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Is Sourcing in China Safe? | China Business Success Stories
December 12th, 2007 |by China Business Success Stories By Rebecca A. Morgan.
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Chinese Officials Attack Quality of Foreign Luxury Goods -
MARCH 17, 2010, | Wall Street Journal | by SKY CANAVES. An
attack by Chinese provincial officials on foreign luxury brands,
including Hermès, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger underscored the
vulnerability of the luxury brands in one of their most important
markets....The targeting of foreign designer brands for defective
products is the latest wrinkle for foreign businesses in China. It comes
as Google Inc. is preparing to shutter its Chinese language search
business and as Hewlett-Packard Co. came under scrutiny from Beijing for
problems in some of its laptops sold in China... "consumer rights are
an important part of the national competition strategy." One of the
weakest aspects of China's economic development has been its failure to
build its own brands. With a few exceptions, such as Tsingtao beer and
Haier white goods, Chinese brands are virtually unknown in Western
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