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A preacher for Trump’s America: Joel Osteen and the prosperity gospel
APRIL 18, 2019 | Financial Times | Edward Luce in Houston.

Optimism, hope, destiny, harvest, bounty — these are Lakewood’s buzzwords. Prosperity too. Words that are rarely heard include guilt, shame, sin, penance and hell. Lakewood is not the kind of church that troubles your conscience.....the market share of US churches run by celebrity prosperity preachers such as Osteen, Creflo Dollar (sic), Kenneth Copeland and Paula White keeps growing. Three out of four of the largest megachurches in America subscribe to the prosperity gospel. Formal religion in the US has been waning for years. Almost a quarter of Americans now profess to having none. Among the Christian brands, only “non-denominational charismatics” — a scholarly term for the prosperity preachers — are expanding.......About the only book that Trump is known to have read from cover to cover is The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, the grandfather of the prosperity gospel. It has sold five million copies since it was published in 1952. His message is that the more you give to God, the more he will give back in return......The prosperity gospel is all about harvesting the seed. The more money you plant in God’s church, the greater your heavenly bounty. Wealth is a mark of God’s benevolence. Poverty is a sign of godlessness...........The more you consider Lakewood’s business model, the more it seems like a vehicle to redistribute money upwards — towards heaven, perhaps — rather than to those who most need it. Like all religious charities, Lakewood is exempt from taxes. All donations to it are tax deductible. It has never been audited by the IRS......On the left, the prosperity gospel is attacked for encouraging reckless spending by those who can least afford it. Among Lakewood’s night classes is Own Your Dream Home. Leaps of financial faith fit into Osteen’s view that God will always underwrite true believers.
.......Some of the home repossessions in the 2008 crash were blamed on irresponsible advice from the prosperity churches, which are concentrated in the Sun Belt. In her book Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel, Kate Bowler says the churches have created a “deification and ritualisation” of the American dream.......people who are depressed should shun the company of other depressed people.... Addicts must steer clear of other addicts. The poor should avoid others who are poor.......“If you’re struggling in your finances, get around blessed people, generous people, people who are well off,” Osteen advises. Misery loves company, he says. Avoid miserable people.........Osteen’s idea of whether God would have hesitated before creating the universe. “He didn’t check with accounting and say, ‘I am about to create the stars, galaxies and planets,’” says Osteen. He just went ahead and did it. All that is holding the rest of us back is a lack of self-belief: “God spoke worlds into creation,”
........The more one listens to Osteen, the harder it is to shut out Trump. Their mutual guru, Norman Vincent Peale...Believe in yourself like others believe in their product, was Peale's message. “Stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding,” wrote Peale. “Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade.”
.........People often ask why so many blue-collar Americans still support Trump in spite of his failure to transform their economic prospects. They might need to widen their aperture. To many Americans, Trump’s wealth and power are proof of God’s favour. That alone is a reason to support him.
abundance  blue-collar  books  churches  Christianity  Donald_Trump  economic_downturn  Edward_Luce  Joel_Osteen  leaps_of_faith  mega-churches  pastors  positive_thinking  prosperity_gospel  religion  the_American_Dream  self-belief  tithing 
april 2019 by jerryking
Drop It - Joel Osteen - YouTube
Drop it, Leave it. Let it go (God's in control). Life's too short to carry around negative baggage. Your destiny is too important, your time too valuable to go through the day weighted down by offence, guilt, disappointment, and hurts. Don't give in to temptation to pick it back up.
churches  forgiveness  grace  Joel_Osteen  mega-churches  pastors  positive_thinking  prosperity_gospel 
april 2018 by jerryking
How to Handle Growing Pains In Your Church
February 20, 2014
How to Handle Growing Pains In Your Church
By Pastor Rick Warren

"There is no growth without change. And there is no change without loss. And there is no loss without pain. "
growth  churches  quotes  Rick_Warren  pain_points  organizational_change  tradeoffs 
june 2016 by jerryking
Black Church Is Target Again for Deadly Strike at the Heart - The New York Times

in those years after Emancipation is what the African-American scholar W. E. B. Du Bois and others have described as the “first social institution fully controlled by black men in America.” Black churches ran schools, offered burial assistance and served as clearinghouses for information about jobs, social happenings and politics. More than just spiritual homes, they embodied their communities’ growing political aspirations.

And before long, they became targets.

In 1963, a bomb tore through the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., killing four girls. Black churches have long been a site of racist attacks.

