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The myth of green growth
October 24, 2019 | | Financial Times | by Simon Kuper.

voters tend to place their personal interests ahead of their political ideals.
aviation  carbon_emissions  climate_catastrophe  climate_change  de-growth  electric_cars  energy  environment  fuel-efficiency  green  growth  myths  One_Belt_One_Road  reality_checks  renewable  shipping  Simon_Kuper  society  tradeoffs  William_Jevons 
october 2019 by jerryking
This is nut loaf, will Beyond Meat crash? | FT Alphaville
9 HOURS AGO By: Jamie Powell

Beyond Meat is the only pure-play plant-based protein company listed.
Beyond_Meat  green  hamburgers  Impossible_Foods  IPOs  new_products  plant-based  pure-plays  shifting_tastes  Tyson  vegetarian 
may 2019 by jerryking
The Impossible mission — to save the planet with a burger
April 5, 2019 | Financial Times Emiko Terazono and Tim Bradshaw in London.

Impossible Foods discovered that “heme”, an iron-containing protein molecule present in plants and animals, was the magic ingredient giving meat its aroma, taste and texture. Heme, produced through genetic engineering and yeast fermentation, is also behind the “juices” that make the Impossible burger bleed... In 2019, the company has introduced a new and improved burger after swapping wheat for soyabeans and using less salt. After signing its distribution deal with Burger King it is fundraising to increase the capacity of its production facility in Oakland, California.

Along with rival Beyond Meat, which is preparing to float in the US, Impossible has sought to lure meat-eating consumers who want to reduce their meat intake or are looking for tasty options, casting the net wider than vegans....... Pat Brown , 64-year-old former professor of biochemistry, is the founder of Impossible. ..Mr Brown seems to have slipped into his role as an entrepreneur with ease. He told investors that if they backed him, he was going to make them “insanely rich”.

His pronouncements that he was not bothered about exits have been perceived as arrogance by some venture capitalists. However he has still raised more than $475m since 2011 and attracted plenty of other backers, including Viking Global, Bill Gates, and Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Ventures. Investors hope the latest fundraising will value the company at more than $1bn.

Bruce Friedrich, who launched the Good Food Institute, a US not-for-profit that promotes alternative proteins and advises start-ups, calls Mr Brown “a prophet” and praises his “infectious optimism”....If the Impossible burger is successful, Mr Brown hopes to eliminate animal meat in the food chain by 2035, helping the earth to restore its vegetation cover.
Beyond_Meat  green  hamburgers  Impossible_Foods  Kholsa_Ventures  plant-based  prophets  Silicon_Valley  start_ups  vegetarian 
april 2019 by jerryking
Al Gore: sustainability is history’s biggest investment opportunity

Fourteen years ago Mr Gore co-founded a sustainability-focused fund management company with David Blood, former head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Rather than the colourful “Blood & Gore Partners”, they named the business Generation Investment Management. The London-based group has since attracted $19bn in assets, managing money for institutional investors and affluent individuals, mainly in North America and Europe....Mr Gore has just given a presentation to UBS wealth advisers at the bank’s annual investment get-together. Unlike most of the PowerPoint-packed presentations, Mr Gore’s delivery is a glitzy affair, with dramatic theme music and video clips of crashing glaciers. His talk receives a standing ovation and he is mobbed for more selfies at the end....Generation lists large public sector investors among its clients, such as Calstrs, the $223bn Californian teachers’ pension plan, the $192bn New York State pension plan and the UK’s Environment Agency retirement fund. It also manages money for wealthy individuals but has stopped short of opening to retail investors. Almost all its assets are run in equity mandates, yet $1bn is invested in private equity
Al_Gore  sustainability  asset_management  institutional_investors  investors  green  climate_change 
april 2018 by jerryking
The Race to Solar-Power Africa | The New Yorker
June 26, 2017 Issue
The Race to Solar-Power Africa
American startups are competing to bring electricity to communities that remain off the grid.

