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Why Small Businesses Are Starting to Win Again - The New Yorker
JANUARY 24, 2015
Small Is Bountiful

Farmers who sell, say, organic or free-range foods, cannot hope to compete based on price. Instead, they try to create consumers who won’t eat chicken produced by big companies for moral, health, or aesthetic reasons...The true-differentiation strategy seems to work best when scale, despite its efficiencies, also introduces blind spots in areas such as customer service, flavor, curation, or other intangibles not entirely consistent with mass production and standardization. Where getting big begins to hurt the product, small can be bountiful.

it is a two-part problem. No. 1, the consumer and competitive marketplace is definitely shifting. For example, quality has evolved beyond just good ingredients, preparation and packaging. Basic quality is a given now; many consumers are looking for something extra: less mass-produced, natural, local.

No. 2, iconic food companies and their mature brands are not responding effectively. Large, established food companies and their brands are being managed as portfolios of revenue and profit streams with a short-term financial orientation, and not as companies that produce food products. Small companies, on the other hand, are being created and managed by people with a food orientation and passion.
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William McGurn: A Salute to West Point -
JANUARY 4, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By WILLIAM MCGURN.
Whether character can be taught is an age-old question; usually we refer
to its being built. West Point does not pretend its cadets are immune
from the normal temptations of our culture. After all, they come from
the same towns and high schools other universities draw from. The
difference is that at West Point, words such as duty, honor and country
are spoken without irony—and a scandal is a scandal because behavior is
still measured against standards.
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