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How to Choose The Right Investment Banker to Sell Your Business
Jay Turo
CEO of Growthink
October 2, 2013

hire an investment bank to purchase a business
the value of middle market investment bankers
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september 2019 by jerryking
When to Sell Your Company — on startups — Medium
February 20, 2013| Ev Williams

I make systems that encourage typing and thinking (Blogger, Twitter, Medium).

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february 2013 by jerryking
How to Use a Lawyer in Buying or Selling a Company
December 1982 | The Journal of Buyouts & Acquisitions | By Betram K. Massing.

The lawyer for the buyer or seller in a private buyout or corporate acquisition is an important participant in the transaction. The lawyer's functions include: 1, counseling the client about the transaction. 2. advocating the client‘s position with the opposite party or in ancillary proceedings such as with government agencies. and 3. documenting and implementing the closing of the transaction. In counseling, the lawyer should call attention to potential risks and problems and suggest means of dealing with them. Tax implications, disposition of assets or shares, lenders' requirements, and the risk of latent liabilities are among the issues that arise early in an acquisitionA It is the cIient‘s responsibility to make decisions after being advised by the lawyer and to decide which points to compromise and which should be insisted upon. Clear communications between clients and lawyers and between buyers and sellers will make for a smoother transaction.
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january 2013 by jerryking
So you want to sell your business?
Sep 2004 | NZ Business | Richard O'Brien.

I include sections that outline the facts about your company's history, structure and operations, market, products, historical and projected financial statements, the asking price and basic terms you are looking for. List your employees and any physical assets, together with any other information that explains who you are and why your business is such a strong opportunity. Keep in mind who your audience is and don't divulge any information that you wouldn't want your competitors to see.
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august 2012 by jerryking
Preparing a business for sale
December 2005 / Janaury 2006 | NZ Business | Tony Thomas
august 2012 by jerryking
All dressed up with somewhere to go: How to succeed in selling your business without really trying (too hard) - ProQuest
Dec 2000 | Practical Lawyer 46. 8: 17-36| Fredric Tannenbaum.

Whatever the businessperson's reasons for sale, he typically has only one real chance to do it right. A sale process which is not conducted thoughtfully and efficiently may diminish the ultimate ability to maximize the sale price, not to mention disrupt employee morale, customer and supplier relations, and the owner's and the owner's family's peace of mind. The legal and strategic issues that an entrepreneur should address in preparing for the sale of his company are discussed. A special emphasis on pre-sale team formation, preparation for due diligence, retaining employees, corporate risk assessment and housekeeping, and avoiding common mistakes is provided. Valuation, pricing and structuring, letters of intent and definitive documentation are briefly discussed.
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november 2011 by jerryking
How sellers can attract the best buyers.
Sep/Oct 1995 | | Mergers and Acquisitions |Leonard S.Caronia.
The seller of a company should have in mind at all times the objective of attracting three or four bidders who are ready to commit to a transaction at pretty much the same point in time in order to gain the benefit of competition. A well-planned process begins with preparations for the sale and advances through a series of steps until the transaction is completed. The first step is for the business owner to make sure they have considered all other options before going ahead with a sale. The next step is to get the right kind of valuation. Other stages of the selling process include the development of a contact plan when likely buyers are determined, a presentation to be given by management, and the use of a letter of intent.
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november 2011 by jerryking / Entrepreneurship - Get the valuation right and don’t insult the vendor
November 9 2010 | Financial Times | by Roger Smith, a director
of Stirling Business Solutions, a business broker. “Don’t insult a
vendor by offering a price you wouldn’t accept unless you were
desperate, unless of course they are. You may have to live with the
consequences if he feels aggrieved and leaves the company in a bad state
before he departs. “To bridge expectations and manage risks, earn-outs
[which pay sellers more if they outperform] are the name of the game.
Spend as much time defining the formula as you did agreeing it in
principle. “Share swaps will preserve your cash and keep a younger
vendor incentivised. “Have a must have and a desirable list, as this
will help manage deal fever.”
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november 2010 by jerryking
The big money comes in through the out door
July 20 2009 12:09 | Financial Times | By Jonathan Moules. A
recession is said to be the perfect time to start up a business. It is
also the moment to plan selling one. Coutts, the private bank, found
that 54 per cent of their owner-manager clients ponder the best way to
offload their business on a daily or weekly basis while 71 per cent
consider their exit at least once a month. The winter of recession is
the ideal time to start planning a sale. The average sale of a business
takes two years to organise properly, so anyone wishing to take
advantage of the next economic upturn should start preparing today.
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august 2009 by jerryking
The Art of the Sale -
March 17, 2008 WSJ article by ARDEN DALE spelling out the different ways of selling a company.
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february 2009 by jerryking

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