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A failure in generalship
May 2007 | Armed Forces Journal | By Lt. Col. Paul Yingling.

Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz noted that passion, probability and policy each play their role in war....generals must provide policymakers and the public with a correct estimation of strategic probabilities. The general is responsible for estimating the likelihood of success in applying force to achieve the aims of policy...“Learning to Eat Soup With a Knife,” by John Nagl
leadership  politics  war  warfare  strategy  strategic_thinking  organizational_culture  civilian-military_relations  Prussian  books  Carl_von_Clausewitz  generalship  probabilities  contextual  militaries  policymakers  policymaking 
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Fort Leavenworth and the Eclipse of Nationhood - 96.09
September 1996 | The Atlantic | by Robert D. Kaplan.

Here historical precedent rules. Officers study previous battles and
interventions, and the political circumstances surrounding them, the way
law students study torts. The underlying message is that knowledge of
the past helps foresight, and those with foresight accrue power....."The
military," Major Kellett-Forsyth told me, "is in the nation-state
world. The media represents the postmodern, or transnational world.
Overseas, [U.S. soldiers] sit down with each other. The American media
sits down with foreign journalists: that's its socialization group."
U.S._Army  Robert_Kaplan  military_academies  foresight  civilian-military_relations  think_tanks  far-sightedness  historical_precedents 
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Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach obituary
26 April 2011 | The Guardian | Dan van der Vat. "She was
undoubtedly seeking positive factual data on which to make her own mind
up. Could we do it, against all the risks we'd discussed? I said, yes we
could and, in my judgment, we should – which was not my business. That
was a political matter.

"She was on to that in a flash. 'Why do you say that?' I said if we
don't, or if we do it half-heartedly and are not completely successful,
we should be living in a different country which counts for very much
less [in the world]." It was the turning point, not only of the meeting
but of the entire Falklands crisis. As Nott admitted in the same
programme, Leach's intervention "helped our self-confidence in a very
difficult situation", even if it had been typical "Nelsonian gung-ho"
maritime  Royal_Navy  obituaries  civilian-military_relations  Margaret_Thatcher  turning_points 
may 2011 by jerryking
Op-Ed Contributor - Lose a General, Win a War -
June 23, 2010 | New York Times | By THOMAS E. RICKS. FOR
most of the U.S.'s history, the armed services have had a strong and
worthy tradition of firing generals who get out of line....If President
Obama is to be faulted, it is for leaving that group in position after
it became apparent last fall that the men could not work well together.

No policy can be successful if those sent to put it in place undermine
one another with snide comments to reporters and leaked memorandums like
the cable disparaging Mr. Karzai written by Ambassador Karl Eikenberry
last year. For this reason, the president should finish cleaning house
and fire Ambassador Eikenberry and the special envoy, Richard Holbrooke.
Obama  Stanley_McChrystal  U.S._military  U.S._Navy  WWII  leadership  firings  U.S._Army  civilian-military_relations  generalship  warfare  war 
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