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Junk Mail Gets Personal -
January 23, 2013 | WSJ | By JOEL SCHECTMAN

Junk Mail Gets Personal
Big Data Is Helping Direct Marketers Refine Their Pitches.

While Americans are sending a third less mail than they did 10 years ago, the junk-mail business is staying afloat, thanks to changes in databases, computing power and available storage.

Using Big Data—a catchall phrase for a combination of analytic software and huge computer storage—direct marketers have been able to refine their pitches with a newly startling precision.

A decade ago, these companies might have had 10 pieces of information about each individual household. The new approach allows direct marketers to immediately comb through hundreds of sources of public and private data and assemble more specific demographics, such as young, upper middle-class families with teenage kids who like gadgets.

"Instead of taking a month, you're talking about sub-seconds, in some cases" to run a query on the data,... Jennifer Elwood, executive director of consumer marketing for charitable organization American Red Cross, said the melding of online personas and home addresses is the "holy grail" of direct mail because those profiles can provide clues about potential donors' concerns. That allows the organization to avoid donor fatigue by more carefully targeting people with a smaller number of requests.

Despite the organization's progress in the use of data analytics, tying data from online interactions with donors to snail-mail campaigns is still "a work in progress," Ms. Elwood said, and there is sometimes duplication between paper and online promotions.
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Quadrangle Capital Acquires GoodTimes Infomercial Firm -
February 10, 2003 | WSJ | By MARTIN PEERS.

Quadrangle Capital Acquires GoodTimes Infomercial Firm
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Ten ways to become a tenacious marketer -
Sep. 16, 2011 | G & M | RYAN CALIGIURI.

Here are 10 ways to become a more tenacious marketer:
(1) Test and benchmark. test different strategies and gauge what works best. One technique is called split testing.
(2) Always have a strategy. A strategy pts. you in the right direction & ensures your actions build to something.
(3) Always be on the lookout for revenue-generating opportunities.
(4) Be direct-response driven
(5) Get personal
(6) Get more out of a website.
(7) Deliver more value
(8) Show commitment
(9) Be driven by referrals
(10) Focus on the most likely buyers
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