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Tom Suozzi: How About a Partnership Stimulus? -
NOVEMBER 11, 2010 | | By TOM SUOZZI. To help rebuild
America's roads and airports, let's tap the billions of dollars of
private capital looking for safe returns."Public-Private Partnerships
are globally proven models. During the past two decades, more than 1,300
such partnerships valued at over $250 billion were signed in the
European Union, Canada, South America, Australia and Asia. Some of our
states (like Florida, Virginia and Maryland) and cities (such as Chicago
and Denver) have successfully started to implement them, but overall
the U.S. lags far behind.

Our economic recovery is hampered by the poor condition of our
infrastructure and our congested roadways, ports and
airports."...President Obama should call a meeting of the country's
governors and governors-elect to discuss strategies for new national and
regional infrastructure projects. Creating a national infrastructure
bank is one way to implement such a program; setting up state
infrastructure banks is another.
PPP  infrastructure 
november 2010 by jerryking
The Crossroads Nation -
Nov. 8, 2010 By DAVID BROOKS. What sort of country will
America be in 2030 or 2050? Nobody has defined America’s coming
economic identity. ....We’re living in an information age. Innovation
and creativity are the engines of economic growth. ...Creativity is not a
solitary process. It happens within netwks. It happens when talented
people get together, when idea systems and mentalities merge....."In
2009, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Dir. policy planning at the State Dept.,
wrote an essay , “America’s Edge.”" for Foreign Affairs in which she
laid out the logic of this new situation: “In a networked world, the
issue is no longer relative power, but centrality in an increasingly
dense global web.” the U.S. is well situated to be the crossroads
nation. It is well situated to be the center of global ntwks and to
nurture the right kinds of ntwks Building that US means doing everything
possible to thicken connections: finance research; improve
infrastructure; fix immigration; reform taxes;
R&D  infrastructure  immigration  creativity  future  David_Brooks  networks  soft_power  U.S.foreign_policy  synchronization  orchestration  centralization  Anne-Marie_Slaughter  cross-disciplinary  cross-pollination  network_density  network_power  op_ed 
november 2010 by jerryking
U.K. Warns of Cyber Crime Risk -
OCT. 12, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By STEPHEN FIDLER. U.K.
Seeks Private Industry Help in Averting Cyber Attacks
The head of Britain's communications intelligence agency, GCHQ , said
that it may need to receive direct feeds of information from private
companies in key economic sectors in order to better protect the U.K.
economy from the threat from cyber attacks...New approaches may be
needed to deal with attacks on Britain's critical national
infrastructure—industries such as gas, electricity supply and banking
networks. "We need to consider the value of receiving in return a direct
feed of information from the operators with that same sort of
timeliness so that we are aware of the attacks that they are seeing on
their systems as they happen." This points to a different sort of
partnership between the national security agencies and key
industries--systems that are more interconnected and new financial
models to underpin a national capability which is both public and
cyberattacks  United_Kingdom  cyber_security  cyber_warfare  security_&_intelligence  GCHQ  organized_crime  infrastructure  vulnerabilities  real-time  network_risk  interconnections  power_grid 
october 2010 by jerryking
Who Creates the Wealth in Society? -
May 21, 2010 | New York Times | By UWE E. REINHARDT. From the
comments "Wealth creation requires a set of legal principles and a legal
framework that protect individuals and their property rights. The "who"
is this respect is well-functioning, independent and non-courrupt
judicial system that is able to enforce such rights. This is where
government plays its most significant and valid role; however, in terms
of the size of government in the economy it is hardly
measurable."..."Here, I think he has overlooked the most simple and
fundamental truth about the creation of individual or societal wealth:

Real wealth is created by individuals and societies who are willing to
postpone immediate gratification for longer-term benefit. If everything
produced is immediately consumed, no net wealth is created. If, instead,
more is produced than consumed, not only is wealth created, but so is
the capital needed for future wealth appreciation."
value_creation  wealth_creation  government  delayed_gratification  rule_of_law  justice_system  infrastructure  legal_system  property_rights  institutional_integrity  long-term  instant_gratification  capital_formation  capital_accumulation  indepedent_judiciary 
september 2010 by jerryking
Facing Budget Gaps, Cities Sell Parking, Airports, Zoos, Other Assets -
AUGUST 23, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By IANTHE JEANNE DUGAN.

