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A Lady’s Many Scents - The New York Times
By Jen Gunter
Feb. 7, 2019

Pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar, douching: Is your body’s natural odor a “fixable” problem?
bacteria  gynecology  hygiene  intimacy  personal_grooming  personal_care_products  sexuality  smell  women 
february 2019 by jerryking
Your Vagina Is Terrific (and Everyone Else’s Opinions Still Are Not) - The New York Times
By Jen Gunter
Dec. 21, 2018

healthy conversation starts early on in the sexual encounter and may include “Tell me what’s working for you.” Or even better: “Show me what you like.”
Communicating_&_Connecting  conversations  gynecology  sexuality 
december 2018 by jerryking
The Sex Question Readers Want Answered Most - WSJ
Feb. 10, 2014

To rekindle the flame, skip the flowers and chocolate. Ditto the plan to get something going on your birthday or anniversary. "These are clichés,"..."We've been there and done that. The novelty has worn off."...Step One is to have a conversation with your spouse—and choose your words carefully...."The heart of all this sex stuff is emotional intimacy," she says. "If you actually want to make changes in your sex life, that's where you start."
Communicating_&_Connecting  Elizabeth_Bernstein  clichés  relationships  sex  sexuality  men  marriage  intimacy  questions 
february 2015 by jerryking
Behind the CBC’s decision to fire Jian Ghomeshi - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Oct. 31 2014
Jian_Ghomeshi  CBC  scandals  sexuality  sexual_assault  firings  Q  sexual_consent 
november 2014 by jerryking
Anal Sex: Science's Last Taboo
October 6, 2012 | | Alternet |By Debby Herbenick
sexuality  relationships 
august 2014 by jerryking
The best of Tumblr porn -
May 25, 2013 08:30 PM EST
The best of Tumblr porn
Sex educators, writers and porn stars share their favorite adult Tumblrs
By Tracy Clark-Flory
july 2013 by jerryking
The Online World of Female Desire -
APRIL 30, 2011 | WSJ | By OGI OGAS. For women indulging
their curiosity, Internet erotica is less about flesh than about finding
Mr. Right.
sexuality  gender_gap  erotic  women 
may 2011 by jerryking

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