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Firms Like TechShop Offer Inventors Access to High-End Tools -
June 10, 2013 | WSJ | By GEOFFREY A. FOWLER.

Build a Better Mousetrap—Fast
New facilities let entrepreneurs create physical products at speeds and costs that were once unthinkable
entrepreneur  Kickstarter  crowd_funding  3-D  manufacturers  start_ups 
june 2013 by jerryking
We should pay heed to the new faces in finance
June 1, 2013 | The Financial Times p.16| by John Authers.

For five years now, we have dwelled on the problems of the old finance. The efforts of financiers, politicians and regulators have been gea...
finance  innovation  M-Pesa  future  start_ups  mobile_payments  crowdsourcing  Kickstarter  peer-to-peer  crossborder  digital_currencies  crowd_funding  fin-tech 
june 2013 by jerryking
P&G, General Mills Tap Into Startups -
February 15, 2013 | WSJ | By LORA KOLODNY.

P&G, General Mills Tap Into Startups
Alliances With Crowdfunding Site CircleUp Allow Big Firms a New Look at Trends
Big_Food  P&G  General_Mills  consumer_goods  large_companies  start_ups  crowd_funding 
february 2013 by jerryking
Tips for attracting equity investors on crowd-funding sites -
November 8, 2012 | WSJ |By JAVIER ESPINOZA.

Join the Crowd. Sell Some Stock. Tips for attracting equity investors to crowd-funding sites.
(1) Dangle rewards.
(2) Show, don't just tell.
(3) Build your contact book.
(4) Get some press coverage.
crowd_funding  tips  web_video  public_relations  funding 
january 2013 by jerryking
Companies close to home need your help
Nov. 2, 2011 | The Financial Times p12.| Luke Johnson.

Two recent books, independently published on either side of the Atlantic, have each drawn parallels between the "slow food" movement and the idea of investing locally. The slow food concept was pioneered in Italy in 1986, to champion small-scale producers and regional ingredients, as a backlash against global fast-food operators such as McDonald's. Now this philosophy is being extended to the financial sector.

The British title is Slow Finance: why investment miles matter by Gervais Williams,
The US book is Locavesting: the revolution in local investing and how to profit from it , by Amy Cortese.

the City of London is largely failing as a provider of capital for British business. The new-issue market for domestic companies has almost disappeared in recent years - all the activity is in trading second-hand shares and floating overseas companies like mining concerns from Africa or Russia. So if mainstream investing institutions such as pension funds are not backing British enterprise, then individuals should look to channel their savings directly into local ventures. For just as a society that won't reproduce commits a form of suicide, so if we fail to invest in our own industries, then we face inevitable economic decline.
local  locavore  investing  books  crowd_funding  Luke_Johnson  microproducers  slow_food  backlash  investors  economic_decline  London  small-scale  finance  funding  fin-tech  decline 
november 2011 by jerryking

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