The privatization trend is being spurred by a cottage industry of consultants, lawyers and bankers. Allen & Overy, a New York law firm, dubs it "rescue investing" and recently provided investors a booklet on "jurisdictions of opportunity"—municipalities whose laws, budget woes and credit ratings make them most likely to make deals [jk: unexploited_resources ].

"More public-private partnerships for public infrastructure in the U.S. have reached commercial and financial close than during any comparable period in U.S. history," the booklet says.
airports  assets  austerity  cities  cottage_industries  cutbacks  deal-making  dealmakers  divestitures  entrepreneurial  fallen_angels  infrastructure  investors  law_firms  lawyers  municipalities  opportunities  opportunistic  parking_lots  pitches  PPP  privatization  prospectuses  rescue_investing  unexploited_resources  vulture_investing 
august 2010 by jerryking
Opinion: China's in Africa for business, not aid
June 27, 2010 | GlobalPost | By Stephanie Hanson. As a
superb new book by Deborah Brautigam argues, infrastructure projects are
opportunities for Chinese construction firms to gain a foothold abroad,
and to potentially win future contracts from the private sector or from
the international donor community.In "The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story
of China in Africa,"

Brautigam offers a trenchant analysis of how China views its engagement
with Africa, drawing on decades of experience working in West and
southern Africa and China. Rather than viewing the continent as a
charity case, Brautigam suggests, China sees Africa as a younger version
of itself. (
China  Africa  book_reviews  infrastructure 
july 2010 by jerryking
The U.S. Needs an Infrastructure Bank -
JANUARY 15, 2010 | The Wall Street Journal | by Charles
Phillips, Laura Tyson, and Robert Wolf. It would support crucial
projects like roads and broadband.
infrastructure  finance  banks 
april 2010 by jerryking
Op-Ed Guest Columnist - Africa Reboots -
April 17, 2010 | New York Times | By BONO...."We managed to
hear a surprising thing. Harmony ... flowing from two sides that in the
past have often been discordant: Africa’s emerging entrepreneurial class
and its civil-society activists.

Civil society as a rule sees business as, well, a little uncivil.
Business tends to see activists as, well, a little too active. But in
Africa, at least from what I’ve just seen, this is starting to change.
The energy of these opposing forces coming together is filling offices,
boardrooms and bars. The reason is that both these groups — the private
sector and civil society — see poor governance as the biggest obstacle
they face. So they are working together on redefining the rules of the
African game.
Africa  entrepreneurship  infrastructure  Mo_Ibrahim  misgovernance  Bono  civil_society  mismanagement  misrule  corruption  poor_governance 
april 2010 by jerryking
Cyber Warriors
March 2010 | The Atlantic Online | James Fallows
Click here to find out more!

When will China emerge as a military threat to the U.S.? In most
respects the answer is: not anytime soon—China doesn’t even contemplate a
time it might challenge America directly. But one significant threat
already exists: cyberwar. Attacks—not just from China but from Russia
and elsewhere—on America’s electronic networks cost millions of dollars
and could in the extreme cause the collapse of financial life, the halt
of most manufacturing systems, and the evaporation of all the data and
knowledge stored on the Internet.

by James Fallows
China  cyber_warfare  security_&_intelligence  James_Fallows  infrastructure  sigint  vulnerabilities  asymmetrical 
february 2010 by jerryking
One word: infrastructure
April 2007 | Report on Business Magazine pg. 25 | by FABRICE
TAYLOR. According to the Civil Infrastructure Systems Technology Road
Map (authored by, among others, the Canadian Society for Civil
Engineering and the National Research Council), Canada has used up
almost 80% of the life expectancy of its existing infrastructure.
infrastructure  Fabrice_Taylor 
february 2010 by jerryking
In Small Steps, New Approaches to Managing Disaster -
January 18, 2010 | New York Times | by HENRY FOUNTAIN. There
are new innovative approaches being reviewed to building or rebuilding
infrastructure in developing countries, to help forestall disasters or
to recover from one. Among them are new ideas and projects to supply
quality housing, clean water, proper waste treatment and affordable
energy, in addition to health care. Pass to Engineers Without Borders
disasters  infrastructure  relief_recovery_reconstruction  developing_countries 
january 2010 by jerryking
On the Road: Where the Erie Canal Started - City Room Blog -
January 1, 2010, 7:30 am
On the Road: Where the Erie Canal Started

