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A sporting chance
April 30, 2010| Glove Advisor | John Lorinc
How can Canadian manufacturers survive in a ruthlessly low-cost world?
The sports industry shows that a high-quality niche is not just
defendable-it's exportable

John Lorinc
John_Lorinc  manufacturers  sports  kayaking  bicycles  mountaineering  sportswear  hockey  high-quality 
april 2011 by jerryking
With Taste for Risk, Dave Lamoureux Fishes for Bluefin Tuna From a Kayak
November 22, 2009 | -| By CHARLES McGRATH. Dave
Lamoureux fishes for bluefin tuna from his kayak in Massachusetts.
fishing  tuna  kayaking  Martha's_Vineyard 
november 2009 by jerryking

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