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Analysis: U.S. Tech Companies, China Tangle Over Contracts -
APRIL 18, 2011 John Bussey. Despite an agreement between
President Obama and President Hu in January, U.S. technology companies
are again complaining about how China awards contracts...The bigger
issue, Mr. Murck adds, is that this is just one piece of China's broader
industrial policy, a large array of mostly new rules designed to speed
the growth of national champions and foster home-grown innovation.

The list is long: new patent laws that could make it easier to seize
foreign innovation; the setting of standards that require products to be
re-engineered to meet Chinese specifications; national-security
initiatives that give preferential treatment to Chinese companies in
several industries; limitations on market access for U.S. services
companies; continued weak enforcement of intellectual-property rights.
China  contracts  global_champions  home_grown  Hu_Jintao  indigenous  industrial_policies  innovation  intellectual_property  non-tariff_barriers  patents  patent_law  predatory_practices  property_rights  technical_standards  technology_transfers 
april 2011 by jerryking
Guyana, New to Free Markets, Fears Loss of Identity to Brazil
March 30, 2000 |New York Times | By SIMON ROMERO . Guyana, New
to Free Markets, Fears Loss of Identity to Brazil. "There are about
10,000 Brazilians living in Guyana who chose to stay after their stint
in the mines has ended, the government says. In Dutch-speaking Suriname,
the number of Brazilians is estimated at 40,000, nearly 10 percent of
the population. "We run the risk of becoming a kind of adjunct to
Brazil," The Stabroek News, Guyana's leading paper, said in a recent
editorial. "If we are not to be swallowed up and lose our distinctive
identity, among other things, then we will have to devise policies and
strategies which will allow us to maintain an authentic independent
voice in the company of giants." "
Guyana  development  Brazil  indigenous  identity_politics 
july 2010 by jerryking

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