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What women can learn from men - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Jul. 10, 2015

Here are a few things Maggie Wente admires about men:

Men get to the point....Men are direct. They don’t think emotions are all that interesting. Women are overly sensitive to emotions and tend to get all caught up in process.

Men don’t hold grudges.....Men just let it go (jk: forgiveness). They can get furiously angry with each other, and two weeks later they’re the best of friends. Women would be better off if we didn’t take stuff so personally.

Men externalize their failures....When men fail at something, they’re likely to blame it on their subordinates, their boss, market conditions, bad luck or sunspots. They seldom blame themselves (and if they do, they get over it). When women fail at something, they’re likely to conclude that they’re no good, and who were they kidding anyway?

Men are focused and persistent....they can’t multitask the way women do but they don’t get so distracted either.

Men have no problem being assertive....Research has found that most women will only apply for a promotion if they are 100-per-cent qualified for the job, and sometimes not even then. Men, on the other hand, will apply for a promotion just because they’re capable of breathing in and out.

Men are less complicated than women. -They don’t have to be in the mood to enjoy sex.
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july 2015 by jerryking
AlterNet: 'Nightline' Asks Why Black Women 'Can't Get a Man'
y Melissa Harris-Lacewell and Courtney Young, The Nation
Posted on April 26, 2010, Printed on May 24, 2010
African-Americans  marriage  gender_relations 
may 2010 by jerryking
Thought du jour
January 16, 2004 | The London Observer | by Rachel Cooke. "When
it comes to relationships, it is best to assume that both sexes want
the same things (a little love, comfort and companionship, plus a few
good jokes) and that the rare exceptions who do not only go to prove the
rule. Convince yourself that the situation is otherwise -- that weird,
unfathomable stuff is going on inside your lover's head -- and you will
end up bawling at one another in the rude and undignified manner of
English tourists in a souk. Every conversation will be open to ceaseless
translation; every phone call and e-mail a minefield of
misapprehension. A relationship lived this way is not only exhausting;
it is boring, too."
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october 2009 by jerryking
Gender roles: Feminism and the 'Male Brain' - Nachrichten English-News - WELT ONLINE
June 6, 2009 | The Globe & Mail | By Naomi Wolf . a spate
of scientific analyses, based on brain imaging technology and new
anthropological and evolutionary discoveries, suggests that we may have
had our heads in the sand, and that we must be willing to grapple with
what seem to be at least some genuine, measurable differences between
the sexes.
feminism  gender_relations  neurobiology  brain_imaging 
june 2009 by jerryking
Court Opening Prompts Question About Whether Gender Matters -
MAY 14, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by JENNIFER S. FORSYTH.

Should minority (i.e. racial, gender, disabled) U.S. Supreme Court
justices see themselves as needing to represent the views of particular
groups, or as acting as an umpire who remains neutral about who wins and
U.S._Supreme_Court  nominees  disadvantages  law  legal  gender_gap  gender_relations  judges 
may 2009 by jerryking Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man
February 19, 2009 iinterview of comedian Steve Harvey by the Globe and Mail's ZOSIA BIELSKI
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february 2009 by jerryking

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