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Direct Investment in Emerging Companies -- A Different Game
Direct Investment in Emerging Companies -- A Different Game
Dawson, David CView Profile; Collons, Rodger DView Profile. Journal of the American Society of CLU & ChFC40. 6 (Nov 1986):

Successful venture-capital investing demands expertise in assessing business plans and especially the ability of the management team to execute them. To participate in quality deals, the investor must have a plan, a clear commitment, and a high level of credibility. A successful investment plan should focus on 3 or 4 broad investment areas. Prospective investors usually communicate their plans to the venture capital community by publishing their screening and investment criteria. Typical screening criteria relate to: 1. technical investment areas, 2. geography, 3. resource requirements, and 4. size of business. Investment criteria may relate to the total amount to commit, the timing of investments, and the amount to invest in each situation. Once the investment plan and program have been developed, investment selection, management, and monitoring begin. There must be procedures in place to perform the following functions on an ongoing basis: 1. investment evaluation, 2. assessment of co-investors, 3. follow up on investment, and 4. board representation.
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Equity co-investment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An equity co-investment (or co-investment) is a minority
investment, made directly into an operating company, alongside a
financial sponsor or other private equity investor, in a leveraged
buyout, recapitalization or growth capital transaction. In certain
circumstances, venture capital firms may also seek co-investors.
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Opportunities & traps for angels co-invesitng with VC's.
31. October 2008 | 7th EBAN Winter University, Luxembourg | Nicolas Berg, Redalpine Venture Partners
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The Art Of Syndicating Your Deal
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel® | by Doug Warner and Rocio Clausen
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Parallel perfects art of co-investment
09 Sept. 2002 | Dow Jones Online Financial News | William Hutchings.
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Venture firms told to invest together
Aug 10, 2000 | The Globe and Mail pg. B.3 | by Elizabeth Church.
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