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Boomerang Employees -

Boomerang Employees
More Companies Tap Into Alumni Networks to Re-Recruit Best of Former Workers
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october 2011 by jerryking
Many corporations are not prepared to institutionalize
corporate entrepreneurship. There are no benchmarks, metrics or
performance criteria for corporate entrepreneurship. Many executives do
not know why new initiatives succeed or fail. A failure rate of fifty
percent for new initiatives is deemed acceptable.
stage-gate  attrition_rates  intrapreneurship  corporate  failure  filetype:pdf  media:document  success_rates  criteria  new_businesses  new_products  large_companies  brands  metrics  benchmarking  kill_rates 
april 2010 by jerryking / Management - The corporate memory-makers
January 11 2010 | Financial Times | By Alicia Clegg. From a
communications perspective, say enthusiasts, the combination of
technology and storytelling creates all kinds of possibilities for
businesses to bring their brands imaginatively to life as well as to
pass knowledge and skills from one generation of employees to the next.
Through the retelling of veterans’ memories, companies hope to build
stronger, more successful, cultures.
archives  business_archives  business_history  commemoration  corporate  heritage  historians  history  organizational_culture  storytelling 
january 2010 by jerryking
Four kinds of corporate innovation
THE FOUR KINDS OF CORPORATE INNOVATION. Corporate innovation can be divided into four categories:

1. customer oriented innovation
2. product innovation
3. process innovation
4. strategic innovation
corporate  innovation  taxonomy  product_innovation  process_improvements  product-orientated 
june 2009 by jerryking
Making Sense of Corporate Venture Capital
Mar 1, 2002 | Harvard Business Review | by Author(s): Henry W. Chesbrough
HBS  corporate  venture_capital  howto 
june 2009 by jerryking
A Note on Corporate Venture Capital
Sept. 18, 2000 | Harvard Business Online | Author(s): Josh Lerner Length: 6p
HBS  corporate  venture_capital  howto 
june 2009 by jerryking
Companies Corral Staff for In-house Brainstorming
March 12, 2009, 5:00PM EST | Business Week | By Reena Jana

Best Buy, Whirlpool, and others sequester workers to live and think
together in hopes they'll hatch ideas for the real (corporate) world.
Perhaps cross-pollinate Web 2.0 folks + traditional Canadian industries.
corporate  intrapreneurship  dormitories  residences  brainstorming  idea_generation 
march 2009 by jerryking
The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition
DECEMBER 2005 :: SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY By Christopher Rhoads
Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal.
culture  tips  change  corporate  motorola 
february 2009 by jerryking
Battle Stations - Sunoco's Peter Whatnell talks about how IT departments can help their companies succeed in tough times
Dec. 8, 2008 WSJ interview of Sunoco's Peter Whatnell by Ben
Worthen. The source of competitive advantage is knowing how IT can help
your business. You should to be able to ask any CIO: Are you able to
describe in three minutes or less how your company makes money? To me
that's where it starts. And the answer isn't "we're in retail" or "we're
in the insurance business" or "we're an oil company," because everyone
is in retail or the insurance business or is an oil company.....We have three measures when we are looking to approve a project: First, what does this project do to support the company's strategy. The second is what is the business case. And the third is around risk. One of the components we look at under risk is organizational change. The more change that a project would introduce, the more risky we consider the project. That doesn't mean that you don't do it, but the attention you give to the change-management activities has to be far higher.
information  technology  competitive_advantage  Ben_Worthen  change_management  change  Sunoco  think_threes  corporate  CIOs  IT  hard_times  value_creation  organizational_change  risk-assessment 
february 2009 by jerryking - Business Solutions: How to Decide? Create a Market
June 19, 2006 WSJ article by Michael Totty on the growing usage of prediction markets for internal corporate decision making.
social_networking  corporate  decision_making  analytics  prediction_markets 
january 2009 by jerryking

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