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The Canadian connection to P&G’s 'Like a Girl' campaign - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Feb. 02 2015
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Advice I Want to Tell My Daughters | James Altucher | LinkedIn
James AltucherInfluencer
Entrepreneur, Started & sold several cos, Author 11 books (latest "The Power of No") , Angel Inv.,
Advice I Want to Tell My Daughters
August 15, 2014
advice  parenting  daughters  James_Altucher 
august 2014 by jerryking
Giving Good Praise to Girls: What Messages Stick
April 24, 2013 || MindShift |Katrina Schwartz |

This research suggests parents and educators should rethink what implicit and explicit messages are being sent to young girls about achievement.

If adults emphasize that all skills are learned through a process of engagement, value challenge and praise efforts to supersede frustration rather than only showing excitement over the right answer, girls will show resilience.... “Mother’s praise to their babies, one to three years of age, predicts that child’s mindset and desire for challenge five years later,” Dweck said. “It doesn’t mean it is set in stone, but it means that kind of value system — what you’re praising, what you say is important — it’s sinking in. And the kids who are getting this process praise, strategy and taking on hard things and sticking to them, those are the kids who want the challenge.” Dweck understands it isn’t easy to praise process and emphasize the fun in challenging situations. Kids like direct praise, but to Dweck lauding achievement is like feeding them junk food – it’s bad for them.

[RELATED READING: How Important is Grit in Student Achievement?]

An implicit argument here is that failure in small doses is good. [JCK: Nassim Nicholas Taleb's concept of antifragility] Dweck’s not the first person to make that argument; advocates of game-based learning say one of its strongest attributes lies in a player’s ability to fail and start over without being stigmatized. Students learn as they go, getting better each time they attempt a task in the game. But the current education system leaves little room for failure, and consequently anxious parents often don’t tolerate small setbacks either.

“If you have little failures along the way and have them understand that’s part of learning, and that you can actually derive useful information about what to do next, that’s really useful,” Dweck said.

She believes families should sit around the dinner table discussing the day’s struggles and new strategies for attacking the problem. In life no one can be perfect, and learning to view little failures as learning experiences, or opportunities to grow could be the most valuable lesson of all.
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april 2014 by jerryking
Papa, Don't Preach: Why Some Fathers Don't Relate to Their Daughters -

How do I look at women? Do I comment on their weight or attractiveness? What message does my behavior send to my daughter?

The session, part of a fathering conference sponsored by the group "Dads Empowered," was a reminder that these are precarious times for father/daughter relationships. Reams of research show that girls who are close to their dads are less likely to be promiscuous, develop eating disorders, drop out of school or commit suicide.
fatherhood  parenting  Jeffrey_Zaslow  relationships  daughters 
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My two girls: A father who has one of his daughters in private school, the other in public, worries about them both, for different reasons
A father who has one of his daughters in private school, the other in public, worries about them both, for different reasons;
Oct 30, 2000 | National Post pg. D.1.FRO |Tad Bradley*

Some parents believe in private schools; others are committed to the public system. Few straddle the fence -- or rather, have their brood on both sides.
ProQuest  fatherhood  parenting  schools  daughters  private_schools 
november 2011 by jerryking
Teaching Young Women to Brag
May 9,2007| WALL STREET Journal|Victoria E. Knight

Reference [Victoria E. Knight, Teaching Young Woman to Brag, WALL ST.J., May 9,2007, at B3 ]

In turn, women of Wall Street are joining groups like High Water Women out of a desire to go beyond checkbook philanthropy....Ms. Klaus explains the importance of framing accomplishments in an engaging way. This means telling a story that highlights accomplishments, passions and interests without descending into a boring laundry list of achievements blighted by overuse of the word Ì`.
advice  mentoring  disadvantages  leadership  women  networking  self-promotion  New_York_City  public_speaking  leadership_development  finance  Wall_Street  philanthropy  storytelling  coaching  praise  daughters  girls 
november 2011 by jerryking / Columnists / Lucy Kellaway - ‘No one wants to hire my clever daughter’
By Lucy Kellaway

January 9 2007 17:28 | Last updated: January 9 2007

No, there is no point in asking for feedback. Most interviewers can’t or won’t explain their decisions, and why should they? They are not running a careers advice service and giving reasons simply invites future lawsuits.
Oxford  public_relations  hiring  feedback  interviews  decision_making  daughters 
october 2011 by jerryking
Bridging the Gap Between Fathers, Adult Daughters
JUNE 15, 2010 | | By ELIZABETH BERNSTEIN. Finding Dad's Softer Side.
fatherhood  relationships  masculinity  daughters 
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