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The Rise of Backyard Biotech - Magazine - The Atlantic
The Rise of Backyard Biotech
Powered by social networking, file sharing, and e-mail, a new cottage industry is bringing niche drugs to market.

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may 2011 by jerryking
20 Small Businesses of the Future: Privacy Protection Firm
Nov. 5, 2010 | BusinessWeek |

Privacy Protection Firm
The Idea: Your private info at risk

Stage: The need for data protection and reputation management growing

From credit-card numbers to photos from the latest kegger, more private
information is online than ever before. Businesses need to protect that
information, and individuals need to be careful with it. Mike Spinney, a
privacy expert in Townsend, Mass., says states are only now beginning
to pass laws that require companies to have written security plans to
prevent data breach. Beyond data, a cottage industry is developing in
the field of reputation management. "The bad things we do online can be
seen by just about anybody," says Spinney. "The good things you do
online can be your social media résumé, as it were. But you don't want
an impertinent comment on Facebook to be the difference between landing,
or not landing, a job."
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november 2010 by jerryking
Facing Budget Gaps, Cities Sell Parking, Airports, Zoos, Other Assets -
AUGUST 23, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By IANTHE JEANNE DUGAN.

The privatization trend is being spurred by a cottage industry of consultants, lawyers and bankers. Allen & Overy, a New York law firm, dubs it "rescue investing" and recently provided investors a booklet on "jurisdictions of opportunity"—municipalities whose laws, budget woes and credit ratings make them most likely to make deals [jk: unexploited_resources ].

"More public-private partnerships for public infrastructure in the U.S. have reached commercial and financial close than during any comparable period in U.S. history," the booklet says.
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august 2010 by jerryking

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