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The Not-So-Glossy Future of Magazines -
SEPT. 23, 2017 | The New York Times | By SYDNEY EMBER and MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM.

Suddenly, it seemed, longstanding predictions about the collapse of magazines had come to pass.

Magazines have sputtered for years, their monopoly on readers and advertising erased by Facebook, Google and more nimble online competitors. But editors and executives said the abrupt churn in the senior leadership ranks signaled that the romance of the business was now yielding to financial realities.

As publishers grasp for new revenue streams, a ‘‘try-anything’’ approach has taken hold. Time Inc. has a new streaming TV show, “Paws & Claws,” that features viral videos of animals. Hearst started a magazine with the online rental service Airbnb. Increasingly, the longtime core of the business — the print product — is an afterthought, overshadowed by investments in live events, podcasts, video, and partnerships with outside brands.

The changes represent one of the most fundamental shifts in decades for a business that long relied on a simple formula: glossy volumes thick with high-priced ads.

“Sentimentality is probably the biggest enemy for the magazine business,” David Carey, the president of Hearst Magazines, said in an interview. “You have to embrace the future.”.......experiments are part of an industrywide race to find some way — any way — to make up for the hemorrhaging of revenue.

Hearst recently introduced The Pioneer Woman Magazine, a partnership with the Food Network host Ree Drummond that was initially sold only at Walmart. Its new travel publication, Airbnbmag, is geared toward customers of the do-it-yourself online rental site, with distribution at newsstands, airports and supermarkets. Meredith has started a magazine called The Magnolia Journal with the HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Even Condé Nast, the glitzy purveyor of luxury titles, has recognized the advantages of outside partnerships....debuting a quarterly print title for Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, with a cover featuring a topless Ms. Paltrow submerged in mud from France.
magazines  generational_change  brands  Vanity_Fair  print_journalism  churn  events  partnerships  sentimentality  digital_media  journalism  Hearst  Meredith  publishing  advertising  decline  experimentation  trends  Condé_Nast  resignations  exits  popular_culture 
september 2017 by jerryking
Kevin Turner, Microsoft Executive, to Join Citadel Securities
JULY 7, 2016 |- The New York Times| by NICK WINGFIELD and ALEXANDRA STEVENSON.

A top Microsoft executive, Kevin Turner, is leaving the company to join Citadel Securities as its new chief executive, continuing a wave of executive departures of technology industry leaders to financial firms.

Mr. Turner, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, oversaw Microsoft’s large sales organization, but Microsoft said he would not be replaced. .....Several prominent Silicon Valley executives have been hired by hedge funds in recent years. Bridgewater Associates, the world’s biggest hedge fund, hired a former senior Apple executive, Jonathan J. Rubinstein, this year. Mr. Rubenstein, who earned the nickname “the Podfather” for his work leading Apple’s iPod team, joined Bridgewater as co-chief executive in May.

And Two Sigma Investments, a quantitative hedge fund based in New York, hired Alfred Spector, a senior executive at Google, to be chief technology officer last year.

Citadel Securities is owned by the billionaire Kenneth C. Griffin, who also founded a $25 billion hedge fund called Citadel. Mr. Griffin founded the hedge fund 25 years ago as a young graduate after successfully trading bonds out of his Harvard dorm.

In recent years, Mr. Griffin has made a big push into market, making and electronic trading with Citadel Securities, disrupting a business that was once the domain of banks. It also claims to have 35 percent share of daily retail stock trading in the United States.
Microsoft  Citadel  hedge_funds  CEOs  departures  resignations  appointments  brokerage_houses  Ken_Griffin  market_makers 
july 2016 by jerryking
Toronto policing was better with Peter Sloly: Cole | Toronto Star
By: Desmond Cole Published on Thu Feb 11 2016

"“We run around all over the city in the most unfocused way, reacting to what you call us for, as opposed to trying to understand what’s going on and . . . putting our most important resources in the best place,” he said."
Toronto_Police_Service  resignations  retirements  policing  unfocused  Desmond_Cole 
february 2016 by jerryking
Why Harper’s chief of staff is so close to the PM – and why he might resign - The Globe and Mail
Why Harper’s chief of staff is so close to the PM – and why he might resign
The Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015
John_Ibbitson  Stephen_Harper  chief_of_staff  resignations  Conservative_Party 
august 2015 by jerryking
Councillors, candidates call for Rob Ford’s resignation - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, May. 01 2014
Rob_Ford  Toronto  resignations  Elizabeth_Church 
may 2014 by jerryking
Chris Spence's teachable moment

Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Friday, Jan. 18 2013,
Chris_Spence  John_Lorinc  plagiarism  resignations  TDSB  teachable_moments 
january 2013 by jerryking
Pandit, Citigroup's Chief, Resigns His Post in Surprise Step -
October 16, 2012, 8:19 am154 Comments
Citigroup’s Chief Resigns in Surprise Step
Citigroup  resignations  CEOs  Vikram_Pandit 
october 2012 by jerryking
A Chief With Flair Falls From His Perch -
July 3, 2012, 9:04 pm1 Comment
A Chief With Flair Falls From His Perch
Barclays  CEOs  resignations 
july 2012 by jerryking
Jobs's Legacy: Changing How We Live -
AUGUST 25, 2011 | WSJ | By WALT MOSSBERG. Jobs changed the
way people live by being willing to take big risks on new ideas, and not
be satisfied with small innovations fed by market research. He insisted
on high quality and had the guts to leave out features others found
essential and to kill technologies, e.g. the floppy drive & the
removable battery. [JCK: An example of "culling"?] And he has been a brilliant marketer, personally
passionate about his products.. he introduced the dominant digital music
player, the iPod, & created the most successful digital media
service, iTunes. He introduced the first super-smartphone, the iPhone,
the only truly successful tablet computer, the iPad, which is in the
process of replacing the laptop, at least in part. He built the world's
largest app store and he built a phenomenally successful chain of retail
stores, too.

Jobs has dramatically changed the mobile phone industry, the music
industry, the film and TV industries, the publishing industry and
Apple  breakthroughs  CEOs  culling  dissatisfaction  gut_feelings  high-quality  imagination  legacies  marginal_improvements  moonshots  resignations  risk-taking  Steve_Jobs  Walter_Mossberg 
august 2011 by jerryking
Ignatieff resigns after Liberal defeat - The Globe and Mail
Karl of Canuckistan

3:55 PM on May 3, 2011

I hate the typical liberal hubris in assuming that if someone chooses
not to vote for a big statist government it somehow means she is a
victim of a "hellish campaign of distortion and misinformation."
Liberals talk loudly about how they represent the common people, but
when the common people render a verdict against them it can't be that
the liberal's conception of themselves is wrong, it must be that the
poor, stupid, credulous masses were misinformed. These kind of
impotently pompous notions posited by this liberal twit typifies the
problem ... elitist and wrong and is why, in a nutshell, the Canadian
people bailed and you lost.
Enjoy the wilderness!
Liberals  hubris  Michael_Ignatieff  resignations  elections  letters_to_the_editor 
may 2011 by jerryking

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