By Bill McKibben
Africa  energy  solar  green  start_ups  renewable  alternative_energy  power_grid 
july 2017 by jerryking
A Danish Wind Turbine Maker Harnesses Data in a Push to Stay Ahead - The New York Times
Continue reading the main storyShare This Page
alternative_energy  green  renewable  wind_power  Danish  Denmark  data 
august 2016 by jerryking
Chocosol Chocolate: From Beans to Bar – ChocoSol Traders
1131 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto, ON
M6E 1B1
chocolate  green  Toronto 
january 2016 by jerryking
Ms. Wynne: Painting wasteful policies with a green brush won’t fool Ontarians - The Globe and Mail
Contributed to The Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Dec. 21, 2015

The cap-and-trade system for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases is a revenue plan couched in green language. It is a complex scheme that involves the government creating financial products called “carbon credits” that it then forces industries to buy and trade. Of course it requires the establishment of an enormous bureaucracy. The plan is projected to raise $2-billion in revenue for the government each year.
Ontario  Liberals  green  Kathleen_Wynne  cap-and-trade  environment  politics  policy  green_washing  carbon_credits 
december 2015 by jerryking
Natural born chillers
November 14.15, 2015 |FT | by Sophie Knight. Telling people it's good for the environment isn't good enough. You have to give them a motivation to buy it, such as it being healthier or cheaper.
motivations  green  selling 
november 2015 by jerryking
NRStor puts hopes in compressed air energy storage project - The Globe and Mail
OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Jun. 23, 2015
green  energy 
june 2015 by jerryking
The Laneway Project: How one small idea could bring new life to Toronto’s back alleys - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Mar. 20 2015

The Laneway Project. Its organizers, a trio of Toronto planners and urban designers, are working with city officials and community groups to find ways to green, beautify and enliven Toronto’s back lanes, turning them into places where people want to spend time instead of simply pass through.
ideas  civics  design  public_spaces  neighbourhoods  Toronto  green  beautification  urban  Marcus_Gee 
march 2015 by jerryking
She wants to clean up the oil sands, in a non-toxic fashion - The Globe and Mail
Jun. 26 2013 | Globe and Mail | MARJO JOHNE.

Marlene Luck, president of Northern Canadian Supplies Ltd. in Fort McMurray, Alta., has big plans for her business, which sells environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and equipment, and safety work gear such as fire resistant clothing and hard hats, to schools, hospitals and seniors residences.

Since its launch eight years ago, Northern Canadian Supplies, which has eight employees and $616,000 in annual revenue, has expanded into Saskatchewan and British Columbia and has built warehouses in five Canadian cities. Its product catalogue is now 1,700 pages thick and includes brands from global giants such as Procter & Gamble and 3M.
aboriginals  small_business  green  consumer_goods  women  environmentally_friendly  P&G  3M  non-toxic  oil_sands  environmental_services 
june 2013 by jerryking
Absolutism in the Church of Green - The Globe and Mail

Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Monday, Dec. 31 2012,

Our competitive edge in this world is no longer skilled labour and capital. The world is awash in both. We either responsibly exploit our natural resources or settle for less health care, education and lower pensions.

A choice of automatic opposition to resource development is one option, if that’s what we collectively want. But that choice should be understood as a public policy question with consequences, not as a religious one of no cost.
Absolutism  environment  green  natural_resources  resource_extraction  economic_development  public_policy  consequences  resource_development  anti-development 
january 2013 by jerryking
Four ways smart companies make greener products - The Globe and Mail

Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Sunday, Oct. 28 2012,
Harvey_Schachter  green  howto 
november 2012 by jerryking
A Crucial Test for a Commercial Broker -
March 12, 2008 | Businessweek | By Christopher Palmeri.

Now, White is telling his salespeople to find creative ways to drum up new business, from pitching environmental consulting services to existing clients to devising novel ways to finance deals. White knows a downturn is inevitable, but he hopes to cushion the blow. ...Its property managers now dispense green advice. Last year, CBRE helped shave $150,000 a year in electricity expenses at Phoenix Plaza, a pair of Arizona office buildings owned by General Electric's (GE) pension fund. CBRE installed energy-efficient lighting and cooling systems as well as sensors that adjust landscaping irrigation to reflect levels of rainfall. CBRE hopes to sell such expertise as consulting to other clients.
advice  business_development  commercial_real_estate  CBRE  diversification  economic_downturn  energy_conservation  green  management_consulting  property_management  novel  recessions  Wayne_Sankarlal 
september 2012 by jerryking
Paper Niche,
NOVEMBER 1989 | - Inc. Article |
industries  recycling  green  pulp_&_paper 
july 2012 by jerryking
Recycling for Profit: The New Green Business Frontier -
November-December 1993 |Harvard Business Review | David Biddle
green  recycling  HBR 
july 2012 by jerryking
Eco-friendly the lure for Reisman's new stores
September 19, 2008 | Globe & Mail | By MARINA STRAUSS.

