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We cannot win if we do not like each other
May 6 2018 | Sunday Stabroek | by Ian McDonald.

When I was a schoolboy we had a games-master named Mr. Wilkinson who had served the College for all eternity. I suppose he must have been in his fi...
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may 2018 by jerryking
We should learn the lessons of history - Stabroek News - Guyana
February 28, 2011

Set aside whether the major uprising of 1763 was on February 23, or as some argue February 27, 1763 [Ed note: There is no dispute among historians in the field that the correct date is February 27], it was the valiant effort of a brutalized enslaved people to secure their God-given rights of freedom, human dignity and justice.
Their initial efforts and failures have many important lessons for all of us, in particular those who still hunger for real freedom, human dignity and justice, three pillars upon which to build sustainable peace and progress. I hope and pray that this generation can overcome a serious weakness noticeable throughout history; it is where rational people and their leaders seem unable to learn from the many lessons of history.
Why did Chiang Kai Shek fail to listen to voices calling for change until it was all too late? Why did King George III and his cabinet take the path of coercion instead of conciliation with the American colonies? And just these past few weeks we witnessed a stubborn Egyptian leader exit.
But the lesson – the cause of the 1763 failure was primarily due to a familiar form of folly – failing, as we say to keep their eyes on the ball, and learning from previous failed attempts for freedom. The leaders of the new ‘freed slave’ state set up by them after chasing their European oppressors, failed because of disunity, and a failure to appreciate the wisdom to set aside all differences – I mean all real or perceived personal differences – and accept that all of their energies ought to be concentrated on the total elimination of the cruel system which they faced.
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february 2011 by jerryking

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