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Students were warned away from Q internships: professor | Toronto Star
By: Alyshah Hasham Staff Reporter, Kevin Donovan Investigations, Katrina Clarke Staff Reporter, Published on Mon Nov 03 2014
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november 2014 by jerryking
The Internship - Not the Movie -
Published: June 8, 2013

Internships are increasingly important today, they explained, because skills are increasingly important in the new economy and because colleges increasingly don’t teach the ones employers are looking for. Experience, rather than a degree, has become an important proxy for skill, they note, and internships give you that experience. So grab one wherever you can, they add, because, even if you’re just serving coffee, it is a way to see how businesses actually work and which skills are prized by employers.... Since so many internships are unpaid these days, added Sedlet, there is a real danger that only “rich kids” can afford them, which will only widen our income gaps. The key, if you get one, he added, is to remember “that companies don’t want generalists to help them think big; they want people who can help them execute” and “add value.”

But what, they were often asked, does “add value” mean? It means, they said, show that you have some creative flair — particularly in design, innovation, entrepreneurship, sales or marketing, skills that can’t be easily replaced by a piece of software, a machine or a cheaper worker in India.
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june 2013 by jerryking
Enstitute, an Alternative to College for a Digital Elite -
May 4, 2013 | NYT | By HANNAH SELIGSON.

“Our long-term vision is that this becomes an acceptable alternative to college,” says Kane Sarhan, one of Enstitute’s founders. “Our big recruitment effort is at high schools and universities. We are targeting people who are not interested in going to school, school is not the right fit for them, or they can’t afford school.”

The Enstitute concept taps into a larger cultural conversation about the value of college — a debate that has heated up in the last few years.

Enstitute says it has raised around $300,000 in donations in the last year, and it plans to expand to a couple of more cities by fall 2014. Its founders want the nonprofit Enstitute to become a brand name like that of a top-flight university. But instead of getting a paper diploma, the fellows will graduate with a portfolio of skills they’ve acquired, business development deals they’ve closed, marketing materials they’ve created and products they’ve built, in addition to 5 to 10 recommendations.
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may 2013 by jerryking
Revenge of the Nerds: Tech Firms Scour College Campuses for Talent -
May 30, 2012 | WSJ | Spencer E. Ante

The technology boom has created an acute shortage of engineers and software developers. The industry has responded by taking a page from the playbook of professional sports: identify up and comers early, then roll out the red carpet to lock them up.
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may 2012 by jerryking
Does innovation have to mean jobs?
Fall 2011 Western Alumni Gazette by Paul Wells, BA'89
First things first: we need to understand that productivity
breakthroughs happen when businesses pick a new idea up, not when labs
push one out....When we make “innovation,” “jobs” and “university
research” synonymous, we put unfair distorting pressure on university
science, we let business off the hook, and we get frustration instead of
prosperity. Business schools can play a huge role in getting innovation
right. So can design schools. Internships to get smart kids out of labs
and onto shop floors.

Wells disputes the idea that research leads to discoveries and
inventions, that leads to patents that build Canadian businesses and
create Canadian jobs and that makes for greater prosperity for Canadian
families and workers.”
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september 2011 by jerryking
From the Classroom to the Boardroom
Nov 15, 2007 | Diverse Issues in Higher Education | Nealy,
Michelle J. To be considered for TMCF's HBCU Talent Sourcing Program,
students must have a recommendation from a college counselor and a
minimum 3.0 GPA. Recruits usually exceed these requirements, and the
average GPA is 3.48, according to TMCF's Web site. Thurgood Marshall
recruits are advised to carry an air of professionalism everywhere they
go. For Thurgood Marshall internships and conferences, a dress code of
business attire is strictly enforced. Students are also asked to refrain
from wearing braids.

"Our recruits have strong leadership and communication skills. They are
bright and assertive as well as active on their campuses and in their
communities. Our partners are always very pleased," says Ashley.
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september 2011 by jerryking
From a Crisis, Opportunity
April 24, 2011 New York Times PATRICIA R.
OLSEN.Municipalities are struggling today as they deal with fiscal crises. But they're engaging in layoffs and cutting services in an attempt to balance their budgets. I believe that reports of possible enormous defaults are overstated. The municipal sector has been known for its safe investments. Lower-rated credit, in the nonrated or junk-bond range, and credit barely investment grade, are vulnerable; that's why these investments pay a higher yield.

In 2000, when working in Detroit for our company, I was co-founder of an internship program, the Detroit Summer Finance Institute, which exposes inner-city students to finance jobs. People often view the municipal
finance sector as less glamorous than the corporate one. Young people,
especially, don't always realize how rewarding work in this field can
be. We have offices in 22 cities. I see the impact of our work in many
cities -- from convention centers to highways to educational projects.
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april 2011 by jerryking
Capitalize on immigrants' promise
Sep 15, 2004 | G & M pg. A.19|Dominic D'Alessandro. Not
recognizing newcomers' learning & credentials costs our economy as
much as $5B annually. Canada needs to do a better job integrating
skilled immigrants into the work force. Here are 6 recommendations: (1)
Revise Canada's settlement policy to include programs that help
immigrants enter the labour mkt. at an appropriate level.(2) Work with
immigrants overseas so they can better prepare themselves & hit the
ground running on arrival in Canada.(3) Update & expand language
training programs in order to meet the needs of industry & the new
profile of skilled immigrants.(4) Expand successful labour-mkt.
integration programs, e.g. internships & mentoring, by working with
employers & other partners;(5) Recognize the special role of
Canada's largest metro areas as key partners in immigrant settlement.(6)
Develop regional strategies, in collaboration with provincial, regional
& municipal govts. to expedite the labour-mkt. integration.
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october 2010 by jerryking

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