Ms. Reisman also took inspiration from Mickey Drexler, a Wall Street darling and former head of clothier Gap Inc., who is now CEO of J. Crew Group, on whose board of directors Ms. Reisman sits. "What I learned from Mickey is: You have to have a point of difference and you have to have a real passion for what you're trying to do. Second, you're not going to get it all right, which I knew from experience."
eco-friendly  spin-offs  Marina_Strauss  green  retailers  Indigo  Whole_Foods  Heather_Reisman  Mickey_Drexler 
june 2012 by jerryking
The latest shade of green – zero energy use - The Globe and Mail
erica ruth kelly
Special to Globe and Mail Update (Includes Correction)
Published Monday, Dec. 19, 2011

Since 1990, the Friends of the Environment Foundation at Toronto-Dominion Bank has helped fund more than 19,000 environmental projects with the aim of helping Canadian communities to reduce, reuse and recycle. ..."“With the big banks pulling in the profits they are, there is greater pressure to create and preserve a positive brand, without succumbing to the criticism of ‘greenwashing,’” he says. Branding itself as a green bank “attracts loyal customers and employees because they are going a step further than the conventional green initiatives.” "
CSR  Junior_Achievement  green  TD_Bank 
january 2012 by jerryking
Pinstripe Greens
Nov. 5, 2011 | The Financial Times. p14.| by Pilita Clark
cleantech  alternative_energy  solar  green 
november 2011 by jerryking
How to Build a Greener City -
SEPTEMBER 12, 2011 | WSJ | By MICHAEL TOTTY. .Bike lanes,
micro wind turbines, pneumatic garbage collection—and other ways to make
urban areas more environmentally friendly.
howto  cities  urban  urbanization  green  green_roofs 
september 2011 by jerryking
Sherbourne Common: Clean, green, brainy and blue - The Globe and Mail
Jul. 29, 2011 |G&M|LISA ROCHON. With Sherbourne Common, the
mandate was to heal a neglected part of the waterfront by providing a
neighbourhood-wide water-treatment facility immediately below the park’s
surface...Invisible to the eye, located below the public washrooms, are
the brains of the sewage-treatment facility: a series of disinfecting
machines that use UV light – not the chlorine of yesteryear – to clean
water from the lake and the run-off of surrounding roads, highways &
bldgs. In North America, where dirty water tainted with E. coli
bacteria can be found flowing like nasty rivers into our lakes, this
cleaning process is a rare phenomenon....Without $27-M in funding from
the federal govt., Sherbourne Common would have never happened – and
Toronto would be without a new public asset on previously underused
lands...Sherbourne Common will earn dividends in enhanced tourism for
Toronto, invigorate neighbourhood economies, and rebrand the city as a
place with an intelligent future.
parks  Toronto  green  sewage  wastewater-treatment  bacteria  E._coli 
august 2011 by jerryking
Changing a Recycling Company's Business Model, More Than Once -
April 20, 2011, 7:00 am
How Many Business Models Can One Company Have?
TerraCycle  business_models  licensing  Outsourcing  green 
april 2011 by jerryking
BluEarth on the prowl for renewable energy projects - The Globe and Mail
From Thursday's Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010
BluEarth Renewables Inc. is up and running in Calgary, with Mr. Brown as
CEO and the Keating brothers as “executive advisers” and directors. The
new firm is on the prowl for wind, solar or hydro projects it can
invest in.

The company, if successful, could become a key financier of renewable
ventures, helping struggling projects get on their feet as the industry
expands to take a bigger piece of the energy pie in Canada.

