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How Data Is Revolutionizing The Sports Business
March 10, 2017 | Forbes | By Robert Tuchman , CONTRIBUTOR who writes about live events, deals, and brand marketing.

A top-notch record might be chalked-up to the right players and exceptional coaching, but a team’s increased brand awareness can be credited to its effective use of newly sourced data. The Panthers have been able to grow its business in a multitude of ways since it started acquiring and using key fan data....[there is] an array of data companies who are looking to assist organizations in this area.

Many of these emerging companies access information through individual data systems, third-party vendors, and social media sites. Beyond educating teams about the buyer of their tickets, these companies are helping teams better understand the individuals entering their building. This insight is a game-changer for teams as it can help to better service existing fans and develop new ones. To better service its fans, the Panthers created unique events that catered to their interests, which they learned from their data. For example, in a game against the Colorado Avalanche, Florida hosted an evening honoring the Grateful Dead. The Panthers organization secured a well-known and beloved Florida cover band, Unlimited Devotion, to play the hits of the legendary musical icons. Incentivizing “Dead Heads” to purchase tickets via the Internet, limited edition memorabilia was made available only for online ticket purchasers, with a portion of the profits going to the Grateful Dead's non-profit organization. These types of cross promotions work best when you understand the specific interests of your fans.

And the results are in. The Miami Herald reported that during the 2015-2016 season, attendance went up 33.5 % from the previous season. In addition, season ticket renewals are reportedly increasing at four or five times last year’s rate......In today’s fragmented world, it is more important than ever for teams to generate loyalty and create a personalized customer experience. As in the case of the Florida Panthers, the greater involvement a fan may have in a team’s activities, the greater the possibility they migrate from their living rooms to the venue. More fans equal more sponsors, which leads to greater revenue for teams.

Data companies can help teams better understand its fans. Innovative sports franchises are figuring out how to use this data to create stronger engagements with their actual fans.
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august 2017 by jerryking
Ben Yagoda and Gary Rosen: Tuning Music Royalties to the Times
April 5, 2015 | WSJ | By BEN YAGODA And GARY A. ROSEN

Performers can go on tour and sell merch. Songwriters in the age of Spotify and Pandora are out of luck.

For some time, performers a notch below Beyoncé and Taylor Swift have complained about the change in music delivery from CDs to downloads to streaming, today’s dominant system, as the progression has chipped away at their already-modest royalties. These gripes are legitimate, but even worse off is the non-performing songwriter, who can’t go on the road and sell signed CDs and merch, and who takes home significantly lower royalties........The entire U.S. system of music royalties is confusing, contradictory and inequitable, a monument to more than 100 years of haggling among creators, purveyors and users. To call it Byzantine maligns that great empire.

For one, a musical composition (“the publishing” in music-industry parlance) and its recording (“the master”) receive separate copyrights, with separate licensing systems. There are dramatically different rate-setting mechanisms: Broadcast radio pays royalties for the composition, but nothing for the recording. Digital media—Pandora and satellite radio, for instance—pay for both, but nobody pays for recordings made before 1972, which are not protected under federal copyright law. (They may soon carry a royalty in certain states, thanks to lawsuits filed by former members of the Turtles.) Hardly any music licenses are negotiated in the free market.
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april 2015 by jerryking
Shuggie Otis: Was it worth the 39-year wait? -
Apr. 15, 2013 | The Globe and Mail | BRAD WHEELER.

Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter 23 ( Shuggie Otis appeared at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. The former whiz kid releases his first album in nearly 40 years this week. The last we’d heard from him was in 1974, when the exacting singer-guitarist released Inspiration Information, a masterpiece of chill blues and strawberry-scented funk-soul and light psychedelia. Soon after, Otis disappeared, his cult status simmering and his legend growing as fans waited upon the return of the magic man with the marvellous ’fro and sharp cheekbones. As a guitarist, his reputation took on Hendrix-like proportions. And heck, he was probably fluent in the pompatus of love, just like Steve Miller.
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april 2013 by jerryking
Jazz-rock ambassadors Steely Dan bring shuffle diplomacy to Toronto - The Globe and Mail
TORONTO — From Monday's Globe and Mail
Published Sunday, Jul. 24, 2011 3:53PM EDT
Last updated Monday, Jul. 25,
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july 2011 by jerryking
Hip Hop Summit a showcase for Can-hop talent - The Globe and Mail
Mar. 31, 2011 | Globe & Mail | JOSHUA OSTROFF. *
Classified’s Oh…Canada
* + Maestro for Hard to be Hip-Hop, before the country’s very 1st rap
star big-upped Randy Bachman & Burton Cummings via Stick to Your
* Michie Mee. In a red Adidas track suit, with dreads up in pigtails,
she busted moves while dropping classics like her dancehall-inflected
Jamaican Funk
* Kardinal Offishall, juiced the crowd with his hometown-repping singles
BaKardi Slang & The Anthem.
* K’Naan, made a surprise appearance to perform his soft-spoken Take a
* Dream Warriors on their iconoclastic jazz-rap classic My Definition Of
A Boombastic Jazz Style.
* K-os took the stage with his full band before bringing Saukrates back
out for I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman,
* Maestro returning in full Symphony in Effect regalia – black tuxedo,
conductor baton & Africa medallion – to perform Can-hop’s
biggest-ever hit Let Your Backbone Slide
* the MCs joined together on the Rascalz’s anthemic Northern Touch,
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april 2011 by jerryking

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