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Manhood and the Power of Glory
February 26, 1990 | TIME | by Lance Morrow

The movie Glory is, as the historian James M. McPherson has written, the most powerful and historically accurate film ever made about the American Civil War. But Glory, which tells the story of one of the war’s first black regiments, has deeper meaning. The movie addresses the most profound theme of race in America in 1990. Glory is about black manhood and responsibility.
The worst problems of the black underclass today—young black men murdering other young black men; young black males fathering children of females who are virtually children themselves; young blacks lost to crack and heroin—alI connect directly to black manhood and responsibility.
African-Americans  history  movies  Civil_War  masculinity  responsibility  fatherhood  self-help  heroes  inspiration 
september 2012 by jerryking
We make our own social programs
Jul. 28 2012 | The Globe and Mail |Craig Christie.

An element of a solution in this article: a parent (or parents) that demonstrated good work ethic and who promotes/instills the importance of education, to their kids. Without that, anything that is undertaken by organisations (government or non-government) will start out the gate with a handicap.
op-ed  Toronto  African_Canadians  responsibility  parenting  social_housing  work_ethic  values  gangs  violence  victimhood  self-help  role_models  self-reliance  self-respect  self-starters  libraries  JCA 
august 2012 by jerryking
The Responsible Manager
January-February 2010 | Harvard Business Review | by C.K. Prahalad
C.K._Prahalad  HBR  leadership  managers  responsibility 
june 2010 by jerryking
Best career advancement: Bottoms up
Jul 1993 | Inc. Vol. 15, Iss. 7; pg. 58, 2 pgs| Anonymous.
Nowhere are the opportunities for advancement as dramatic as in
fast-growing companies. "There's no ladder to climb," says Jon Goodman,
director of the Entrepreneur Program at the University of Southern
California in Los Angeles. "They're building the ladder as they grow."
So the challenge is to hire the kinds of employees that will help build
the ladder. "You don't want to advance--you want to enlarge," adds
Goodman. "Your technical skills become greater; you build your resume in
terms of span of control and responsibility."
Freshbooks  organizational_culture  hiring  career  Managing_Your_Career  Employer_of_Choice  span_of_control  responsibility  gazelles  growth  high-growth 
september 2009 by jerryking

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