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Goldman eyes expansion of investment banking
March 23, 2018 | FT | Ben McLannahan.

The contrasting fortunes of the rivals for the top spot suggest that Goldman sees no immediate turnround in trading, and in fixed-income trading in particular, where clients such as hedge funds have been reluctant to put on big trades in listless, directionless markets. Mr Blankfein noted on Friday that the entire industry had been hurting, as overall revenues roughly halved from their peak in 2009. But he said Goldman had “under-invested” in simpler products such as cash bonds, “which led to lower penetration with certain large asset managers and banks.”

The future is dealmaking, more relationships; they can’t just deal with the blue-chips and the next rung down

David Hendler, Viola Risk Advisors
The doubling down in investment banking suggests that Goldman is “going where the margins are,” said David Hendler, founder and principal of Viola Risk Advisors. “The future is dealmaking, more relationships; they can’t just deal with the blue-chips and the next rung down.”
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July 19: When society’s broken, and other letters to the editor - The Globe and Mail
july 19 2012 | G&M | David McInnis

Margaret Wente (Broken Families Caused This – July 18) shows courage and candour in naming fatherless families as one of the significant, if not precipitating, reasons for the rise in violence in Toronto’s low-income communities.

During a period of cultural studies in Kingston, Jamaica, a few years ago, I listened as academics discussed the role of “matrifocal” families as a contributing factor to the breakdown of social cohesion in that country. Matrifocal is not to be confused with matriarchal: In the latter, women have the power; in the former, they are a segment of the dispossessed.

Matrifocal societies are ones in which groupings of women, usually mothers with children of various paternities, grandmothers, even great-grandmothers all live under the same roof. They become the dominant model for family life. Males come and go as they choose, and usually contribute little if at all to the family’s maintenance, financially or emotionally.

In such families, not only do male children suffer from the lack of decisive and stable male role models, they are often subject to discrediting messages about and toward males by the female family members.

Small wonder young males growing up in such environments lack direction and are attracted to pseudo-families (gangs) that they falsely assume can provide them with a sense of self-respect.

We must surely find a way of supporting such families and the fragile and emerging egos of this vulnerable element in the population.

David McInnis, Ancaster, Ont.
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july 2012 by jerryking
For Many Entrepreneurs, Running the Show is Stressful -
JANUARY 10, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | by COLLEEN DEBAISE.
Work-related pressure can lead to a host of stress-induced problems:
headaches, sleepless nights, irritability, weight gain and lost
productivity, among others. The best method of combating
business-related stress is to plan. Entrepreneurs who haven't updated or
assembled their business plan (for more on business plans, click here)
can feel directionless, inefficient and overwhelmed— all of which
contribute to stress. Writing out even a simple plan can prevent
overload while also providing a viable road map to success.
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