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The country is frighteningly polarized. This is why.
June 15, 2017 | The Washington Post | By Fareed Zakaria Opinion.

in the past few decades, people began to define themselves politically less by traditional economic issues than by identity — gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation. I would add to this mix social class, something rarely spoken of in the United States but a powerful determinant of how we see ourselves. Last year’s election had a lot to do with social class, with non-college-educated rural voters reacting against a professional, urban elite.....Today, everything becomes fodder for partisanship....Zakaria criticizes America’s mostly liberal colleges for silencing views they deem offensive, arguing that it was bad for the students and the country. The same holds for conservatives who try to mount campaigns to defund art that they deem offensive.....Instead of trying to silence, excommunicate and punish, let’s look at the other side and try to listen, engage and, when we must, disagree.
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5 Ways Obama Could Lose in 2012 - Marc Ambinder - Politics - The Atlantic
May 26 2011 | The Atlantic | Marc Ambiner. Political advantages
are relative. No one, least of which his own staff, expects Obama to
win by 10 million votes again. He has proved too polarizing--or
incapable of extracting himself from the trap of polarization that
afflicts all modern presidents. That means we're in for, at most, an
election where the losing candidate grosses more than 60 million votes.
We think of game-changers as major events: one-time, snap-like,
existential interjections that swing millions. But game-changers are
better described as concentrated periods of political evolution with
demographic slices of the electorate. Or they can be
filters--constraints--that screen potential ballot casters with certain
allegiances from the voting pool. Most can't be predicted.

But here are some potential slow-motion game-changers that worry the
White House now:

1. Asia Erupts
2. Personal Income Slumps
3. Revenge of the Premiums
4. Turnout Doesn't Turn Out
5. He's a Disaster
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