-skiing, a romantic husband-and-wife weekend getaway and an elaborate summer trip for the whole family.....A high level of planning and involvement “is part of an emerging market where there are people who have more money than time and want expertise,” ..... For example, he said, “a traditional travel agent wouldn’t know to ask questions like ‘what’s the smallest plane you’d be willing to fly on?’”

Such clients,...may not be price sensitive, but are highly sensitive to perceived slights. “Someone I know professionally,” he said, “went on a trip to a remote location and was served frozen orange juice, and told me he would never use his travel designer again because he expected fresh juice.”

Often, long-range planning is a practical necessity. Some of the most sought-after lodges and boutique hotels have limited own take, a caveat, is that it is unclear whether the degree of planning involved leaves room for serendipity (See Add Uncertainty to Your Financial Plans -
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july 2017 by jerryking
Drake expectations: How Jeff Stober is going big with design
Sep. 28 2013 | The Globe and Mail| ALEX BOZIKOVIC

Drake One Fifty shows the scope of Mr. Stober’s ambition, for his businesses and for the unusual design sensibility that sets them apart. This is a restaurant, but it is also a brand extension: “Drake without beds,” as Mr. Stober puts it. Will it work on Bay Street?...Mr. Stober’s credos, and it has turned this former IT-industry entrepreneur into a hospitality impresario and, he is hoping, a Toronto ambassador of design.

At some point, the Drake style became a brand and the heart of a business. The enterprise includes Drake One Fifty, the hotel, three retail stores, and as of April another hotel, Drake Devonshire, in Prince Edward County, designed by Mr. Tong’s office. All carry a blend of materials and products that evoke urban thrift-shop Canadiana with hints of Europe and a big dash of Brooklyn.

After that comes an expansion of the original Drake Hotel that will add about 20 rooms and new event space, and then, Mr. Stober hopes, a hotel-restaurant-cultural venue, taking over an entire building in “a fabulous American city.” (Mr. Stober has a second home in Manhattan.)
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october 2013 by jerryking
A Man Obsessed
September 9, 2009 | WSJ Magazine| by Patrick Barta. Profile
of Adrian Zecha, founder of Amanresorts, one of the world’s most
luxurious hotel brands.
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november 2009 by jerryking

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