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SXSW exclusive: First-timer reflections

The keynote speaker at this event was legendary retailer, Richard Marcus. Marcus says tech should have a purpose in impacting the retail customer experience. He says two things matter in retailing, “take care of customers and they come back, take care of merchandise and they don’t.”

The CIO of TGIF Friday’s, Trip Sessions, shared his goal to create a more sticky experience using technology with the aim of creating a 1-1 personalized experience. They use foursquare as a tool allowing waitstaff the ability to connect directly with guests in-store.

We keep hearing that the pace of change is accelerating from retailers and industry experts alike. This conference really epitomized that theme. From CES to NRF to SXSW, the themes have been fairly consistent. Retailers need to increasingly focus on tech and the time is now. There are many tools and resources available, but they can’t afford to wait.
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november 2015 by jerryking
An old dog learns some new tricks
October 18, 2006| Globe & Mail pg. C3| by SEAN O'DONOVAN as
part of his Diary of a Job Hunter series. His target -- chief
executive officers in the technology industry.
Epiphany No. 1: network with networkers. O'DONOVAN prefers 1-on-1
meetings with CEOs which allows for a meaningful and frank exchange of
ideas and information. CEOs themselves tend to be networking savvy.
Epiphany No. 2 : Work at articulating how I can add the greatest value,
rather than telling people what I've done and where I'm most
comfortable. Always translate my bio into an understanding of what I can
do for them.....translate my career achievements into "What I can do for you" statements, focused on their needs and my corresponding skills.

I've now started to explain how I can "reposition the way you market and sell your products to improve market penetration," or "build, grow or revitalize your sales channel and alliance activities," or "streamline the definition, delivery and launch of new products to minimize revenue ramp-up times."

And it's all supported by specific achievements from my experience. It's made a big difference to the way I present myself. I've changed my 30-second elevator pitch as well as my follow-up e-mails sent to potential networking contacts after my first voicemail. And it's given me a great angle for the mailing I'm preparing to send to tech CEOs.

I now have a solid list of "things I can do for you," split out into four key categories: product planning/delivery; lead generation; marketing communications; and channel/alliance development.
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