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Data markets aren't coming. They're already here
26 January 2011 | O'Reilly Radar| by Julie Steele.

Jud Valeski is cofounder and CEO of Gnip, a social media data provider
that aggregates feeds from sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr,
delicious, and others into one API.

Jud will be speaking at Strata next week on a panel titled "What's Mine
is Yours: the Ethics of Big Data Ownership."
Find out more about growing business of data marketplaces at a "Data
Marketplaces" panel with Ian White of Urban Mapping, Peter Marney of
Thomson Reuters and Dennis Yang of Infochimps.

What do you wish more people understood about data markets and/or the
way large datasets can be used?

Jud Valeski: First, data is not free, and there's always someone out
there that wants to buy it. As an end-user, educate yourself with how
the content you create using someone else's service could ultimately be
used by the service-provider. Second, black markets are a real problem,
and just because "everyone else is doing it" doesn't mean it's okay.
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may 2011 by jerryking
New rules for big data
Feb 27, 2010 | The Economist Vol. 394, Iss. 8671; pg. 16 |
Anonymous. Now the information flows in an era of abundant data are
changing the relationship between technology and the role of the state
once again. Many of today's rules look increasingly archaic. Privacy
laws were not designed for networks. Rules for document retention
presume paper records. And since all the information is interconnected,
it needs global rules. New principles for an age of big data sets will
need to cover six broad areas: privacy, security, retention, processing,
ownership and the integrity of information.
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march 2010 by jerryking

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