With almost $90-million in capital ready to deploy, mostly from Calgary
private equity firm ARC Financial Corp., BluEarth is looking for
renewable projects that are already generating power, close to
completion, or at least have a “clear line of sight” to a power purchase
agreement with a provincial utility, Mr. Brown said.
renewable  alternative_energy  green  BluEarth 
april 2011 by jerryking
Rug cleaner reduces its footprint - The Globe and Mail
Summer 2007 | Report on Small Business magazine | Ken Hunt. In
the cavernous cleaning area of Turco-Persian Rug Co., carpets snake
their way through shaking, scrubbing and rinsing machines, while workers
attack stains by hand. When in full swing, Turco-Persian can clean up
to 200 carpets/week - and wash away more than 11,350 L of hot water each
day, about the same as taking a 14-hr shower. And that's an
improvement: Until owner Gregory Kasparian installed automatic shut-offs
that close the taps when there's no rug on the line, Turco-Persian used
2X the water it does now...As much as 90% of hot-water energy literally
goes down the drain. Waterloo-based RenewAbility Energy's
Power-Pipe—basically just a section of copper pipe about 150 cm
long—recycles up to 60% of the heat lost in waste water and can save
businesses 40% on their energy bills. As water goes through the
Power-Pipe, it clings to a thin film and transfers its heat to cold
water circulating on the outside of the drain pipe.
water_footprints  entrepreneur  green  carpets 
february 2011 by jerryking
Energy Lessons from Ancient Rome -
Jan. 20, 2011| BusinessWeek| By Alessandra Migliaccio &
Flavia Rotondi. The ancient Romans used water pressure to bring the
city's monumental baths and fountains to life. Flavio and Valerio
Andreoli are using it to produce clean power. Encouraged by generous
renewable energy incentives, their company, Hydrowatt, specializes in
generating electricity from turbines in aqueducts. ..The brothers tap
into modern water pipelines that follow the same routes as the old
aqueducts. Like ancient engineers who studied the land seeking sources
at higher elevations to provide the pressure needed to reach Rome,
Hydrowatt's engineers seek out places where pipelines have valves
designed to release excess pressure as the water flows rapidly down the
mountainsides. Once they identify such a site, the brothers offer local
authorities that control the aqueducts a deal to replace the valves with
Hydrowatt's turbines.
water  hydroelectric  energy  cleantech  green  Italian  start_ups  Romans  electric_power  water_power 
february 2011 by jerryking
The U.S.S. Prius -
Published: December 18, 2010
Spearheaded by Ray Mabus, President Obama’s secretary of the Navy and
the former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, the Navy and Marines are
building a strategy for “out-greening” Al Qaeda, “out-greening” the
Taliban and “out-greening” the world’s petro-dictators. ...If the Navy
really uses its buying power when buying power, and setting building
efficiency standards, it alone could expand the green energy market in a
decisive way.

And, if Congress will simply refrain from forcing the Navy to use corn
ethanol or liquid coal — neither of which are clean or efficient, but
are located in many Congressional districts — we might really get a
green revolution in the military. That could save lives, money and the
planet, and might even help us win — or avoid — the next war. Go Navy!
buying_power  green  U.S._Navy  USMC  Tom_Friedman  petro-dictators  petro-politics 
december 2010 by jerryking
Green Column - Insurance Companies Find There Is Money to Be Made in Green Technology -
Aug. 8, 2010 | NYT | By JULIE MAKINEN.
idea for Dwayne Matthews and/or Nick Parker.

