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The Extra-Secret White House Computer System, Explained - The New York Times
The White House uses a web of computer systems to store delicate information.CreditCreditAl Drago for The New York Times
By Charlie Savage, Matthew Rosenberg and Adam Goldman
Oct. 1, 2019
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Secrets and spies: can espionage ever be justified? | Financial Times
John Lloyd JUNE 22, 2018

The Secret World: A History of Intelligence, by Christopher Andrew, Allen Lane, RRP£35, 896 pages

Principled Spying: The Ethics of Secret Intelligence, by David Omand and Mark Phythian, Georgetown University Press, RRP$32.95/£20, 304 pages

A Spy Named Orphan: The Enigma of Donald Maclean, by Roland Philipps, Bodley Head, RRP£20, 448 pages.

States need information on what their enemies are thinking. But — since “hostile” and “allied” are fluid categories — this applies to friends too. Hence spying has been inseparable from civilisations......The ancient origins of intelligence networks are rarely discussed. ...In the 20th century, and into the 21st, intelligence became organised, routinised and massively funded, especially under the Nazi and Soviet dictatorships. That did not always deliver the intended benefits.
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Bloomberg Businessweek
See the connections others don't make. Hear the buzz before it starts. Navigate the currents they don't follow. Know the plays ahead of the game. Know what matters and why (secrets, discernment).
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‘Last Secret’ of 1967 War: Israel’s Doomsday Plan for Nuclear Display - The New York Times

On the eve of the Arab-Israeli war, 50 years ago this week, Israeli officials raced to assemble an atomic device and developed a plan to detonate it atop a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula as a warning to Egyptian and other Arab forces, according to an interview with a key organizer of the effort that will be published Monday.

The secret contingency plan, called a “doomsday operation” by Itzhak Yaakov, the retired brigadier general who described it in the interview, would have been invoked if Israel feared it was going to lose the 1967 conflict. The demonstration blast, Israeli officials believed, would intimidate Egypt and surrounding Arab states — Syria, Iraq and Jordan — into backing off.

Israel won the war so quickly that the atomic device was never moved to Sinai.
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june 2017 by jerryking
Football's Secret Strategies -
Nov. 29, 2013 | | By Nicholas Dawidoff.

Fans of professional football are used to seeing NFL coaches on the sidelines holding what look like enormous bistro menus in front of their faces. These are "call sheets" for plays, distilled from the week's game plan, and they summarize the tactical choices on which NFL games depend. Because everything in a game plan is a closely guarded secret, most football fans have no real idea what they are watching as coaches and players, communicating through headsets or face to face, share this privileged information.... It was a life of perpetual meetings. Through winter, spring and summer, the coaches pored over film of practices and games, working through the actions of every Jets player and opponent in every play of the previous season, trying to understand why ideas succeeded or failed.

Come fall, the assistant coaches would scour the coming opponent's recent games on film and supply the offensive or defensive coordinator with their thoughts. The advance-scouting department would compile an opposition research dossier for the coaches thick enough that some called it "War and Peace." Teams that had recently beaten the Jets' next opponent were scrutinized; elements of their successful plays might be adapted or lifted outright.
NFL  strategic_thinking  coaching  strategies  secrets  preparation  planning  football  ideas  competitive_intelligence  sleuthing  scouting 
december 2013 by jerryking
When a Genealogy Hobby Digs Up Unwanted Secrets -
January 15, 2013 |WSJ | By SUE SHELLENBARGER.

When a Genealogy Hobby Digs Up Unwanted Secrets
Some One in Five Find Unsavory Ancestors; How 'Sausage King' Got Rid of Wife

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Six Secrets To Beat the Job Market
September 21, 2012 | PBS NewsHour | By: Paul Solman.

here are six secrets you can use today to help you beat the job market. You have to learn to avoid the competition. You have to learn to stand out!

1. Your resume is hurting you: Toss it.
2. Job boards fill only about 10 percent of jobs: Don't waste your time.
3. Headhunters don't find jobs for people.
4. It's the people, stupid!
5. Age discrimination? Get over it.
6. Your salary history is no one's business: Say NO and get a higher offer!
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september 2012 by jerryking
In Pakistan, no more secrets -
May, 4, 2011 | The Washington Post | By Vali Nasr.

The CIA shattered Pakistan’s intelligence establishment’s confidence with its
ability to hunt and kill bin Laden right under the nose of the ISI. Yet
the ISI’s real worry is that the next item on the CIA’s agenda could be
one of the two Taliban leaders the U.S. holds most directly responsible
for the insurgency in Afghanistan, and who are believed to be hiding in
Pakistan: Mullah Omar or Sirajuddin Haqqani, head of his eponymous
terrorist network. And if the CIA found bin Laden, then it could
probably find everything it wants to know about Pakistan’s nuclear

It has become clear that since 2009 the CIA has built an infrastructure
of intelligence gathering and operational capability that opened up
Pakistan’s underworld of jihadists, spooks and terrorists. There are no
more secrets. Worse yet, the United States can act at will to kill,
capture or destroy in Pakistan — even in an army town.
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may 2011 by jerryking

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