In the fall of 1870, as the Ku Klux Klan battled to return African-Americans to subservience, nearly every black church in Tuskegee, Ala., was engulfed in flames. Ninety-three years later, as the civil rights movement gained momentum, a bomb blast killed four young girls in a black church in Birmingham, Ala., that was a well-known meeting place for movement leaders....In the 19th century, these centers of worship, small and large, rural and urban, stone and ramshackle, became vital community engines. More than 100 of the first black men to be elected to legislative office in the United States were ministers, according to Eric Foner, a Columbia University history professor known for his expertise in the Reconstruction era.

During segregation, churches became places where black men and women found leadership opportunities denied to them by white society.
clearinghouses  Charleston_shootings  African-Americans  churches  Civil_War  KKK  institutions  social_institutions  history  violence  Reconstruction  segregation  leadership  leadership_development  W.E.B._Du_Bois  19th_century 
june 2015 by jerryking
Fighting fires with data: How killing the long-form census hurt community planning - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, May. 14 2014

Most people use the company’s data in conjunction with a mapping tool and segmentation analysis, which sorts the population into lifestyle categories such as “Middleburg Managers” and “Young Digerati,” to better understand their habits and tastes. A library, for example, found that despite having a large population of senior citizens, programs advertised to “seniors” were a bust. Having looked more closely at their income and lifestyle data, they targeted the same group as “mature adults” and had much more success.

“Often, the real power is in the melding of the data. They know things about their users, but not their neighbourhood, then they marry them,” said Doug Norris, chief demographer at Environics Analytics.

Robert Dalgleish, an executive director at the United Church of Canada, is eagerly awaiting new data sorted down to the DA level. He said more than 500 local congregations in the church use this kind of data to better understand the areas they inhabit. One puzz-ling finding was that for every identified member of the United Church in a congregation, there are nine others living within a few kilometres who never attend a service.

“The data doesn’t give us answers, but it gives us really good questions,” Mr. Dalgleish said. “It really allows congregations to drill down into their communities.”
Joe_Friesen  demographic_changes  data  mapping  local  data_melding  neighbourhoods  market_segmentation  analytics  churches  Statistics_Canada  firefighting  Environs  customer_segmentation 
june 2014 by jerryking
Barna Research Group to aid 'Igniting Ministry' effort

Igniting Ministry research will likely involve four main areas of inquiry:
· Discover a profile of the people in the target audience. What makes them tick emotionally and spiritually? What are their felt needs? Have they attended Christian churches? What baggage has been created by those experiences?
· Measure awareness of the United Methodist Church. What impressions do people have of the church compared to other denominations?
· Identify possible themes and messages for the campaign. What would be most compelling, believable, unique? What would be most effective in convincing people to visit a United Methodist church?
· Assess viewers' media habits. What percentage of the target audience has cable or satellite TV service? How many hours per week do people in the group watch television? What magazines do they subscribe to?
churches  marketing 
january 2013 by jerryking
Risk Management and Religious Organizations
Melding Practicality and Spirituality in a Risk Management Program
by Jeff Hanna
risk-management  churches 
january 2013 by jerryking
Beyond strategic control: Applying the Balanced Scorecard to a Religious Organization
2001 | Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing |John C Keyt.

Kaplan and Norton (1992) have provided a framework to link control to an organization 's vision - the balanced scorecard. This approach provides measures in four areas: 1. customer, 2. internal business, 3. innovation and learning, and 4. financial. This article provides a starting point in adapting this method to a church by looking at four measurement perspectives: 1. members/attenders, 2. internal ministry processes, 3. ministering, and 4. innovation and learning. An example is then developed using a church's mission and vision statement.
balanced_scorecard  churches  religion  frameworks  nonprofit  best_practices 
january 2013 by jerryking
Appealing to the unchurched: What attracts new members?
2002 | Journal of Nonproñt & Public Sector Marketing | by Barbara Carrick Coleman.

With an increase in competition, churches cannot afford to try to be all things to all people. Successful churches will target specific age segments and tailor their programs to appeal to members of those segments. Moreover, the importance of word-of­mouth cannot be overstated. Personal contact is the most persuasive means of attracting new members. Social programs that
welcome visitors are another means of attracting them to weekly services. In addition, the physical environment of the church also impacts individuals' first impressions and motivates them to act. Of the mass media, listings in the Yellow Pages are essential. Messages that are placed in mass media vehicles should focus on people issues, such as opportunities to meet and share common concems and interests.
churches  marketing  Word-of-mouth  target_marketing  memberships  religion 
january 2013 by jerryking
An 'Ordinary Radical' and His Call to Action -
February 7, 2006 | WSJ| By PAUL BESTON.

