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Is Aerobic Exercise the Key to Successful Aging?
Dec. 12, 2018 | - The New York Times | By Gretchen Reynolds.

Aerobic activities like jogging and interval training can make our cells biologically younger, according to a noteworthy new experiment. Weight training may not have the same effect, the study found, raising interesting questions about how various types of exercise affect us at a microscopic level and whether the differences should perhaps influence how we choose to move.
aerobic  aging  benefits  exercise  fitness  health  interval_training  strength_training 
december 2018 by jerryking
Prostate cancer? Relax, and don’t rush your treatment - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Sep. 20, 2016

a landmark study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, has provided some stark data on the benefits, risks and necessity of treatment for men with low- or medium-risk prostate cancer (meaning they have a Gleason score of 6-7).

Related: What's the best method of screening for prostate cancer?

The uplifting news is that, a decade after diagnosis, 99 per cent of men with early prostate cancer are still alive. The sort-of-surprising news is that mortality rates don’t really vary depending on type of treatment, or whether a man is treated at all. .....The other element of this story, which is not part of the new research, is about the effectiveness and appropriateness of testing. Another study published recently showed that digital rectal examination is a poor way of detecting prostate cancer and shouldn’t be done because it provides “maximal pain for minimal gain.”

PSA testing, for its part, is one of the most controversial issues in the cancer field. It doesn’t actually detect cancer, but elevated PSA levels trigger biopsies and often lead to a cascade of overtreatment. In Canada, routine PSA tests are not recommended.

What we really need is a test that shows if prostate cancer, once detected, will prove aggressive and deadly or not, and we don’t have that. Prostate cancer kills 4,100 Canadian men a year, but it’s not by doing more and earlier testing and more aggressive treatment that we will necessarily reduce that number. That’s a hard message to digest, and deliver.
cancers  mens'_health  André_Picard  health  PSA  prostate  overtreatment  thinking_deliberatively  reflections  contextual  timeouts  latency 
september 2016 by jerryking
Which Type of Exercise Is Best for the Brain? - The New York Times

For the first time, scientists compared head-to-head the neurological impacts of different types of exercise: running, weight training and high-intensity interval training. The surprising results suggest that going hard may not be the best option for long-term brain health......if you currently weight train or exclusively work out with intense intervals, continue. But perhaps also thread in an occasional run or bike ride for the sake of your hippocampal health.
exercise  fitness  health  medical  strength_training  intensity  high-intensity  interval_training  high-impact 
february 2016 by jerryking
Why doctors fail
2 December 2014 | The Guardian| Atul Gawande.
Atul_Gawande  health  medical  failure 
april 2015 by jerryking
The Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk -

Office workers who walked 30 minutes at lunch, 3 times a week, said they felt considerably more enthusiastic, less tense, and generally more relaxed and able to cope than on afternoons when they hadn’t walked and even compared with their own moods from a morning before a walk.

Although the authors did not directly measure workplace productivity in their study, “there is now quite strong research evidence that feeling more positive and enthusiastic at work is very important to productivity,” Dr. Thogersen-Ntoumani said. “So we would expect that people who walked at lunchtime would be more productive.”