* See also Bernstein, Peter L. (2005). Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation
books  canals  Erie_Canal  infrastructure 
january 2010 by jerryking
Put Down That Shovel!
Wall Street Journal | by By Andy Kessler. Forget old-fashioned
infrastructure. Here are six government projects to foster a lasting
economic recovery.
Andy_Kessler  infrastructure 
december 2009 by jerryking
Liquid assets
Winter 2008 | Globe Investor Magazine | by Nick Rockel. Water
may be the oil of the 21st century, but its infrastructure is a mess.
Ergo, there's billions up for grabs to keep the taps on
water  infrastructure 
november 2009 by jerryking
Water for Profit
November/December 2002 Issue| Mother Jones | By Jon R. Luoma.
Private water providers have positioned themselves as the solution to
the developing world's water problems, notes Hugh Jackson, a policy
analyst at the advocacy group Public Citizen. "But it's a lot harder for
them to make the case when here, in the world's center of capitalism,
cities are delivering tremendous amounts of high-quality, clean,
inexpensive water to people."
water  PPP  privatization  Suez  Vivendi  infrastructure  high-quality 
august 2009 by jerryking
Bridging the Gap -
June 8, 2009 | New York Times | By HENRY PETROSKI. Argues that
essential structures need not be aesthetically inferior. Such structures
should strive to balance form and function.
infrastructure  aesthetics  design  smart_infrastructure 
june 2009 by jerryking
Local Economies Seek Own Revival -
MARCH 11, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by STEPHANIE SIMON and LESLIE EATON
local  economic_development  economic_stimulus  cities  infrastructure  toronto 
april 2009 by jerryking
The Globe and Mail: In hard times, our justice system gives us a competitive edge
Monday, April 6, 2009 | The Globe & Mai Page A13 | By

If a customer doesn't pay, a supplier fails to deliver, a competitor
misappropriates a patent or a business partner backs out of an
exclusivity agreement, you need to know, and the wrongdoer needs to
know, that you can go to court to get a remedy. This is known as the
"rule of law." While only a fraction of transactions wind up in
litigation, an effective court system must be there - just in case.
Canadian_justice_system  infrastructure  legal_system  rule_of_law  competitive_advantage  Canada  Canadian  institutions  institutional_integrity  hard_times 
april 2009 by jerryking / Companies / Energy - Water shortage promises times of plenty for private sector
April 4, 2007 Financial Times pg. 2, by Leslie Crawford in

Opportunities for water -companies are booming around the world because
of looming shortages and decades of underinvestment, a conference in
Barcelona heard yesterday.
water  opportunities  infrastructure  scarcity  shortages  underinvestments 
march 2009 by jerryking
IBM Dives Into Water Venture -
MARCH 13, 2009, 7:21 A.M. ET, WSJ, by by WILLIAM M. BULKELEY.
Touting 'Smarter Planet,' Big Blue Pushes Technology to Manage Resources
water  IBM  water_footprints  smart_meters  infrastructure  smart_infrastructure 
march 2009 by jerryking
In Africa, Outages Stifle a Boom -
APRIL 17, 2008 By SARAH CHILDRESS. Frequent and disruptive
power outages plague about 35 of sub-Saharan Africa's 47 countries.
Outages are costing African economies as much as 2% of their gross
domestic product, according to World Bank estimates
Africa  outages  economy  infrastructure  shortages  GDP  electric_power 
february 2009 by jerryking
The First Test
January 22, 2009 NYT article By DAVID BROOKS. Saved because
Brooks talks about America fundamentally rethinking its infrastructure
policies — and creating a new model adapted to new modes of
economic_development  local  infrastructure  David_Brooks 
january 2009 by jerryking
Let federal money flow freely, mayors urge
Jan. 16, 2009 G&M article by Galloway, Gloria detailing
desire by Canadian mayors for federal infrastructure money to flow
quickly without strings attaches so they may deal with the economic
Toronto  municipalities  wish_list  economics  crisis  infrastructure  economic_downturn 
january 2009 by jerryking

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