The up-front costs of adopting renewable energy can be daunting. Increasingly, insurers are stepping in to bridge the gap between green intentions and actual capital outlays on green technology. They're backstopping warranties on solar panels, helping start-ups with short track records offer
multi-decade guarantees on their products and win over skeptical customers & project financiers. They're studying weather patterns to offer protection in the event of, say, unusually weak winds that fail to spin turbines, or a volcanic ash cloud from Iceland that diminishes the output of a solar energy facility in Spain. They're advising companies on how best to incorporate renewable energy systems into their
factory operations & offering property insurance that will pay not just to rebuild a structure in the event of a loss like fire but reconstruct it in a more environmentally friendly & energy-efficient way. They're offering coverage to carbon traders.
insurance  climate_change  green  project_finance  weather  renewable  massive_data_sets  pattern_recognition  patterns  intermittency  start_ups  funding 
december 2010 by jerryking
Finding New Life (and Profit) in Doomed Trees -
Aug. 7, 2010 | NYT | By LAWRENCE W. CHEEK. Seth Meyer and
John Wells harvest local urban trees doomed by development, disease or
storm damage, and turn them into custom furniture, each piece a distinct
botanical narrative. Their business, started 4 yrs. ago, bears all the
markers that would seem to point toward collapse and extinction in a
recessionary economy: founded on idealism and emotion & riddled with
huge and unavoidable inefficiencies. And it tenders a high-end product
that asks buyers to take risks and have faith. Yet the company, Meyer
Wells, has thrived. It’s been profitable from the start with rev.
growing annually; $850 K last yr. and tracking to top $1 M this yr.
There are now 9 employees, and the furniture commissions have blown well
beyond suburban kitchens to high-visibility clients (e.g. Starbucks,
the Univ. of Washington). ...Green bus. fail for the same reasons others
do: racing too far ahead of the mkt. or failing to control costs.
bespoke  furniture  green  small_business  authenticity  sustainability  lumber  timber  craftsmanship  design  wood_products 
august 2010 by jerryking Ontario spreads renewable energy deals around
April 9, 2010 | Globe & Mail | SHAWN MCCARTHY AND RICHARD
BLACKWELL. "North American power companies are flocking to Ontario as
the hot spot for renewable energy, with its promise of long-term
contracts, premium electricity prices and a streamlined regulatory
process that minimizes the risk of project delays."..."The provincial
government yesterday unveiled a roster of 184 agreements to purchase
electricity from wind, solar and small hydro projects proposed by a
range of suppliers, including multinational companies, a farmers'
organization, and native-owned corporations."...The province says the
FIT program will make Ontario a leading jurisdiction for renewable
energy in North America, and is expected to generate 20,000 direct and
indirect jobs in the province in part because companies must procure a
specific portion of the goods and services required for the project in
renewable  alternative_energy  green  Ontario  hotspots  aboriginals  Queen’s_Park 
may 2010 by jerryking
China Drawing High-Tech Research From U.S. -
March 17, 2010 | New York Times | By KEITH BRADSHER. Companies —
and their engineers — are being drawn here more and more as China
develops a high-tech economy that increasingly competes directly with
the United States...For years, many of China’s best and brightest left
for the United States, where high-tech industry was more cutting-edge.
But Mark R. Pinto is moving in the opposite direction.Mr. Pinto is the
first CTO of a major American tech company to move to China.
China  green  reverse_innovation  research  Applied_Materials  heritage_migration  Xi’an  cleantech  emigration  brain_drain  the_best_and_brightest 
march 2010 by jerryking
Green-Products Makers Crank Up Marketing -
JANUARY 11, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | by ELLEN BYRON And
SUZANNE VRANICA. Some leading makers of environmentally friendly
household products are boosting their marketing firepower, mounting a
broader challenge to manufacturers of mainstream consumer goods by
launching major marketing campaigns, introducing new products and
upgrading their management teams with consumer-product industry
veterans. These firms compete with the likes of P&G and the Reckitt
Benckiser Group.
Seventh_Generation  Method_Products  green  consumer_goods  environmentally_friendly  P&G  new_products  CPG 
january 2010 by jerryking
Op-Ed Contributor - A Farm on Every Floor -
August 23, 2009 | New York Times | By DICKSON D. DESPOMMIER. On vertical farming.
farming  urban  food  green  future  agriculture  skyscrapers 
august 2009 by jerryking
The Power of Green -
April 15, 2007 | New York Times | By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN
renewable  energy  Tom_Friedman  alternative_energy  green 
may 2009 by jerryking
Turning Green into Gold
March-April 2009 | Harvard Magazine | by Nell Porter Brown.

