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Online start-ups target $120bn travel activities market
April 21, 2019 | Financial Times Mercedes Ruehl and Alice Woodhouse in Hong Kong.

A group of start-ups led by a Hong Kong-based company Klook and backed by investors such as Japan’s SoftBank are expanding internationally in the $120bn travel activities industry, the fastest growing segment in the tourism sector.

The companies, which offer services ranging from amusement park tickets to cooking classes and walking tours, are targeting millennials, particularly in the rapidly expanding Asian travel market, forcing traditional travel agencies to invest more heavily in the sector......“These young companies have become full-service platforms, from recommending the best attractions in a city to processing the booking and generating an electronic ticket instantly. They have figured out that if you can engage on a much more regular basis with customers it increases the engagement and ultimately allows these companies to cater to and transact more frequently with that customer.”

Similarly, Berlin-based GetYourGuide, backed by investment firm Battery Ventures and private equity group KKR, has raised $170m and is focused on growing further in the US after cementing its position in Europe. 

“GetYourGuide was the first digital company to start bringing a fragmented, decentralised, analogue global market online,” said chief executive Johannes Reck.
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ITA Becomes Hot Ticket -
JUNE 29, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By GINA CHON And
ANUPREETA DAS. ITA Becomes Hot Ticket. As Google Courts Fare-Query
Software Firm, Travel Websites Woo Defensively.
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Hallmarks of an entrepreneur striving for gold
02-Aug-2005 | Financial Times pg. 8 | by John Mullins.

Entrepreneurs can succeed in difficult industries, but they must – among other things – be able to:

· Identify the critical success factors specific to their particular industry;

· Assemble a team that can deliver on these factors.

(1) Which decisions or activities are the ones that, if carried out wrong, will have crippling effects on company performance?
(2) Which decisions or activities, done right, will have a disproportionately positive effect on performance?
(3) In terms of skilful team-building, what skills do you have? Need?
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