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Canada’s all about energy … to send elsewhere - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Dec. 24 2014

Natural resources such as energy are provincially owned with national implications. Where we sell, to whom and for what prices, and how we exploit the resources have fiscal-policy and sometimes foreign-policy implications. Natural resources contribute to the country’s standard of living, and to regional differences, which Ottawa through equalization is charged with trying to flatten.

A “Canadian energy for Canadians” approach would not see Uncle Ottawa bullying its way into provincial jurisdiction. Rather, it would invite the federal government to suggest to provinces that it stands ready to assist them financially in projects that would move Canadian energy across the country.

Think about hydroelectricity. We don’t have anything like a national grid in Canada. We don’t even have effective regional grids, but rather bits and pieces of regional grids. We’ve got highways and train tracks linking the heartlands of Quebec and Ontario, but we don’t have an energy corridor from surplus-producing Quebec to Ontario.
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december 2014 by jerryking
Energy Lessons from Ancient Rome -
Jan. 20, 2011| BusinessWeek| By Alessandra Migliaccio &
Flavia Rotondi. The ancient Romans used water pressure to bring the
city's monumental baths and fountains to life. Flavio and Valerio
Andreoli are using it to produce clean power. Encouraged by generous
renewable energy incentives, their company, Hydrowatt, specializes in
generating electricity from turbines in aqueducts. ..The brothers tap
into modern water pipelines that follow the same routes as the old
aqueducts. Like ancient engineers who studied the land seeking sources
at higher elevations to provide the pressure needed to reach Rome,
Hydrowatt's engineers seek out places where pipelines have valves
designed to release excess pressure as the water flows rapidly down the
mountainsides. Once they identify such a site, the brothers offer local
authorities that control the aqueducts a deal to replace the valves with
Hydrowatt's turbines.
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february 2011 by jerryking
Hydropower - In an Age of Fossil Fuel, Returning to the Water for Electricity -
June 29, 2008 | New York Times | By JULIA LAWLOR. HydroCoil
Power Inc., offers a new “microhydro” technology that can convert the
kinetic energy of fast-flowing water into electricity. The promise of
micro, or low-head, hydropower, using dams under 100 feet high, is that
it is carbon neutral, renewable and has little or no impact on the
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