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The Heat Is On for Farmers -
Nov. 20, 2013 | WSJ | By Neena Rai.

Ongoing extreme weather shocks are threatening global food security: Agricultural harvests are now more prone to drastic variations in size, making food prices increasingly volatile...The sharp increase in 2013 cereal production is due to a rebound in the U.S. corn crop and record wheat harvests in countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States. World rice production in 2013 is also expected to grow.

Global cereal stocks are thus anticipated to increase 13% this year to 564 million metric tons. Wheat and rice stocks are projected to rise, by 7% and 3% respectively, said the FAO...."In the last decade, food prices have been highly erratic and we have never seen such instability before," says Bruce Campbell, director of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security. "There are a number of causes, but an important one relates to the weather, where drought or heat hits a major food-producing region of the world. "I think the extremes we have seen in the last few years are here to stay," he warns.... Raju Agarwal, executive director of OneProsper International, an Ottawa-based charity, which distributes drip-irrigation kits to Indian farmers.....While boosting crop production and improving access to food are key to ensuring global food security, in developed nations a more efficient use of available food could also help to feed the hungry. Even small, easy acts by consumers and retailers could dramatically cut the 1.3 billion metric tons of food wasted each year world-wide, the U.N. has said. It claims approximately one-third of all food produced, worth around $1 trillion, is wasted or lost in the food production process.
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The World's Hottest Commodities Are In Your Cereal Bowl
February 16, 2008 | Globe and Mail pg. B4 | JOE FRIESEN AND MARCUS GEE
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What breakfast cereal will help me lose weight? - The Globe and Mail
LESLIE BECK | Columnist profile | E-mail
Special to Globe and Mail Update
Published Tuesday, Mar. 06, 2012
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Ready for crunch time
Feb. 10, 2009 G&M article by RASHA MOURTADA on finding a
strong investor was the key ingredient for the growth of a Quebec
gourmet granola company
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