As a pleasant, additional outcome, all of the volunteers showed gains in their aerobic fitness and other measures of health at the completion of their 10 weeks of walking.
exercise  fitness  health  benefits  sedentariness  lunchtime 
january 2015 by jerryking
Sugar: the evolution of a forbidden fruit - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Aug. 08 2014
sugar  health  history 
august 2014 by jerryking
IronStrength Workout
December 30, 2011 | Runner's World|Dr. Jordan Metzl
strength_training  exercise  fitness  health  running  web_video 
april 2014 by jerryking - Pills Claim to Mask Bad Breath
February 22, 2005 | THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Page D3 | By ROBERT J. DAVIS
health  personal_care_products  halitosis 
october 2010 by jerryking
Qualcomm, AT&T Move in on 'M-Health'
August 23, 2010 | BusinessWeek | By Olga Kharif. The
smartphone boom has tech giants and health-care companies eyeing demand
for wireless gadgets and software that can deliver health services
mobile_applications  health 
august 2010 by jerryking
Women's genital self-esteem affects sex, health
Sept. 30, 2009 | The Globe and Mail | by Zosia Bielski. "cultural-level scripts"
women  health 
may 2010 by jerryking
Op-Ed Columnist - Cancer From the Kitchen? -
Published: December 5, 2009 I asked these doctors what they do in their
own homes to reduce risks. They said that they avoid microwaving food in
plastic or putting plastics in the dishwasher, because heat may cause
chemicals to leach out. And the symposium handed out a reminder card
listing “safer plastics” as those marked (usually at the bottom of a
container) 1, 2, 4 or 5.

It suggests that the “plastics to avoid” are those numbered 3, 6 and 7
(unless they are also marked “BPA-free”). Yes, the evidence is
uncertain, but my weekend project is to go through containers in our
house and toss out 3’s, 6’s and 7’s.
health  environment  cancers  kitchens 
december 2009 by jerryking
Allergy Symptoms
November 26, 2009 | The New York Times
allergies  health 
november 2009 by jerryking
Well - Physical Toll of Dementia Often Overlooked in Treatment -
October 19, 2009 | New York Times | By TARA PARKER-POPE . The
lack of understanding about the physical toll of dementia means that
many patients near the end of life are subjected to aggressive
treatments that would never be considered with another terminal illness.
health  Alzheimer’s_disease  dementia  nursing_homes  palliative_care  living_wills  elderly  TARA_PARKER-POPE  mental_health 
october 2009 by jerryking
Phys Ed: Does Exercise Boost Immunity? - Well Blog -
October 14, 2009 | New York Times | By Gretchen Reynolds.
There is a “ J-shaped curve” involving exercise and immunity. In this
model, the risk both of catching a cold or the flu and of having a
particularly severe form of the infection “drop if you exercise
moderately,” .But the risk both of catching an illness and of becoming
especially sick when you do “jump right back up” if you exercise
intensely or for a prolonged period of time, surpassing the risks among
the sedentary."
exercise  fitness  running  flu_outbreaks  health  immune_system 
october 2009 by jerryking
Deadlier Strain Would Overwhelm Health Systems -
MAY 1, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by RON WINSLOW and AVERY JOHNSON
health  influenza  survival  H1N1  flu_outbreaks 
july 2009 by jerryking
Finding an Advocate -
OCTOBER 28, 2008 | Wall Street Journal | by MELINDA BECK.

"If we could make only one change in health care, it should be to change
the notion that families are visitors. Families are allies and partners
for safety and quality," says Beverly Johnson, president of the
nonprofit Institute for Family-Centered Care, which is leading a
movement to involve families more.
advocacy  health  healthcare  family 
may 2009 by jerryking
Hold Me Tight
Jan/Feb 2009 | Psychology Today | By: Sue Johnson
psychology  relationships  health  men  women  romantic_love 
may 2009 by jerryking
The Man, the Gland, the Dilemmas -
MARCH 31, 2009 | The Wall Street Journal| By MELINDA BECK
health  prostate  mens'_health  cancers 
april 2009 by jerryking Advise men on pros and cons: expert
June 19, 2007G&M column by André Picard on early detection of prostate cancer.
health  PSA  prostate  cancers  André_Picard 
january 2009 by jerryking
The Touch That Doesn't Heal -
Dec. 26, 2008 WSJ op-ed by Steve Salerno deriding complementary and alternative health.
healthcare  alternative_medicine  health 
january 2009 by jerryking
Don’t Starve a Cold of Exercise
NYT article on the benefits of running and working out despite having a common cold
exercise  health  fitness  running  Gina_Kolata  immune_system 
december 2008 by jerryking

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