By Shane Claiborne
(Zondervan, 367 pages, $12.99)
book_reviews  Christianity  churches  poverty 
january 2013 by jerryking
A Shift in Black Christianity as Harvard Installs a Minister -
Published: November 11, 2012

“This pulpit can be an important bully pulpit, and Peter Gomes used it in that way,” Lawrence H. Mamiya, a professor at Vassar College and an author of “The Black Church in the African American Experience,” wrote in an e-mail. “Given the climate of academic freedom on campus, the Pusey minister also has a greater degree of independence than most clergy to speak out on controversial issues.” ... Black ministers and theologians of Mr. Walton’s generation have inherited an African-American church trying to serve both the entrenched poor and the upwardly mobile educated class. It is also pulled between the liberation theology most notably articulated by Dr. King and the so-called health-and-wealth gospel promoted by contemporary megachurch pastors like the Rev. T. D. Jakes.

Mr. Walton criticized that approach in his book about black televangelists, “Watch This!” His Harvard pulpit, he said, will also afford him a forum for registering such concerns.
African-Americans  Harvard  churches  Christianity  appointments 
november 2012 by jerryking
Guns, gangs and Boston's miracle: Article from Canada - THR
Guns, gangs and Boston's miracle

DATE: 2005.11.24
Margaret_Wente  Eugene_Rivers  churches  Boston 
august 2012 by jerryking
Guns, gangs and Boston's miracle & Race is the elephant in the room
November 24, 2005 | G& M | Margaret Wente.

Mr. Rivers argues the black middle class has failed its poor by refusing to confront the cultural catastrophes that sweep boys into thug life. First, there's father absence, which leaves them unmoored and out of control. "The failure of black men to discipline their sons has created a generation of de facto orphans." Next, there are the toxic messages of gangsta rap that glorify outlaw life.

Gangsta rap and hip-hop -- which have spread to the slums of Paris,
Brixton and Rio -- moved into the void left by the decline of the
civil-rights movement. "The globalization of thug life," he says, "is
the direct result of the failure of the black middle class to engage
the crisis of the underclass." Tough words....Boston's anti-crime initiative has three legs: prevention, intervention
and enforcement. There are a lot of strategies to intervene with
high-risk kids before they turn into thugs. When it doesn't work, the
reverend is unequivocal about the consequences. "The thugs must be
locked up for a long time. They must be made an example of." One of his
challenges was to bring on board the people he calls the "hug-a-thug
liberals" -- those who see only victims, never criminals.

But he also challenged the law-and-order crowd -- the ones who see a
thug in every kid. All sides had to get past the rhetoric and focus on
what works. By now, there are strong networks among Boston's community
leaders, police and politicians; they regularly work together on crime
Margaret_Wente  pastors  Toronto  Eugene_Rivers  guns  gangs  Boston  fatherhood  African_Canadians  leadership  hip_hop  churches  voids  middle_class  African-Americans  thug_code  crisis  underclass  race  outlaws  toxic_behaviors 
august 2012 by jerryking
Black on Black HOPE
September 15, 2005 | The Caribbean Camera | Lennox Farell
Toronto  urban  African_Canadians  murders  violence  masculinity  teaching  churches  Afro-Caribbeans 
march 2012 by jerryking
Harry Jackson: The Churches of Cain and Obama -