A private-equity firm invests in alternatives to oil around the globe.
private_equity  alternative_energy  renewable  green  cleantech 
may 2009 by jerryking / UK - The marketer who sees tourists in a green light
Published: September 5 2006 03:00 | Last updated: September 5
2006 03:00 Financial Times By Carlos Grande. Profiels James Bidwell, CEO
of Visit London and London Unlimited.
green  branding  sustainability  environmentally_friendly  tourism  London  2012_Olympics 
march 2009 by jerryking
17/12/05 G & M article by Pamela Cuthbert Page M4
green  food  retailers  meat  hormone-free 
february 2009 by jerryking
Geothermal Technology - A Solution to Rising Energy Costs
Anonymous. National Driller. Troy: Jan 2008. Vol. 29, Iss. 1; pg. 50, 3 pgs
alternative_energy  geoexchange  geothermal  green 
february 2009 by jerryking
Indie Energy and Local 150 IUOE Ink Agreement for Green Energy and Green Jobs in Chicago Area
Anonymous. PR Newswire. New York: Dec 11, 2008. The U.S. (EPA)
calls geothermal the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and
cost-effective space conditioning system available. By combining design
engineering w. specialized drilling technology & full system build
scope, Indie Energy delivers turnkey systems that deliver dramatic
reductions in operating costs while eliminating greenhouse gas
emissions. In order to make geothermal feasible within the constraints
of the urban environment, IE has developed specialized engineering and
drilling technologies. For the 1st time, it's possible to develop
large-scale urban geothermal building sys. that save between 50% and 80%
of HVAC costs in commercial, residential, and public bldgs. The
Geothermal Agreement between Local 150 and Indie Energy will accelerate
the adoption and implementation of Indie Energy Systems in new buildings
and major retrofit projects through a skilled labor pool and training
geothermal  geoexchange  unions  Indie_Energy  organized_labour  green 
february 2009 by jerryking
What's New -
March 24, 2008 WSJ column by Yuliya Chernova and Joanthan
Shieber writing on the ZigBee Alliance's wireless standards to connect
devices in the home. Also, touches on investments in the geothermal
venture_capital  green  alternative_energy  geothermal  investing  biofuels  connected_devices 
february 2009 by jerryking
Green Diplomacy -
March 24, 2008 WSJ article by Joel Sherwood profiling U.S.
Ambassador to Sweden, Michael Wood, and his role assisting Swedish alt.
energy companies raise cash in the US.
alternative_energy  diplomacy  green  policy  environment  indispensable 
february 2009 by jerryking
Nine Cities, Nine Ideas -
Feb. 11, 2008 WSJ article by Jim Carlton looking at innovative
programs nine cities around the world are using to keep their energy
consumption--and their skyrocketing bills--under control.
cities  climate_change  environment  city  energy  green  urban 
february 2009 by jerryking
Betting on Green -
Feb. 11, 2008 WSJ article by Rebecca Buckman on where VCs are
making investments in clean energy companies. Also picks up on setbacks in the biofuel sector.
cleantech  renewable  venture_capital  investors  vc  alternative_energy  green  demand_response  solar  biofuels  Rebecca_Buckman 
february 2009 by jerryking
Regulations: Alternative Approaches -
February 12, 2007 | WSJ | LEILA ABBOUD. Govts. struggle to find
policies that will spur renewable energy industries--without coddling
regulation  alternative_energy  industrial_policies  renewable  green  policymaking 
february 2009 by jerryking
The Green Machine Hal Harvey spends his environmental war chest with one guiding principle: winning
FEBRUARY 12, 2007 WSJ article by JEFFREY BALL. Global warming
is tougher than localized environmental threats such as smog. That, Hal
Harvey argues, requires environmentalists to focus less on fiery
rhetoric and more on hashing out economically efficient policies that
have political legs. In doling out the dollars at his disposal, Mr.
Harvey uses much the same strategy as the other venture capitalists in
Silicon Valley. He invests where he thinks he'll get maximum return. In
his parlance, he looks for the political "pinch points" likely to
promote technologies that will deliver the most "tons of carbon avoided
per philanthropic dollar invested." He and his colleagues try to compute
that using spreadsheets.
green  environment  philanthropy  lobbying  policy  strategy  UFSC  financial_literacy  pain_points  bottlenecks  leverage  return_on_effort  investors  climate_change 
february 2009 by jerryking - The growth of green
Sept. 20, 2007 G&M list of 15 promising green-tech firms
alternative_energy  green  ranked_list 
february 2009 by jerryking
The push for windfalls from wind power.
Feb. 25, 2008 article by Jon Cook profiling Shear Wind Inc.
alternative_energy  wind_power  renewable  green  cleantech 
january 2009 by jerryking
OSEA: The Wall Street Journal - Ontario Invests in Green Energy
October 29, 2008 | Wall Street Journal | by Hyun Young Lee. on the Next Generation of Jobs Fund
Ontario  alternative_energy  energy  public_sector  economic_development  green  renewable 
january 2009 by jerryking
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