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BlackBerry Services Hit by More Disruptions -

Research In Motion Ltd. scrambled to restore service to millions of BlackBerry users around the world Wednesday as the company's worst-ever outage vexed office workers, government officials, emergency responders and others who rely on the messaging device.

The intermittent service disruptions come at a vulnerable time for RIM, which has been struggling with dwindling BlackBerry shipments as it competes with Apple Inc.'s iPhone and gadgets powered by Google Inc.'s Android software.
RIM  BlackBerry  outages  intermittency 
october 2011 by jerryking
Green Column - Insurance Companies Find There Is Money to Be Made in Green Technology -
Aug. 8, 2010 | NYT | By JULIE MAKINEN.
idea for Dwayne Matthews and/or Nick Parker.

The up-front costs of adopting renewable energy can be daunting. Increasingly, insurers are stepping in to bridge the gap between green intentions and actual capital outlays on green technology. They're backstopping warranties on solar panels, helping start-ups with short track records offer
multi-decade guarantees on their products and win over skeptical customers & project financiers. They're studying weather patterns to offer protection in the event of, say, unusually weak winds that fail to spin turbines, or a volcanic ash cloud from Iceland that diminishes the output of a solar energy facility in Spain. They're advising companies on how best to incorporate renewable energy systems into their
factory operations & offering property insurance that will pay not just to rebuild a structure in the event of a loss like fire but reconstruct it in a more environmentally friendly & energy-efficient way. They're offering coverage to carbon traders.
insurance  climate_change  green  project_finance  weather  renewable  massive_data_sets  pattern_recognition  patterns  intermittency  start_ups  funding 
december 2010 by jerryking
Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything - Tony Schwartz - The Conversation
August 24, 2010 | Harvard Business Review | by Tony Schwartz.
Here are 6 keys to achieving excellence: 1. Pursue what you love.
Passion is an incredible motivator. 2. Do the hardest work first.
3. Practice intensely, without interruption for short periods of no
longer than 90 minutes and then take a break.
4. Seek expert feedback, in intermittent doses. The simpler and more
precise the feedback, the more equipped you are to make adjustments. Too
much feedback, too continuously, however, can create cognitive
overload, increase anxiety, and interfere with learning.
5. Take regular renewal breaks. Relaxing after intense effort not
only provides an opportunity to rejuvenate, but also to metabolize and
embed learning. It's also during rest that the right hemisphere becomes
more dominant, which can lead to creative breakthroughs. 6. Ritualize
hbr  tips  self-improvement  JCK  intensity  focus  feedback  Tony_Schwartz  passions  metabolism  excellence  practice  rituals  intermittency  creative_renewal  breakthroughs  disconnecting 
september 2010 by jerryking
The New Math of Alternative Energy -
Feb. 12, 2007 WSJ article by Rebecca Smith on how the calculus
of whether to invest in renewable energy is starting to look less
daunting as oil and gas prices rise.
cleantech  energy  economics  alternative_energy  wind_power  intermittency  solar  biomass  geothermal  biofuels  renewable 
february 2009 by jerryking

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