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As Alternative Energy Heats Up, Environmental Concerns Grow -
December 5, 2006 | WSJ | By PATRICK BARTA and JANE SPENCER

Crude Awakening
As Alternative Energy Heats Up, Environmental Concerns Grow
Crop of Renewable 'Biofuels' Could Have Drawbacks; Fires Across Indonesia
Palm-Oil Boom Ignites Debate
palm_oil  Indonesia  plantations  Malaysia  alternative_energy  deforestation 
december 2012 by jerryking
Swallowing Rain Forest, Brazilian Cities Surge in Amazon -
November 24, 2012 | NYT | By SIMON ROMERO.

The Amazon has been viewed for ages as a vast quilt of rain forest interspersed by remote river outposts. But the surging population growth of cities in the jungle is turning that rural vision on its head and alarming scientists, as an array of new industrial projects transforms the Amazon into Brazil’s fastest-growing region....Of the 19 Brazilian cities that the latest census indicates have doubled in population over the past decade, 10 are in the Amazon. Altogether, the region’s population climbed 23 percent from 2000 to 2010, while Brazil as a whole grew just 12 percent....The soaring population growth in some cities in the Amazon — called the “world’s last great settlement frontier” by Brian J. Godfrey, a geography professor at Vassar College who is the co-author of “Rainforest Cities” — is intensifying an urbanization that has been advancing for decades.
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november 2012 by jerryking

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