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Review & Outlook: Islam's Christians -
DECEMBER 14, 2010 | WSJ | Editorial. Persecution of Iraq's
Christian minorities...raises questions about contemporary Islam's
ability to coexist with non-Islamic peoples—in Iraq and elsewhere...A
spate of anti-Christian bombings and assassinations in Iraq culminated
recently in the siege of a church, Our Lady of Salvation, which resulted
in the death of 51 worshipers and two priests. Afterward, Prime
Minister Nouri al-Maliki spoke with force and eloquence about the
deaths: "The Christian is an Iraqi. He is the son of Iraq and from the
depths of a civilization that we are proud of."

This is an important and accurate description of the Iraqi past. Some of
these Christian minorities have coexisted with Islam in Iraq and
elsewhere in the Middle East since the time of Jesus. Some still speak
Aramaic, the ancient language of Christ....With the rise of radical
Islam, this tradition of peaceful and productive coexistence has been
displaced by a practice of religious cleansing.
christianity  persecution  intolerance  anti-Christian  Iraq  Egypt  coexistence  islam  religious_intolerance  religious_freedom  pluralism  editorials 
december 2010 by jerryking
Put out the welcome sign for immigrants
Nov 3, 2010 / Financial Times pg. 14 / Luke Johnson. Importing
human capital generates wealth. They bring ideas - and often financial capital - and force us to raise our game to compete. Throughout history, those who would expel or persecute industrious communities - like Nazi Germany and the Jews, Idi Amin's Uganda and Asians - have been the big
losers. What we need is brainpower and willpower - they are the greatest
natural resources. Migrants are a self-selecting minority and tend to
be young and enterprising. We should continue to make our country
attractive to arrivals from all over the world who want to start a
Luke_Johnson  human_capital  wealth_creation  migrants  immigrants  immigration  ethnic_communities  willpower  expulsions  persecution  Uganda  Idi_Amin  brainpower  South_Asians  natural_resources  self-selecting  displacement  dislocations  adversity 
november 2010 by jerryking

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