The Churches of Cain and Obama
Theological differences between the two yield different understandings of the path to economic advancement.
Obama  Herman_Cain  churches 
november 2011 by jerryking
DeForest B. Soaries Jr.: After MLK—The New Challenge for Black Pastors -
Challenge for Black Pastors
Now that blacks have legal equality, it's up to churches and other civic
organizations to address their most pressing issues.
Today the quest for the right to vote has been replaced by the need to
motivate people to register and vote. The push to integrate schools has
been replaced by the need to motivate black students to strive for
academic excellence. The struggle for equal housing opportunities has
become a struggle to ensure that blacks learn how to live financially
responsible lives and recover from the foreclosure crisis. Whereas
King's goals were primarily about changing laws and influencing wider
public opinion, these current goals are primarily about individual
responsibility. Unfortunately, that distinction seems to have been
missed by the recently revived Conference of National Black Churches
African-Americans  challenges  churches  personal_responsibility  pastors 
january 2011 by jerryking
Churches Find End Is Nigh -
JANUARY 25, 2011
The Number of Religious Facilities Unable to Pay Their Mortgage Is Surging By SHELLY BANJO
real_estate  churches 
january 2011 by jerryking
DeForest B. Soaries Jr.: Black Churches and the Prosperity Gospel -
OCT. 1, 2010 |WSJ| by DEFOREST B. SOARIES JR. Traditionally,
black churches emphasized spiritual renewal, social justice, educational
uplift, community improvement & civic engagement in addition to
individual achievement. That the church was the locus for community
& personal advancement made it a powerful force for hope &
survival. Leaders like the late Dr. Samuel Proctor, pastor of the
Abyssinian Baptist Church, emphasized religious & secular education
as keys to economic progress. Proctor & others like him produced
strong institutions, not just a few fabulously wealthy individuals.
Given today's weak economy, the prosperity movement might consider
focusing on financial literacy, personal discipline & saving for the
long term, rather than emphasizing supernatural possibilities.
Depending on miracles as a financial strategy is a dangerous way to
live. Churches can be effective in teaching people how to convert from a
culture of borrowing & spending to a culture of saving &
African-Americans  churches  leadership  institutions  savings  financial_literacy  pastors  self-discipline  investing  weak_economy  prosperity_gospel 
october 2010 by jerryking
Autumn 2010 | From INTELLIGENT LIFE Magazine | By Ann Wroe
When a cathedral needs a new stained-glass window, Tom Denny’s telephone
rings. Ann Wroe watches him at work on a major commission ...
glass  artisan_hobbies_&_crafts  churches 
september 2010 by jerryking
On Religion - Call and Response on the State of the Black Church -
April 16, 2010 | New York Times | By SAMUEL G. FREEDMAN. In
the conventional wisdom that accompanied the popular imagery, the Black
Church was regarded by insider and outsider, by ally and opponent, as a
fount of progressive politics expressed through the prophetic tradition
of Moses, Amos, Isaiah and Jesus.

Now a young scholar has taken a rhetorical wrecking ball to the
monolith, and the reverberations are rippling through religious and
academic circles of African-Americans. To mix the metaphor, the broader
public has been allowed to eavesdrop on the theological equivalent of a
black barbershop, a place of glorious disputation that is usually kept
out of white earshot.
African-Americans  religion  churches 
april 2010 by jerryking
Earning Commissions on 'The Great Commission' -
NOV. 12, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by ROB MOLL. Missionary
activity is in decline because of the a growing number
of missionaries—many of them working outside traditional missionary
organizations—are taking their business skills and starting for-profit
companies in the mission fields. "The Business as Mission movement began
in the 1990s"..."much of the movement is still informal, led by
individual entrepreneurs. Because many business owners work outside of
traditional mission agencies, it can be hard to quantify their numbers."
So what does success mean for a business mission? "I measure success a
couple of ways," says Mr. Martin. "One is how much profit I have to give
toward ministry. How many pastors buy our flash drive [with digital
libraries] and how many people use our Web resources." While advanced
economies question capitalism, Christians who work in LDCs see how
essential business is to provide jobs, healthcare, build communities and
even minister to souls.
christianity  entrepreneurship  themes  inspiration  start_ups  churches  nonprofit  mission-driven 
february 2010 by jerryking
King's College Chapel, Cambridge, England | Masterpiece by Julia Vitullo-Martin -
DECEMBER 19, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by JULIA
VITULLO-MARTIN. King's College Chapel in Cambridge, England, is the
product of an extraordinary combination of royal commitment, turbulent
religious politics, violent civil wars, vicious labor disputes, superb
medieval craftsmanship, and engineering that has never been replicated
and is still not fully understood today. The historian Francis Woodman,
author of "The Architectural History of King's College Chapel," calls it
"the English building of the late Middle Ages, every element capturing
the artistic and political revolution of its time."
architecture  Cambridge  churches  history  medieval  Middle_Ages  United_Kingdom 
january 2010 by jerryking
Tribute to a Tortured Soul Singer -
November 19, 2008| The Wall Street Journal | by Jesse Drucker

Profile of soul singer, Overton Vertis Wright, a.k.a O.V. Wright.
soul  singers  music  tributes  R&B  churches  obituaries 
april 2009 by jerryking
Top-Selling Pastor Goes Quarterly -
JANUARY 27, 2009 WSJ article by RUSSELL ADAMS on pastor Rick Warren's JV w. Readers Digest to launch Purpose Driven Connection.
christianity  evangelicalism  Rick_Warren  business_development  magazines  social_networking  churches 
january 2009 by jerryking
Rev. Wright Takes Battle to His Critics -
April 29, 2008 article detailing Rev. Jeremiah Wright's
rebutting criticisms of his comments. Suggested questions about his
patronage posed "an attack on the black church"
Obama  religion  African-Americans  Rev._Jeremiah_Wright  churches 
january 2009 by jerryking

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