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The Sewers of Paris and the Making of the Modern City | CBC Radio
Philip Coulter goes underground in the City of Light to visit the City of Smell. Part 1 of 2-part series.
CBC Radio · January 25
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january 2019 by jerryking
Sherbourne Common: Clean, green, brainy and blue - The Globe and Mail
Jul. 29, 2011 |G&M|LISA ROCHON. With Sherbourne Common, the
mandate was to heal a neglected part of the waterfront by providing a
neighbourhood-wide water-treatment facility immediately below the park’s
surface...Invisible to the eye, located below the public washrooms, are
the brains of the sewage-treatment facility: a series of disinfecting
machines that use UV light – not the chlorine of yesteryear – to clean
water from the lake and the run-off of surrounding roads, highways &
bldgs. In North America, where dirty water tainted with E. coli
bacteria can be found flowing like nasty rivers into our lakes, this
cleaning process is a rare phenomenon....Without $27-M in funding from
the federal govt., Sherbourne Common would have never happened – and
Toronto would be without a new public asset on previously underused
lands...Sherbourne Common will earn dividends in enhanced tourism for
Toronto, invigorate neighbourhood economies, and rebrand the city as a
place with an intelligent future.
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